Kathleen Part 3

It was spring time, nearly six months after Kathleen’s and my first night together.  She was out of her classes for a week of spring break and had come with me on a business trip.  I was trying to get a new bar going in a small town that had just gone wet in Kentucky.  Not being wet very long, the local clerk’s office was giving us trouble with the permits.  It seems they wanted only local businesses to open up to build commerce in their town, so I had to go to make a personal appearance at court.  I was highly annoyed.

As soon as we arrived in town, I wanted to go and meet with the judge to see if we couldn’t get the matter taken care of without going through all the expense of a trial.  The judge had a full schedule for the day and couldn’t see me, so she set up an appointment to see me at supper that evening.

”That’s fine,” I told her.  ”Where should we meet?”

”I don’t see any reason to keep this formal,” she said. “Why don’t you just meet me at my place around 7:00, and if there is anyone you would like to bring with you, just let me know.”

”Just my foster daughter, Kathleen,” I said.  ”I hope to resolve this without my lawyers.”

She said that Kathleen was welcome to join us, and I left her office to go meet Kathleen at our hotel.

The small town we were in didn’t even have a decent hotel, so we had to stay at the local days in.  I half expected Kathleen to complain about the lack of room service, or lack of a comfortable bed, but I was surprised to find that she was just excited to be out seeing another new place and getting to see more of the business side of me.  She always loved to come on these trips to places she’d never been and watch as I made the way for new locations.  I guess it’s that adventurous side of her.

Kathleen and I spent most of the day shopping and just driving around to see the sights.  We had lunch at a local restaurant that served Italian food, and then caught a matinee at a small local theater.  After the movie, we went back to the hotel to get changed and ready for supper that evening.

Kathleen made us run about twenty minutes late, but it was worth it.  She wore a long, red evening gown that split up her right side almost to the waist, with a swag in the front revealing plenty of her cleavage, and a swag in the back that hung down to just above her perfect little ass.  As she was putting on her red, three inch heels, I caught a glimpse of a black garter strap that told me exactly what she was wearing underneath.  I had bought her this red silk teddy with black lace trim and matching g-string panties, complete with a matching garter belt and black stockings.  She looked completely sexy every time she wore it and I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel and get her out of that dress.

I had put on one of my business suits, as I always do, and off we went to have supper at the judge’s house.  On the way, I couldn’t stop thinking about Kathleen in that dress and so I couldn’t help myself, I had her lean over in the seat and give me a blow job to get me through the evening until we could get back to our hotel.

When we got to the judges house, I was surprised to see her answer the door in just a pair of jeans and a plain white blouse.  I had been to many dinners at many judge’s houses, but this was the first time that any of them answered their own door for the guests and definitely the first time it was an informal dinner.  I suddenly realized that the reason I hadn’t seen any of the other guests cars parked in the driveway was because we were the only guests.  She hadn’t invited us to a dinner party, she just invited us to eat supper with her.  I was embarrassed right away.

”Well don’t I feel under dressed now,” she said.  ”I didn’t pull you two away from any other plans tonight, did I?”

”No no,” I said.  ”It’s all my fault.  I assumed that when you invited us here tonight, you were inviting us to a dinner party.  I had no idea that we would be the only guests.  I am so sorry.”

”Don’t be silly,” she responded.  ”It’s an honest mistake.  Come on in.  Suppers in the dinning room already, but why don’t you take off that jacket and tie so you can be more comfortable.”

Seeing the judge like this, without her judges robe on, I realized something I hadn’t noticed earlier today.  Even though she was probably in her mid forties, the judge was hot.  Her early Irish heritage was obvious with her wavy red hair and emerald eyes.  There was a hint of light freckles spread across the ridge of her nose and chest that stood in contrast to her milky white, smooth skin.  She was very tiny and nimble with a shapely body that sported what looked to me to be D-cup breasts that were as perky and firm as any teenager.  As far as her height, I’d have to say she was probably about 5′ 11”, seeing as she seemed to be only about two inches shorter than myself.

