Birthday Surprise

“Thanks for coming” I say as I let out the last of our guests from our home. It’s about 7:00 PM. It’s my wife’s 30th birthday party and we had just had her party a little early. Let me describe us. I am 6’1″, 176 lbs, black hair and blue eyes and in very good physical shape. My wife is 5’6″, 130 lbs, long brown hair and beautiful green eyes, a little meat on her, but not too much and also in excellent shape. It had been an overall good day, though long for me, somewhat. Come time to open her presents, I had given her a golden necklace. But really, I had yet to deliver my real present. “So, what exactly have you got for me?” she asks as she wraps her arms around me. “Well, howsabout I show you? Why don’t you get dressed up in one of your best club outfits. You’re gonna love this, trust me”. She smiles and says “Sounds good” before walking into our bedroom slowly and seductively. I can’t help but think that she probably knows what I’m thinking, so I added a few surprises for extra measure. After waiting a long whle for her to finish getting ready, we both hop into the car. As I start driving, she moves in closer and asks “So…mind letting me in on where we’re going?” I can already tell she has practically guessed her surprise, but go along anyway. “No, I don’t mind, but I’m not gonna” I joke. We joked a bit as she guessed (I think on purpose) wrong the first few times. Then she guesses “Oh my god, I just figured it out. We’re picking up a girl, aren’t we?” I gave in then and told her. I then say “Ya know, I can’t believe how lucky I am. You really want this, don’t you? I mean this kind of thing is usually the guy’s fantasy”. “You do this for me, you get some ass tonight”. She leans in closer to nibble at my ear and whisper “No limits, tonight, sugar”.

We then arrive at the point of destination. It’s a local bar where many singles go to find “cheap thrills” and one-night stands. The whole place has a fifties theme to it. Sort of like Rockola Cafe if it were a bar and grill. We both decide to get a seat in a dark corner where we can scope the bar unnoticed while we order a drink or two. I told her that the plan would be for her to pick different girls that looked good to her. After telling her to pick about 3 or 4, she chose seven. I then ask her to if it’s alright if I drop her back off and that I will work on picking up the girl. So, anyway I went back and tried to hit on the first choice, but backed away when I saw that her boyfriend had just arrived. After two more strikeouts, I lucked out. The fourth girl looked like she had no business being in a bar. She was just sipping on a beer and looking like she was bored. I honestly get the feeling that the only reason this girl hadn’t been my wife’s first choice, anyway, was that she just seemd to innocent and unattainable. This girl was about 5’2″, 120 lbs., golden blonde hair and green eyes, and a figure to kill for. So, I straddle up beside her “You old enough to drink?” I joke with her. She just kinda smiles back and says “I’m not really a drinker”. “Me either, really. How old are you?” “Why do you wanna know, you know you don’t have a chance”. I continue talking and flirting, thinking this girl is just toying with me. “Nah, I’m twenty one” she tells me. I could tell she was lying, but this girl was hot.

I get her to down a few drinks before she asks if I wanna go outside for a minute. I grab my drink and follow her to the outdoor bar area in back. As we talk, I find out that she got in a big fight with her mom, moved out and needs a place to stay. Apparently, she’s far away from home at the moment. To make a long story short, after bullshitting and boozing her up a little, I got her to agree to stay the night at my place if I would help her out with finding a place in the morning. As we drove back, she was giggling and acting goofy the whole way. We pull in the driveway and I open her door for her as she gets out and we both go inside. “Have a seat, relax” I tell her motioning to the couch. I sit next to her to talk a bit and she starts edging up to me closer. I move in to kiss her and stop. “Tell me, how adventurous are you?” I ask. I then get up telling her to stay right where she’s at. “Honey, I brought something home for you”. Out comes my wife in a flimsy white seethrough robe and lingerie. She circles around the couch, smoking a cigarette with a martini in one hand. She puts the drink down, exhales once and puts out the cig. She then walks and stops right beside the girl on the couch and sits next to her, as I stand watching.

