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My Seductive Prince

Finally! This night has finally come. It feels as though I have waited an eternity for this night. I can’t wait, this is going to be the most perfect night of my life! Here I am in the perfect hotel room waiting for the perfect lover. My whole body is on fire with anticipation of his arrival and the events that I have fantasized about for years.

This bed is superb. He knew I wanted the canopied bed, and I love the deep mahogany wood and the sheer chiffon material draped around the top of it. There’s a nice gentle breeze blowing through the French doors that lead onto the balcony. Damn! My wine glass is nearly empty. Oh my, I can’t believe I have gone through the whole bottle of wine. I must have been deep in thought. Well, I refuse to call for more room service. I forgot my robe and this negligee is completely see through. I am so entirely hot, and completely ready for my lascivious lover. Just another hour and a half and he will be here. However, I feel a little light headed. Between the wine and my pining I feel weak. I better lay down.

Ahhhh….Yes, these sheets are so soft, they feel good against my skin. Laying down on this bed feels like heaven. I’m going to take a few minutes and close my eyes and imagine what it will feel like to have his firm, naked body pressed against mine. It’s been two weeks since we were last together. My thoughts of our last sex together are so vivid. How I love watching every inch of his hard cock moving in and out of me. And the look he gets on his face when he cums turns me on so much. I love the way his whole body stiffens up. Maybe I should stop right here. I can feel myself getting so entirely wet. My clitoris is so erect and sensitive. The slightest fell of his tongue against it will surely make me orgasm! Just look at my nipples! They are as hard as tiny rocks. Oh, I do want him badly. It would be a shame to start without him. Let me close my eyes and get some rest and wait for my lover.

“Oh, my, I know she’s waiting for me and I’m late!”

In a way that’s good. If I know my Bunny I know that she’s fast asleep. in that romantic canopied bed. She’s never been one for late nights. Sometimes I wonder if she realizes just how obsessed I am with her. She has the perfect ass it’s so round, tight and fits perfectly in my hands. I knew I loved her the first time we kissed, but when I slipped my hands under her skirt and felt that perfect ass of heres it sealed my fate.

“Damn this elevator! Some kid must have pressed the button for every single floor.”

It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen her and my cock is throbbing with anticipation. I really need to get out of these pants. I am as hard as a rock! I want so badly to be inside of her again. This long elevator trip is killing me! How I keep thinking of her soft, firm thighs and those strong legs of hers wrapped around me. She’s so tight and wet. My imagination keeps going back experiencing the way her wet pussy feels around my hard throbbing cock. And when she orgasms how she tightens up and releases, tightens up again squeezing every drop out of me. It feels as though I can’t get deep enough inside of her. My obsession with her is so strong. All I dream about in my free moments is filling her pussy up with my cum again and again and again. I must be mad or madly in love.

“Good! The sixteenth floor at last. Now where’s that room key?”

Room 1612, oh yes and I know Bunny’s waiting for me. My sweet baby, I am going to ride you into ecstasy and gently hold you in my arms when you collapse from exhaustion.

“Oh there she is with her nipples so erect.”

I will sit down gently on the bed and then slowly slip my middle finger into that warm, tight, soft pussy of hers. Oh yes, baby I love it when you moan and squirm beneath my touch. She’s waking up!

“Just a minute Bunny, let me make the fantasy complete.”

I am going to gently toss my cape over us for that seductive privacy you requested. Next I will start kissing and firmly sucking on your neck. And then take that pretty pink tongue of yours into my mouth and savor the very taste of you, my love. You are so wet, hot and ready for me baby. I can tell by the way your body is lightly quivering, and by the sweet taste in your mouth. I really love that baby, so much. Your lascivious Prince of the night is here, my love.

Waking up, I realize he’s already slipped his tongue into my mouth. Oh, my darling, you wore the Cape I requested. I think to myself. It’s dark and he is gently forcing his tongue further into my mouth. I would swear I am his favorite dessert. I slip my hand down to the crouch of his pants and as I suspected he is rock hard. I can’t wait to feel his hard cock inside of me. This is perfect. We are mad or madly in love. My pussy is so wet and throbbing for him. OH yes, he’s kissing my neck. Just like in the fantasy I have dreamed of and explained to him over and over again. My favorite part has yet to cum. When I watch his bare stomach muscles flex while he is stroking my wet pussy with his cock. And those wonderful well muscled legs are enough to drive any woman wild.

“Kiss my neck darling. Do you feel the increasing heat and pulsing of the blood in my veins? My pulse is increasing with every stroke of your hand and lick of your tongue.”

“My Seductive Prince has finally arrived!”


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