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Life Begins at 50

Edna and I had been married for 28 years. Our youngest son had just left home for a place of his own, so we decided to celebrate having the house to ourselves by going out for a drink. Living in the holiday island of Jersey we had plenty of choice where to drink so it was not difficult to find a nice quiet little pub to celebrate our freedom. I noticed that a middle aged man with a younger man with him were watching us closely and so I asked them, “are you on holiday?”. The older man said yes, my wife has gone on holiday with her friends to Spain, so my son and I decided to come to Jersey for a few days. He told us his name was Graham and his son aged 26 was called Danny. The evening passed quickly as we talked, and the Barman calling time finally interrupted us. As we got up to leave Graham noticed that Edna was wearing a calliper on one leg so he moved to help her up, we explained that as a child she had polio and the calliper was the result, but that she could walk quite well unaided. As we left the pub, and as it was only just 11pm, I asked Graham and Danny if they would like to have a drink with us at our home. They seemed very pleased to accept the invitation so off we went.
When we arrived Edna said to me “I am just going upstairs to remove my calliper so that I can relax”. Whilst she was upstairs I poured the drinks and settled down to chat to Graham and Danny. Danny said “I see that you have satellite TV, we were thinking of getting one;” so I switched on to find that it was the middle of a film called Fatal Attraction, I was about to change channel when Graham said don’t change it, I haven’t seen this film”. Edna came into the room and sat down whilst I poured her a drink. I noticed that she had changed into a nightdress covered by a housecoat and when she had bent down to move a cushion I could see her black panties, I noticed that Graham had also seen the same as me.
Having had a few drinks I felt the need to visit the bathroom. I was out of the room about 10 minutes. When I returned it was to find that Edna was on her knees in front of Danny who was seated in an armchair, he had one hand behind her head and was opening his trouser fly with the other. My entrance did not seem to cause interruption so I sat down by Graham to watch. By this time Danny had exposed his cock and was pushing it towards Edna’s mouth, she tried to pull away but his other hand forced her back towards his now fully extended glistening cock, her lips parted and slowly accepted him, as her lips neared the hilt I could hear her gagging a little. I could hear her starting to suck and it was then that Graham got up and moving to kneel behind her he pulled off her housecoat and lifting her nightdress slowly pulled down her panties. I could see that Graham had a massive hard on and as he opened his flies an enormous cock shot out, it looked about 8 inches and thick with it, he lifted her arse up and with one thrust pushed the whole length into her what was now a very moist pussy, Edna let out a scream with the shock and Danny jumped as well. I thought that would be the end, but to my surprise Edna took Danny back in her mouth and then raised her fanny up for Graham, who rapidly thrust his cock in and out of her, Danny laid back in the armchair pulling Edna up so he could suck her erect nipples and as he did Graham moved with them and continued to pump into her. Edna was moaning and panting as the rhythm increased and before long Graham jumped back and standing over them shot an enormous load into Edna’s mouth. Just when I thought that they were finished, Graham lifted Edna up and turning her round eased her down onto Danny’s cock and then pushed his own into her mouth again saying get it hard again.
I had never seen Edna get so excited before so by now my cock was throbbing and looking for a place to go, by this time Danny was shooting his hot juices up Edna’s arse, I pulled Graham away and as I pushed my cock up her pussy I could feel Danny throbbing inside her. I came the biggest load I have ever come that night.
When they had left, I asked Edna why she had let Danny start to work her up she said that it was something she had always wanted to do but was to nervous to tell me about, so for her life began at 50.
It is a shame that Edna and I were to separate a couple of years later. It was not until I had been married to Joan for 10 years that something happened to change our lives forever

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