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first time meeting

this is our first time meeting vbcrlfI was sitting at the end of the bar vbcrlfas u walked in & sat down at the table just behind me vbcrlfI wait a few minutes to see if u was alone vbcrlfthen I turn half way round on the bar stool so u could vbcrlfget a look at my long legs vbcrlfas I get ur attention by running my tongue across my lips vbcrlfI smile at u as I walk up to u vbcrlfu look from my feet up to my eyes & back down again vbcrlfu like what u see I asked vbcrlfu just smiled & offered me a chair to sit across from u vbcrlfu ordered us some red wine vbcrlfas we talked I slid my shoe off of my foot vbcrlfsliding it up the shin of ur leg vbcrlfthen to ur thigh sliding it over ur now rising cock vbcrlfmmmmm can feel ur bigness thru ur pants vbcrlfas I keep sliding up & down ur cock w/ slight pressurevbcrlfthen I take ur hand in mine & ask u if u would like to go to the room vbcrlfas I wait for ur answer I take one of ur fingers & slide my mouth over it vbcrlfsucking it as I slide it out running the tip over my lips kissing it as I let ur hand go vbcrlfI got up & took ur hand again & led u to the elevator vbcrlfas the doors shut I turn to u & slide my body against ursvbcrlfkissing u running my tongue across ur lips as I start to vbcrlfrun my hand down the front of ur pants vbcrlffeeling ur hard cock bulging thru ur pants vbcrlfmmmmmmm baby I kiss u even more deeply vbcrlfsucking on ur tongue mmmmmmmm vbcrlfrunning the tip of my tongue along ur ear sucking & nibbling on the lobe vbcrlfkissing & nibbling down ur neck as I get round to ur Adams apple vbcrlflicking & sucking on it babyyyyyyy mmmmmmm vbcrlfu taste so good baby I turn my back to u & slid ur hands up to my breast as u kiss my neck vbcrlfI slide my long hair off to one side as u start to nibble on my neck vbcrlfI rub my azz against ur cock that is straining to get outvbcrlfthen the doors open vbcrlfagain taking ur hand & leading u to the room vbcrlfopen the door & just as it shut baby I was already pulling at ur clothes vbcrlfbaby im kissing u sliding my tongue in ur mouth vbcrlfsucking on ur tongue as I take ur shirt off vbcrlfsry baby tore the buttons off vbcrlfoh baby im kissing & licking down ur chest stopping to suck on ur nipple vbcrlfbaby as I undo ur pants letting them slide to the floor vbcrlfas I kiss further down ur chest to ur stomach vbcrlftracing ur belly button w/ my tongue as I pull ur shorts down over ur big hard cock vbcrlfmmmmmmm licking my lips as ur hard cocks swings in front of my mouth mmmmmmmmmvbcrlftaking u in my hands & sliding my tongue over the head of ur cock mmmmmvbcrlfI then stand up & have u to sit in the chair I go turn down the lights & light some candlesvbcrlfcausing a silhouette in the room as I turn on some romantic music vbcrlfI then come stand in front of u & start to dance for u as I undo my shirt vbcrlftaking one button at a time then sliding it over my shoulder as I turn my back to u vbcrlfI let my shirt fall to the floor sliding my hands under my long hair vbcrlfpicking it all up & I turn my face to u as I let it all fall onto my back vbcrlfreaching round my back & unhook my lacey bra vbcrlfI slide the straps off my shoulders as I turn around to face u now vbcrlfI toss my bra to u as I keep my breast covered w/ my handsvbcrlfas I turn my back to u again I bend over as I slide my panties down over my azz vbcrlfgiving u a good look at my hottttttt wetttttt puzzy mmmmmm vbcrlfI turn round to face u again as I walk up to u vbcrlftaking ur hand asking u to dance w/ me as our bodies rub close together vbcrlfrunning my hands all over ur body baby touching every where vbcrlfrunning my nails down ur back softly as I press my body close to u vbcrlfkissing u baby as I take u to the bed room baby I lay u down on the bed vbcrlfI straddle u baby into letting u enter me yet baby vbcrlfjust rubbing my hottttt puzzy on ur hard cock as I kiss u baby vbcrlfrunning my fingers through ur hair as I suck on ur tongue then ur ear lobesvbcrlfoh baby I whisper in ur ear that I want to ride ur tongue vbcrlfwant to feel u sucking & licking my hot puzzzzzzzzy vbcrlfas I slide over ur mouth & lower my aching puzzy to ur mouth mmmmmm vbcrlfyes baby feeling ur hot tongue licking my clit vbcrlfsucking my clit making me so wettttttttt vbcrlfoh baby im riding ur tongue as u slide it deep inside me vbcrlfI lean my head back moaning in ecstasy as u suck my clitvbcrlfas u slide ur hands up to my breast vbcrlfbaby take my nipples between ur fingers mmmmmm pinch them baby vbcrlfim sliding my puzzy all over ur mouth baby as u suck me yessss vbcrlfmy long hair sweeping across ur hard cock as i lean my head back mmmmmvbcrlfoh baby i turn round now so i can suck ur big hard cock as u make me cummmmmmm vbcrlflicking ur balls baby sucking each one into my mouth vbcrlflicking down to ur azz baby sliding my tongue into ur azz baby vbcrlffeeling ur big cock leap w/ every thrust of my tongue mmmmmmm vbcrlfI lick the shaft of ur big cock as i get to the precum on it vbcrlfI rub it across my lips as i lick it off mmmmmmmmm vbcrlfoh baby sucking u into my mouth i can feel u moaning as i start to suck more of ur cock vbcrlftaking every inch down my throat as u start to push ur cock in deeper vbcrlfur holding my head still baby as u fukkkkkkkk my mouth baby shoving ur hard cock in & out vbcrlfas u suck my clit oh yessssss baby im gonna cummmmmmmmm vbcrlfsuck me baby yesssssssssvbcrlfI take every inch of ur cock deep down my throat as my body start to shake uncontrollablevbcrlfclimaxxxxxxxxxvbcrlfoh baby i slide my hotttttt wetttttt puzzy over ur hard big cock vbcrlfsliding it into me taking all of u at one time resting there w/ ur big cock deep inside me as we kiss vbcrlfI then sit up & start to move on top of u riding ur cock baby vbcrlffaster baby & deeper i lean forward baby so u can suck on my hard aching nipples vbcrlfas i start riding up & down on ur big cock deeper harder & faster baby yesssssssssvbcrlfI sit straight up on ur big cock baby slide my feet under me as i pump up & down ur hard cock vbcrlfyessssssss babyyyyyy can feel u hitting the top of my hotttttttt wettttttttttttt puzzzzzzzy vbcrlfoh baby can feel u getting bigger as ur cock fills up w/ ur cummmmmm vbcrlfoh my gooooooooooddddddddd yes babyyyyy u start to tense ur body as we both start to cummmmmmmmmm vbcrlftogether baby yesssssssssssvbcrlfwe lay in each others arms tightly kissing softly while u r still deep inside me vbcrlfbaby i slide off of ur cock & lick our juices off of ur cock & balls vbcrlfsucking ur cock clean babyyyyyyy vbcrlfoh baby ur getting hard again so i just keep u in my mouth till ur rock hard vbcrlfthen u lay me on my back as u slide ur tongue into my hottttt puzzy licking my clit sucking it oh my baby yesesvbcrlfu take my legs & hold them up in the air as u shove ur big hard cock deep inside me vbcrlfoh yeses baby fukkkkkkkk me hard vbcrlfas ur fukking me u start to kiss my toes mmmmmmmmm vbcrlfrunning ur tongue over them vbcrlfoh baby u then lean forward pushing my puzzy up to ur cock deeper baby yessssssssssvbcrlframmmmmm ur cock in me yessss vbcrlfoh baby u take ur cock out of me & grabbed me by my hips & pulled me to the edge of the bed vbcrlftelling me to get on my knees so u can fukkkkkk me doggie vbcrlfoh yeses baby u shove ur big cock deep inside me again slapping my azz a little as u push deeper vbcrlfoh my baby yesssss im so fukking hottttttt babyyyy yesss vbcrlffukking u faster & harder baby yes vbcrlfoh baby im cummmmmmmminggggg again mmmmm all over ur hard cock vbcrlfmmmmmm baby u keep sliding in & out of me as my body shakes from my climaxxxxxxvbcrlfas u get ready to cummmmmmm baby u pull ur cock out & slide it in between my titsvbcrlffukking them as i open my mouth so u can slide the head of ur hard cock into my mouth vbcrlfoh yessssssss baby ur shooting ur cummmmm on my tongue ,face & tits vbcrlfrubbing ur cock all over ur cummmmmm then sliding it back into my mouth vbcrlfso i can suck every drop o
ff cummmmmm vbcrlfu tell me i missed some as u lick it off my nipples then bring it to my mouth vbcrlfso i can suck it off ur tongue vbcrlfoh baby u lay down
next to me totally relaxed w/ this smile of satisfaction on ur facevbcrlfas i kiss u softly mmmmmmmmmm vbcrlfbaby im so glad i met u her

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