My first time being with two men

We met up on AFF. He read that I wanted two men and told me that he and his friend would meet me. We agreed to meet at a local restaurant to make sure we were attracted to each other. Then we agreed to meet the next evening.

I rushed home in

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Suited man Part4

I am not sue how it happened but I am glad it did. I am a sex addict. I love it, need it. My pussy is constantly wet, my nipples hard. What is “it”? Well, I would have to say it is my job. I love it. I am offi

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I am always horny. Terribly so. I masturbate daily, sometimes more than once. It was July and my husband went out of the country for 8 days. This was a good time to live out one of my fantasies. The fantasy of spending a couple days with nothing

New York Window

Part of my job was to go to the client’s apartment and take care of the packers and the rug cleaners. It was a corporate apartment and the last executive had left and another was schedule to arrive soon. The apartment was completely furnished wit

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I wanted sex and planned a day of it. A man from AFF promised to give me sex. I went to the hotel room and slipped on the blindfold he asked for. I knocked and was taken in the room. There my coat was removed as well as my dress. My hands were p