“So, what’s your name?” my wife asks. “Vanessa” the girl says nervously. “Nice name, mine’s Barbara” says my wife as she starts feeling up herleft leg. “Vanessa, you know you’re a very beautiful girl” says Barbara. “Isn’t she” I add in. Barbara moves her hands up Vanessa’s still nervous body as Vanessa remains silent. I just stand back and watch, enthralled by the unfolding scene before me. As Barbara’s hand move to pull Vanessa’s shirt up and squeeze her breasts, Vanessa says “Wait a minute…What are you doing?” At that moment, Barbara pulls out one of Vanessa’s plump bare breasts and pops it right into her warm mouth. So it was more like Vanessa said “What are you doing. Oh…Christ!” Barbara keeps sucking hard on her nipples as she moves her hands down to help Van unzip her pants. I don’t think I’ve seen my wife so enthused in a while. She was really enjoying this. I move right up to them and me and Barb both grab a pant leg as we help Vanessa to pull them off. Me and Barbara then remove our clothes completely. Van’s hands are over her crotch, but Barb moves them. “Don’t be shy, you’ll like this. Trust me” I tell Vanessa. Barbara starts licking at her moist, wetness like a thirsty dog laps at a bowl of water. I move in to kiss Vanessa as I palm her breasts. I then move down to suck on her other nipple as I play with Barbara’s hair, and then move down to kneel beside her. “You enjoying that pussy, honey” I whisper to her as I tug on her earlobes. “Mmm-hmm” she moans.

“Have you ever eaten pussy?” I ask Vanessa. “N-no” she says before adding “But I’d love to try”. With that, my wife smiles and gets up to sit back down on the couch. I help Vanessa up and onto her knees in front of Barbara as I join her. “Watch” I tell Vanessa. I start to slowly rub the suface of Barbara’s hot fleshhole before giving it one long, slow lick across the surface, teasing her. I repeat, this time inserting my tongue slightly furtherand pulling back out. Then, I tease again for a moment, before slipping my tongue all the way into her wetness while licking every inch from top to bottom, savoring the taste and aroma. I pull out slowly, curling my tongue to press hard with the tip as I pull out trailing a straight line back up her walls and kiss the surface once at the top. “Your turn” I tell Vanessa. She acts nervous at first, but instead of going slowly, Vanessa dives right in, nibbling and licking at Barbara’s swollen clit like an animal as Barbara screams “Yes..oh!”. I push down slightly on Vanessa’s head. Vanessa has my wife screaming bloody murder as I move up to kiss her and tell her “Happy Birthday, honey”. She then pulls me close forcefully and whispers “I know you want to fuck her. Go ahead. Do it!” Barbara breathes lustily as if wanting to see it so bad, she can’t hold it. “You want me to fuck this little slut?” I ask in a playful tone as I hold Barbara’s head tight, getting into it.

I then start licking and sucking as I trail down my wife’s body until I get to Vanessa’a head where I start stroking her hair. Vanessa’s in heaven as she continues on Barbara’s trembling snatch. I then trail my hands down Vanessa’s body as she writhes in delight and I move behind her. My hands eventually reach her moist vagina and pull her hips up as my rock-hard member pokes against her leg. Vanessa moves back, gyrating her hips to signal me to go ahead as Barbara keeps screaming dirty words. I then hold Vanessa’s hips as I slide in slowly. Barbara now gets up and decides to kneel face-to-face with this y
oung hottie as I start
pumping her hard into the couch. “You like that?” my wife asks her. “Come on, I wanna taste my pussy. You wanna taste yours?” Barbara breathes as she moves in for a sloppy, wet, long kiss. Barbara breaks away as I start ramming Vanessa harder. Barbara then asks Vanessa “How’s my husband’s dick? You’re just a little slut, aren’t you?” “God yes” screams Vanessa. I then slow down a little and stop. “Honey, why don’t you take a turn at Vanessa, here?” I say. Barbara then smiles at me and says “Thank you so much for this present, honey” as she goes into her bedroom and pulls out a strapon that she hasn’t used since before our marriage. “Vanessa, come here, baby” says Barbara. “Yes, maam” Vanessa replies playfully. Barbara then leads Vanessa and me into our bedroom as Vanessa eyes Barb’s “rod” nervously. It’s pretty big after all. Barb flashes me a look and I know what she’s thinking immediately.

