The Threesome

“OOOOhhhh yes, you bad BAD boy!” Kara screamed to the hispanic man sitting on the bed, furiously pumping Kara’s slit. It had been a long, hard day of faking orgasms for her job as a prostitute. “Hey,” she thought, “might as well let the

The Party of a Lifetime

Angela sat upright at her computer, her long, blonde hair brushing her slender stomack and long legs as she buisily typed out invitations:

All-Girl Group Jerk! Angela’s House, Saturday @ 8’o’Clock
Toys Provided, but bring your own if you w

School Daze

Mary sighed and looked up at the big wall clock in her classroom. She shifted slightly, and looked obviously uncomfortable. Mike, the boy across the aisle from her, looked up suddenly as she let out a little moan. He had had a crush on her for the lo