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The Party of a Lifetime

Angela sat upright at her computer, her long, blonde hair brushing her slender stomack and long legs as she buisily typed out invitations:

All-Girl Group Jerk! Angela’s House, Saturday @ 8’o’Clock
Toys Provided, but bring your own if you want
Protection Provided
If you have a fave porno, bring it! Otherwise I’ll supply.
Couples aloud, but NO MEN! This is Women masturbating only.
That means no mouth-to genital contact, mouth to mouth contact, or any thing besides hand to gentital.
No alchohal. You must be of your own will to do this.

She re-read it. The rules sounded strict, but she wanted this to be perfect. For years now she had wanted to hold a masturbation party. Now she was going to do it.

The hardest part had been deciding who to invite. Of corse there was Karen, her best friend since birth, the one who she had lost her virginity to at the age of 6. They had found out about masturbating together, too. Neither of them knew what they had been doing, of corse, but ever since then, Karen had been Angela’s only sexual partner.

Then there was Kate. Ahh yes, Kate. Angela’s coworker down at the local Walgreens. Kate was long, slender, sexy, and a lesbian. Angela knew that she would love the gang bang idea. She had seen her masturbating often behind the checkout counter. No one but Angela ever knew, the customers couldn’t see. How Kate loved teasing her.

Onther of Angela’s party guest-to-be was a younger girl named Rosie. She was only 15, while the rest of them were 25, a whole 10 years older. Rosie was somewhat short, but still thin and lively. She was a regular at the store, where she frequently bought porno magazines and disscussed them with her.

The last candidate was Carla, a sweet Spanish girl that Karen had met at a gay club. She had brought her home to her apartment, then callled Angela to come over and meet her. The three women had disscussed group sex, but finally disaggreed in favor of a private masturbating session, linked only by a three-way camara system, in which the girls could masturbate in diferent rooms and still see each other. The party would be different.

The next day, Angela received her first RSVP, from Karen. “Of corse I’ll go, silly,” Karen said on the phone to Angela, “It sounds great. I’ll bring my favorite dildo. Too bad we can’t do any thing to others besides masturbating them.” “I just wanted it to be that way. If you held it yourself, you could set the rules.” “I know. Well, see you Saturday.” “I’ll miss you.” “Bye.”

Later on, Carla rang. “I can come. This will be fun. Bye.”

One by one all the girls responded with a yes. Angela was very happy. She went to the store and bought dildos, vibrators, buttplugs, beads, lube, and sexy lengeria as party favors. Now she was ready.

The next day was Saturday, the day of the event. Each of the girls were horny all day, but saved themselves for the later fiesta. By the time they got there, they were full to bursting. They each huried in and quickly pulled off their clothes. “Whoa, there,” angela said as Kate began pumping herself with a dildo she found on the floor. “Why?” asked Kate, “Let’s get this party started.”

Angela crossed the room and flicked on a sexy porno in which a girl was furiously licking another. Rosie let out a soft moan. “I’m getting soo hot. Please let us start fucking ourselves.” Angela nodded her head in agreement, and the girls starting flicking, teasing, pinching, and rubbing themselves with absolutely no reservations. The room was slowly filling with the sounds of moans getting louder and louder as each girl started to reach her peak.

Suddenly, Angela screamed “Stop!” The girls did, but they couldn’t help wimpering. “Everybody hold off your climax. Try using a different toy. No one is allowed to do the same thing you were doing before. Try something new!”

Quickly, Carla reached over and grabbed Karens hand, which was grasping a huge vibrator, and pulled it over to her glisening crotch. “You do it. I’ll do yours,” she whispered. Karen did not object. The sight of them masturbating each other just made the other girls hotter. Now they wanted to try. “Remember,” announced Angela, “nothing but hand-to-genital!”

Kate looked over at Angela. She winked. Then she walked over to her. “Let’s have fun,” she said. “um,” Angela said in a small voice. “C’mon,” said Kate. “OK.” As soon as the words were out, Kate grabbed a vibrator and put it on angela’s quivering clit. Angela gasped sharply. Then Kate reached over and grabbed a huge dildo and rammed it into Angela’s open hole. Angela screamed in pain and bliss.

Poor young Rosie was sitting alone in the corner by herself, trying to get herself to climax to no avail. She needed outside help. She looked over at Karen and Carla with lust, and finally decided, I want some of that! She crawled over and took karens unused hand. “Do me.” She whimpered. Karen was more than happy to oblidge. She shived her hand down to Rosie’s soaking slit and started to finger-fuck her. With her thumb, she played periously with Rosie’s gigantic clit. “Wow your clit is friggin’ huge,” she said. Rosie just moaned in reply. “faster, she said, “Fuck me like that, baby, faster, faster, faster! Oooh, ohh, it feels so good, I’m gunna orgasm, thank you, oh karen KAREN!” Rosie screamed as she came all over Karen’s hand.

The sounds of her delightful screaming sent the others over the top. Soon the were all climaxing.

“Well, girls,” Angela said when they were done, “Who’s house will we go to next week?”

The other girls smiled.

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