My turn part III (the conclusion)

My Prince and I had settled comfortably in the bed. Laying there completely naked and safely wrapped in each others arms. My orgasm had taken every ounce of strength from me. My entire body fell limp next to him, and I felt as though he had completel

My Turn part II

There I was standing before him completely naked, blindfolded and full of every drop of his cum. He came over to me with a nice warm towel and began to wipe me off.

“What are you going to do to me now my lascivious prince?”

He replied, ” My de

My turn part I….

Something about this man excites me in ways I have never imagined possible. Perhaps it’s partly the polarity of our different backgrounds. There’s something very erotic to me about the way is silky white skin looks and feels against my more deep oliv

My Seductive Prince

Finally! This night has finally come. It feels as though I have waited an eternity for this night. I can’t wait, this is going to be the most perfect night of my life! Here I am in the perfect hotel room waiting for the perfect lover. My whole body i