Just Never Know, Part 1

WOOHOO!!!! Autumn is here (doing my happy dance). I love cooler weather. I just seem to thrive in it.  Texas can get boiling hot during the summer; hot, muggy and sticky…ugh I hate it. So yeah, I’m a happy little camper right now. Hope you folks had a great summer, I did; and I’m gonna tell ya about it. This next story is going to be broken down in bits. To understand the full dynamic of my summer, it can’t be told all at once. Well, I guess it could, but I’m too damn lazy to write that much. Besides that, I want you naughty boys and girls to keep reading.

Those of you who have read my prior stories know I found the naughty side of myself later in life. In all honesty, I think it was laying dormant. I had discovered my bisexuality in high school, but rarely acted upon it. I had some wild times with people up until I met my husband.  Then as any ‘wife-to-be’ would do, I put my needs second. I can’t explain why I let my “freak side” go; I just did. One day, way back in March of this year, I was in need of a woman’s touch. I had been out of the dating game so long, though, I didn’t know how to act upon it. All I was looking for was a one night fling, so I began my search in the local Backpage ads. All I can say is EWWW!!!! A lot of gross postings and doctored pictures; same with Craigslist–though those ads were quite clever and funny to read. But I wanted someone genuine and closer to my age. After turning to Google, I found a sweet site dedicated to swingers and the like. Upon registering, I input the parameters of the search and “bingo bango” I had several listings to choose from; one ad in particular set me reeling. The couple and the city they hailed from were familiar. Obviously no pictures, but the description and their profile page were very identifiable. Seriously, I will tell you now I was shocked. You just never know what people do behind closed doors. WOW!!

I printed the page and tucked it in the abyss of my purse. I wanted to question them later about it. A few weeks later, I went by my husband’s work. We had a lunch date planned, so I hung out while he finished up his project. As I sat there, I noticed Elizabeth in her office. Excusing myself, I roamed over to say “hey” and we chatted a while. My curiosity was eating at me; I had to know: was the profile page in my purse really hers? Were my husband’s supervisor and her husband really swingers? I quickly whipped the page out and asked her to read it. The shock on her face as she read the sheet was the answer I needed.

Her first response was, “Where did you find this?”

I told her what I had been doing, and how I found it. She confided in me her dirty little secret and I told her mine. However, I was asked not to let Rob (my husband) know. I kept my secret. I told no one.

Later that evening when Rob arrived home he told me, Elizabeth wanted to go on a double date with us. I was cool with it, I always enjoy having adult interaction. I told him set it up and we’d go. A couple of weeks later we met for a quiet, low key dinner. Rob called and told me he’d be a little late and for me to go ahead; I went on to the restaurant and met up with Liz and her husband, Mark. First thought that came to my mind? God he’s hot! But I kept my mouth shut because things were a bit weird anyway. Why screw this up? We all took our seats at the table and did the introductions, after which Liz told Mark that I knew about what they did. The cat was out of the bag. So I confessed to him what I had been looking for on that site. Then the obligatory questions ensued: Does my husband know? Is he joining you? After revealing the details of my plot, the subject turned to other things–talk about a totally uncomfortable situation. I hardly knew these people, yet was confiding my sexual fantasies in them–not to mention she was my husband’s supervisor. Thankfully, Rob arrived, saving me from any more embarrassment. We all four chatted a while, sipping cocktails, and just enjoying the company. When my husband went to the bar to refill his drink, Elizabeth excused herself to dash to the restroom. As she rose from her seat, I saw the tell-tale look she was giving Mark; you know the one: a quick nudge of the head and look in her eye of Ask her!?

So I’m munching the ice of my drink, thinking here it comes, and Mark goes, “So?”
I coyly replied, “So what?”
His response was,” Well, if you’re looking for a girl, Liz would gladly have you. You’re just her type. But know this, we play together.” Out of the corner of my eye I see my husband walking toward our table.
I meekly nodded, and said, “Later.”

