Coffee Date

I sat at the table in the far corner of the coffee shop, keeping an eye on everyone that walked through the door. Time seemed like an eternity, the steady tick, tick, tock providing rhythm, to my eager impatience for her to arrive.

Sipping on my coffee, the warm liquid blanketing my throat and warming up my belly, my thoughts drifted off to what could be in store…

Our late night conversation always ended up in the same place. We shared the same girl-on-girl fantasy, which still remained unfulfilled for the both of us, a passionate one-on-one fling, of unexplored territory.

My thoughts were interrupted as she sat herself across from me. I was so carried off with my thoughts; I didn’t even see her come in. She was beautiful, in the most real sense, bright eyes and full smile enveloping me.

“Hi”, I managed to get out, a little taken aback by her presence. She was better than any expectation I may have unknowingly set for her, no surprises of lack of shape, extra limbs, or other disfigurements… she was perfect. No unrealistic super-model-ness appeal, but just gorgeous girl, as real as could be sitting in front of me.

We chitchatted aimlessly over our coffee, catching up on each other’s lives, the conversation starting to slow down as our interests on the subject dawdled. I suggested going to someplace cozier, and we got our stuff together, called a cab and sat outside to wait.

The air was a bit chilly, as the season turned, the crisp scraping of yellowed leaves dancing on the pavement around us. I lit a cigarette, and turned my body slightly, my knee resting to a stop against hers. Taking note that she didn’t tense up or move away, but continued talking easily, as though nothing could be wrong, I leaned into her a little more, savoring the heat growing between us.

Our cab pulled up and we settled in the back, leaving no space inbetween. I directed the driver to a little out of the place lounge I knew of… a perfect spot for tonight with its dim lights, mellow trax, and tasty potions.

We paid the driver, and entered the lounge, settling ourselves into the dim-lit corner, the melodic trance music warming our bones. Once our drinks arrived, our conversation turned more intimate. I leaned back in the booth, bringing my feet up to rest beside her thigh. We talked of common interests, which eventually led to our interests in the bedroom, and by listening to her account of what made her hot, brought a prickling heat up my inner thighs. I don’t know if it was the drinks, or the topic, but you could tell it was getting to her too… her hands became fidgety, playing with the straw in her glass. I saw this as a make or break, and knew I would have to make the first move.

I slid my toes up along her thigh, caressing her curves ever so slightly. She responded, just as I hoped her too, and brought her hand atop my foot, her soft hands gently stroking my skin. We played this way for a bit, innocently, our conversation not hesitating for a second. Then I sat up, placing my hand on her inner thigh, and said “I have to go the girly room, come with”.

We found our way to the washrooms, me in the lead, and when the door closed behind us, I pulled her into a stall, locking the door. Feeling courageous, I pushed her up against the wall, and gently but firmly, layed my hand upon her face, pulling her lips to mine.

She tasted sweetly, of a berry gloss unknown, as I brushed my lips across hers, kissing her softly. She responded eagerly, her lips working against mine, tugging at my lip, to pull me in for a deeper kiss. Her tongue searched for mine, then upon finding it, stroked mine with its tip. Our kisses turned more passionate, and I felt myself growing moist.

I pulled back slightly, still keeping her pressed, my fingers finding the edge of her low-cut top and pulled it down, just enough to reveal milky skin, and the hint of areola. Pulled it down a bit more, and released her nipple, which was hard and taut by then.

I brought my mouth down upon its bud, surrounding it in my warm, wet mouth. A low moan escaped her lips, as I circled it with my tongue, and gently nipped it with my teeth. My hand was upon her breast, grabbing it by the handful, and feeding it into my mouth. I kissed her up her chest, along her collarbone, and up her neck, resting at her earlobe, taking it into my mouth. I suckled softly, my warm breath in her ear. I could feel her melting in my arms like putty, and she held onto me for support.

Her hands were moving on my hips, up to the sides of my breasts, and then back down again to my ass. I kissed her again, more frantically this time, bringing my hand between her legs, and stroking her V. Our breaths quickened, as she leaned into my strokes, while her jeans becoming something of a nuisance, so I reached to unbutton them. I looked up to her to make sure it was okay, but her head was leaned back, her eyes closed, and I could tell she wanted nothing else.

Unbuttoned now, I pulled her zipper down slowly, bringing her jeans over her hips, and down her legs, till they rested on the floor. She stepped out of them, and looked like she was not sure what to do next so I grabbed her leg under the thigh and lifted her foot onto the porcelain lid. My hands slid under her shirt, tweaking her nipples, caressing her breasts, I moved down, running my hands along the length of her sides, over her hips, bringing my hand to her puss. I stroked her folds, which parted easily, revealing the wetness within. My finger slid slickly up her entire length, resting at her gem, to circle it gently, and then back down again till I could feel her hole, my finger dipping just slightly.

Kissing her again with as much passion as I could muster, then whispered, “I want to taste you, is that okay?”

She nodded in agreement, too turned on by the idea to say no.
I knelt down before her… one hand pressed against her hip, the other parting her folds, to bring her beautiful pink gem to view. The tip of my tongue found her nub, and stroked it up and down, encircling it, sliding down her folds till I reached her hole, and dipped my tongue in. She tasted like sex & honey, better than anything I’ve ever tasted before, and I licked my lips satisfyingly. Wrapping my lips around her gem, I sucked it gently, massaging it with my tongue, and I could tell it was driving her crazy, as she was beginning to grind against my mouth.

With one hand on her ass, I pulled her into me, while my other hand’s fingers slipped up inside her… stroking her g-spot, my tongue working on her gem. She was getting quite slippery then, my fingers fucking her with ease, I looking up at her, to see her hands grabbing at her breasts, pinching at her nipples, her mouth parted slightly to let her moans escape.

Not caring who might be listening, I gave her my all, my tongue and fingers going to a rhythm I knew would make her come, and sure enough they do, her wetness pouring down my chin, down my fingers and onto my wrist. I felt her shudder, in that good after-orgasmic way, and then I slid up her slowly, a smile on my lips.

“Did you like that?” I asked. She nodded contentedly. “More than you know,” she replied.

“Well then we’ll have to do that again sometime,” I said, “There’s so much more left to be explored.”

“I can hardly wait,” she told me, and we straightened ourselves up and headed back to our table.

We spent the rest of our evening sipping on our drinks, playfully touching each other, and enjoying flirty conversation. When the night was coming to an end, I knew that we must get home, to our families, and our lovers. But neither of us could wait till we could meet to rendezvous again, and on the cab ride home, we made plans to get together again soon, both of us knowing that this casual fling, will give us something to be excited about, and we’ll be impatient to play it out again, in so many different ways…

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