just a dream

just thinking of u kissing me just makes me shiver all over
mmmmmm would love to lay u down on the bed
running my fingers thru ur beautiful hair pressing it to my face feeling the softness the silkiness
ohhhhh u smell so good mmmmmm could ju

me,you & hubby make 3 part 2

after waking up & realizing that u was gone
I kissed my husband bye as he left to go to work
then going to take a shower after last nights sexual fun
can still feel u
turning the water on as i get out of my nitie
stepping inside the sh

me, you & hubby make 3

It has been a long time since I have seen or heard
from you.
So I was so happy to hear you was coming to town for a
few weeks.
I was standing at the airport gates when you arrived
you still look so sexy as you walk off the plane,

just thinking of you again

Just thinking of you again

It’s been a long day & it is not over yet, as I’m sitting stuck in this traffic
all I can do is think of you as we inch forward.
I slid our tape into the player & turned it up loud to drown out the honking from the

first time meeting

this is our first time meeting vbcrlfI was sitting at the end of the bar vbcrlfas u walked in & sat down at the table just behind me vbcrlfI wait a few minutes to see if u was alone vbcrlfthen I turn half way round on the bar stool so u could vbcrlfg