A special suprise

The night was set. It was suppose to be a surprise for his girlfriend. She knew it was coming but not sure when. He picked up his girl for a birthday dinner, she was wearing a black form fitting dress that her friend got her for her birthday. Little did she know she would be have a sweet dessert after dinner. Her lover took her to a hotel room, he blindfolded her and walked her into the bedroom. “Don’t take the blindfold off till you hear the door close, OK?” he said, she responded with a huge smile. He turned around and walked out the door closing it behind himself. But before she could take off the blindfold she felt a soft grip take ahold of her and lead her to a bed, she started to get wet when she felt the stranger turn around and unzip her dress. She heard a soft mmm come from the stranger as the dress fell off her body like silk, exposing her naked body. At this time she heard the stranger telling her to take off the blindfold. She complied and as she turned around she became extremely wet when she noticed that the stranger was female.

She had long Blondie hair, about 5’6 around 165. She had a nice shape, around 34C and she had nice hips. Her name was Amy and has been a friend of Missa’s boyfriend since the start of the summer. When he had found out that Missa wanted to know what it was like to be with a girl, he figured this would be the perfect opportunity. Missa was a Bernette about the same height with chin length hair. She had 36C breast and a very luscious ass.

The two girls sat and stared at each other for a while before Amy went to her and started to lightly kiss Missa’s neck. Missa felt the warm touch of Amy’s hands searching for her ass. Amy gripped Missa’s ass firmly as a slight moan came as a result. Missa looked into Amy’s eyes before she went down to tongue her nipples. In no time Amy’s tits were fully hard and she loved the feel of Missa’s tongue on them. Amy grabbed Missa and laid her down on the bed, she looked into her eyes before Amy started to kiss her neck and work her way down till she reached her pussy. Amy lightly licked Missa’s soft lips which were already drenched in her own juices. Missa started to breath heavier before she took her hands and grabbed Amy’s hair pushing her deeper into her pussy. Missa gasped and moaned as Amy plunged her tongue deep inside. Missa started to buck her hips, grinding her pussy on Amy’s face. Missa’s boyfriend was in the other room watching porno slowly beating off when he suddenly heard a voice that sounded like Missa’s saying, “OH! I am gonna CUM!!!!!.” Surely enough she did and she came hard. All over Amy’s face. Missa brought Amy up and looked into her eyes and smiled. They started to kiss until Missa was ready for more. They positioned themselves to be straddling each others pussies and started to grind each other. From the other room Cory could hear the moans and screams of pleasure. He started to get rock hard. He started to pump his 7in. dick faster and faster till he came. He then laid back to listen to the two girls go at it. Back in the room the two girls looked like they were in bliss. They grinded each other till they both came. After that they both collapsed right where they were positioned. They rested for a while till Amy told Missa “I want some dick. Lets get Cory in here and have some more fun.” So they called Cory to come in there and when he walked in there, he had nothing but his boxers on. “What have you been doing, huh?” Missa sad as she pulled the grinning mad over to her and ripped his boxers off. He was semi-hard, still recovering from the jack off he just had. “Lets get this little fella ready.” Missa said just before she started to suck his cock. “Hey you can’t have all the fun.” Amy spoke up after watching Missa take control of Cory. Amy walked over to the knee bent Cory and pushed him down onto the bed. Now laying down, Amy walked over to Cory and went down starting to suck his balls while Missa continued to suck his dick. When he got fully hard, Amy moved Missa away and positioned herself to be fucked in the ass. Cory grabbed Amy’s hips and forced her down on his dick. “A little feisty tonight I see.” Missa said as Amy screamed with pleasure. Missa smiled as Amy laid back on his chest as he was pumping in her hard. Missa thought to herself that this was the perfect time to fulfill her dream. She went over to Amy and started to lick her sweet moist pussy lips. She pulled the fold apart and stuck her tongue deep into her wanting hole. She tasted Amy’s sweet juices as Missa fingered her own clit. Amy started to tear up with pleasure. Amy screamed as she came all over Missa’s face. Missa moved up to Amy’s face and started to kiss her neck. Cory finally came in Amy’s ass ands laid back and started to relax. Amy took herself off his dick and collapsed next to Cory and laid on his chest. Missa went up to Cory and kissed him softly on his lips and whispered ” Thank you for the great birthday gift.” She went and laid down on the other side of his chest and laid down holding Amy’s hand. They fell asleep in that position with the biggest smiles on their faces. That next day they didn’t wake up till late in the afternoon and little to Missa’s knowledge, her birthday surprise was far from over. To be continued.

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