“Lie down, honey” I tell Vanessa. Once Vanessa lies down, my wife grabs her legs by the ankles and pulls her a bit to where only Vanessa’s head and shoulders are touching the floorand the rest of her body rests against the bed with her legs bent nack over. “You ready?” asks Barb. “Yeeeah, fuck me!” replies Vanessa. My wife thenm moves over Vanessa’s wet snatch, holding her “tool”. Smiling at Van, Barb slowly slides completely in, making Vanessa scream once again. Barbara pumps away at Vanessa, holding her legs and leaning down. I think, from the sounds she’s making Vanessa must have came at least twice. I then move to kneel across from my wife as my cock dangles above the face of Vanessa. As Vanessa’s breasts shake violently, she lunges to grab my member in her hot mouth. As me and my wife simultaneously stuff this girl, we both cum hard. Then , we all break for a bit, and have a few drinks. After talking a while, Barbara brings up the “erotic glow-in-the dark paint kit” I bought a while ago. It was body paint that dried soon after contact. The “kit” came with pink, orange, green, and yellow paint. We asked Vanessa if she liked to get a little kinky. Then, I go into the guestroom and start moving everything into the closet, so the room was bare. Just a hardwood floor. I then had them help me remove six kingsize mattresses from the closet of another room, as we covered the guestroom floor with them.

I then moved the four buckets of paint into the middle of the room where was the only spot not covered by mattress. After covering everything with plastic covering, I turn out the lights. Unbeknownst to Vanessa, me and Barbara had set up a hidden camera to record this for our own private home-video collection. Once the lights are out, I feel Barbara’s hand grab mine and hear Vanessa’a shuffling next to her. “Ready?” I ask them. I then dip my pointer finger into the glowing pink paint and start tracing Barbara’s nipples. “Come here” I tell Vanessa. I do the same thing with her as Barbara dips her hand into the yellow paint and starts to illuminate Vanessa’s cute, round ass. “Such a beautiful thing, the human body” I joke lightly as I then dip my hand into the pink paint again and grab Vanessa’s hands and dip them into the green. I start to rub the pink into her eager womanhood as she as she rubs up and down my hard member with her neon green paint covered hand. I then pull my fingers from her snatch to my own nipples as my wife paints the rest of Vanessa’s breasts outside the nipples orange while palming, squeezing and groping at them. Vanessa turns around to paint my wife’s breasts in turn as I move behind my wife, to cover her rear end. The girls then cover each others fingernails, eyelids and lips green. Barbara and Vanessa both turn around to cover my pecs and abs with the orange paint. After toying around a bit more with the bodypaint, my wife turns to Vanessa and kisses her hard as they both slowly drop to the floor in a modified 69 position, where they are suckling at each others breasts, slowly and sensuosly.

At this, I move behind Barbara’s beautiful yellow ass, with my glowing green dick as hard as steel and poke her left cheek as I grab both buns. “So you want this, hard dick in your ass now, baby?” I ask. Barbara thrusts backward, almost forcing herself onto me. “Ooohh, yeah” she moans. I spit on her puckered hole and start fingering her. After another minute, I spread her cheeks and slide in slowly as the girls continue below. It looks like one big rainbow orgy in the dark. The feel of Barbara’s ass clenching my throbbing cock as I hear the two girls moaning and sucking at each other drives me over the edge, as I cum hard in my wife’s ass. I then pull out and both girls get to their knees before me. I feel my wife grab my cock and playfully smack it against Vanessa’s cheek. “So, how’s my husband’s cock?” Barbara asks. Vanessa starts sucking. “Good, isn’t it?” chimes Barbara. Barbara licks up and down my hard member and Vanessa’s face as Van keeps up with her sloppy blowjob. “Delicious” says Barbara. When Barbara takes over, I finally blow again in her mouth, as my wife is really good at this. I can tell Barbara still has my juices in her mouth as she tells Vanessa “Open up, baby” and they kiss and make guttural, swallowing noises. I then say “Oh god, that was awesome. I’m just gonna sit a bit and watch. I’ve had along day”. To make a long story short, we had a very good night. I helped Vanessa find work down here and she eventually set things straight with her mother. Me and Barbara would even invite Vanessa back a few more times as we became better acquainted with each other. Definitely, one of the more memorable birthdays. Of course, Barbara would make sure that mine was equally unforgettable…

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    good stuff i wish all wivies could be bi

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