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Getting closer to nature

My story starts out when I was 19 I was with a man who was very uninhibited when it came to sex. I was willing to learn but was still very neive.
One night we were driving out in the country when I of course started rubbing his dick. Then I started kissing his neck and taking his shirt off. He was getting really hot and bothered and I could feel his hard cock wanting to explode through his tight jeans.
Finally he just pulled in to an old dirt drive in the middle of no where. We started making out hard , He was pinching and sucking on my tits and I was working his throbbing manhood. This guy was hung , I mean , his dick was at least 7 inches but he had gerth!
He put is hands on my shoulders and shoved me down on my knees. His hot cock was right in my face and started licking it around the tip. up and down just enough to tease him. Then I took it all . Deep throating him. I loved it , every minute of it. He was fucking my face hard, but also taking his time and keeping control. I was clawing at is ass and fingering his hole and then he jerked me off my knees and grabbed at the button on my jeans and when he did the button landed over in the weeds somewhere. He was so hot he was ripping my clothes off and there we were standing naked at the edge of a field by his truck. He took my size 36D bra off and started rolling my nipples and then sucked them as hard as he could , I loved the pain. He opened his trucks passenger door and threw me down on the seat. My legs were over his shoulder and he lunged into me and his cock felt like it would tear me apart. He pumped me over and over without ever slowing and then I felt all warm and tingly and knew it wouldnt be long now. He sucked one tit and pinched the other and then he started to pump faster and all of a sudden I could feel his hot liquid filling me up at the same time my juices were pooring down his rod and we were soaked. Then we got dressed and proceeded on our way back to his house to play some more.. You can imagine the story I had to come up with about the button on my jeans. I still lived with my parents ….lol

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