The stranger offered help part 1

My wife Joan and I had just called into the bar in St Helier in the Island of Jersey after an evening at the theatre. The bar was crowded as customers rushed to get drinks before the barman called time. As we sat on the bar stools I noticed a young m

The night got better when Graham returned Part 2

Joan was asleep and I was still going over the events earlier in the evening when Graham had helped me to get her home after appearing to collapse after a drink.We had never met Graham before that night and as I was to find out he had spiked her drin

Life Begins at 50

Edna and I had been married for 28 years. Our youngest son had just left home for a place of his own, so we decided to celebrate having the house to ourselves by going out for a drink. Living in the holiday island of Jersey we had plenty of choice wh