My husband resumed his seat as Elizabeth rejoined us–she cuddles up to Mark as I’m cuddled up to Rob. Finally our food arrives and as I ate, I tried to digest what was going to happen. The waitress would come by every so often, collect our discarded dishes, and bring back fresh drinks. I watched as Elizabeth and Mark kept ordering more rounds for us. I guess since it’s not often we go out like this, I kept drinking, too. We were all, finally, loosening up. The awkward first meet was turning into conversations life-long friends would have. Stories told were intriguing, poignant, and just all around joyful. But as luck would have it, the more liquid going in, the more I needed to expel and badly. I hopped up and made my way to the restroom. I head Liz saying, “Wait up.” My new friend and I talked about what Mark asked and what I thought about it…on the toilet, no less. If someone would have walked in…so embarrassing. I let her know I was on board, just had to set up a time. We exchanged numbers and rejoined the boys at our table. Looking at the time, we figured we’d better call it a night. We paid up and went out to our cars, giving hugs to my our friends–I remember Mark’s hug was especially nice. He let his hands roam over my body as he released me and I just tingled as he did. As I went to my car, I wondered why I hadn’t worn a skirt. I would have gladly let him slide his hand up, between my legs.

After Rob and I got home we retired to the bedroom. Curled up, we talked about how great they were and how we needed to do that again sometime soon. Liz and Mark were apparently thinking the same thing.

My husband soon got a text from Mark inquiring, “Would you consider going out again?”
My husband replied, “Sure.”

Soon after I got a message from Elizabeth. She noted that they both thought I was sexy and couldn’t wait to play, flooding my mind with all kinds of naughty thoughts. Extremely tipsy (to borderline drunk) I knew I didn’t have it in me for sex, but I did give my husband a blowjob before we went to bed. Hand placed firmly on my husband’s tummy, I begin licking and sucking on his cock while I imagined it was Mark’s. Dreaming of Elizabeth eating me from behind as I went down on my husband. I sucked him as those images roamed through my mind. My husband soon climaxed and I was slurping down every drop.

He uttered, “Wow, babe. I need to get you drunk more often.”

Thinking to myself as I re-positioned myself on my pillow: If you only knew. We fell fast asleep.

The next morning my phone was abuzz, literally; overnight, both Elizabeth and Mark had sent texts. I’m reading all the questions asked: What I like to do in bed? How big is my cup size? 16 various texts, all trying to find out what I like sexually. I figured heck, I’ll play along; answered all their questions and tossed a few of my own their way. Few hours went by with not a word back. I was thinking, Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Then, just as I given up hope on hearing back, I got a message.

The screen displayed,”Where is he?”
My response was, “Out mowing the yard.”

Then the phone rang; it was Mark. He commented on how much fun they had the prior evening. Told me he loved my responses. Also that he and Liz had some great sex. That he fantasized he was banging me as he screwed her. I confided I thought about him as I sucked off Rob. The whole time my husband was out taking care of the lawn, I was on my bed having phone sex with his boss’s husband. I was telling Mark all the things I wanted to do to his body, how I was gonna lick Elizabeth to a mind blowing orgasm. Our sexual jousting went back and forth…then it took a turn. He requested nude shots of me. I was all too happy to oblige. I sent him full nude, boob and pussy shots of me–all in various poses–and asked for some in return. I’m looking at them now as I write this and still can’t believe how fabulous they look uncovered. We set a day and time for me to visit them for our “play date.” I couldn’t wait! Later that afternoon I called Mark and left him a voice mail message.

I told him, ” Before the three of us play, I want you to fuck me senseless. Just you and I, no one else. I don’t care where or when. You put it together and I’ll be there.”

After hanging up, I worried that maybe I crossed the line. That perhaps she might hear the message. I fretted over that for a while until he texted me; he had gotten my message and wanted to call back but family was around. He couldn’t stop thinking about me and thinks my idea is a great one.

My reply back was, “Cool; let’s do it and NO DAMN CONDOMS.”

I was ecstatic and extremely horny, so I went to get my husband. I needed a good fucking.

To Be Continued…


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