Her jeans were so tight, I couldn’t imagine how she ever got them on.  Her blouse was a sheer white that in the brightly lit dinning room, you could see right through.  In fact, I saw through it enough to tell that she was wearing an aqua blue, lace bra that was also sheer enough to see her tiny, quarter sized nipples.  I was very aroused and thought to myself, ‘If only I hadn’t brought Kathleen with me.’

Kathleen and I sat at the dining room table, and the judge brought us out our dinner.  The food looked very good, and I couldn’t wait for the judge to join us so we could eat.

Once she had brought us out all the food and sat down with us, I started out the conversation by saying, ”Your honor, the reason…”

”Please,” she said, ”call me Mallinda.  I’m ‘your honor’ at work.  Here, you can call me by my name, but let’s not talk about work while we eat. There’ll be time for that over coffee afterwards.  For now, let’s just get to know each other.”

I agreed and so we talked about ourselves over dinner.  I found out that she went to law school because her father used to be the judge over the county, and she took his place after he retired.  She has a son who was in law school at the time and spending his spring break with his girlfriend.  Her husband and her split up about a month before after twenty years of marriage, but the divorce wasn’t final because the laws in that state required ninety days of legal separation before you could even file for divorce.

I told her that I was originally from Kansas where my dad owned a chain of liqueur stores, but moved to Texas after graduating business college.  I told her that when my dad passed away, I took over the business and bought into a couple night clubs right away.  A year later, a man who owned a few failing bar and grills came to me and proposed that I buy into his stores.  When I looked into his business plan, I found that it was the food part of business that was losing money, so I agreed to not only buy in, but be fifty/fifty partners on everything if we converted all his bar and grills to just bars.  He was more than happy to agree and we ended up being best friends after that.  That man was Kathleen’s father who died about three years later.

Throughout dinner, I began to notice that Mallinda seemed to be flirting with Kathleen.  Not that Kathleen minded.  In fact, she was making it clear that she was flirting back. By the time we had finished desert, we were having too good of a time to talk shop right away, so instead of offering us coffee, she offered us some wine instead.  Kathleen had to decline because she was only nineteen, so she had a soda instead.  Which was fine, because that way she would be able to drive us back to the hotel later.  I didn’t feel comfortable leaving a rental car at another person’s house.

After about her third glass of wine, Mallinda was beginning to loosen up.  As she got up to go to the kitchen for another bottle, she walked behind Kathleen’s chair.  As she passed by her, Mallinda placed her hand on Kathleen’s shoulder and stopped there for a minute.

”You really are quite beautiful,” she said to her.

Kathleen placed her hand over Mallinda’s and then looked to me with a smile.  I nodded my head, and then Kathleen reached up to pull Mallinda down to kiss her.  Their kiss was slow and passionate.  I was already beginning to get hard.  Mallinda was shocked for a second, but then just relaxed and enjoyed what was happening.  Kathleen stood to face Mallinda.  She continued to kiss her and started to rub her breasts on top of her shirt.  Mallinda was beginning to get hot and turned on.

Suddenly, Mallinda pulled away from Kathleen and looked at me.  ”Maybe we should cool it down,” she said.  ”At least until Brian leaves.  I don’t want to offend him.”

I laughed and said, ”You don’t have to worry about offending me at all.”

I walked over to them and placed one of my hands on Kathleen’s ass and the other on Mallinda’s.  I leaned in and kissed Kathleen with just as much passion as Mallinda had moments before.  I broke my kiss from Kathleen and looked at Mallinda.  She smiled and leaned in to kiss me as well.

After we had finished our kiss, Mallinda led us to her bedroom where she had a very large bed.  Kathleen and I both began to kiss and explore her body as we slowly undressed her.  Her skin was soft and inviting.  As soon as I had her bra off, I began to suck on one of her nipples while Kathleen was sucking the other.  Mallinda laid back on the bed, moaning softly.  I let loose of her nipple while Kathleen continued to suck them both and kiss her deep.

I moved down her body, licking and kissing it along the way.  I removed her pants to find that her bikini style panties were a part of a matching set with her bra.  I always thought that women who wore matching underwear were sexy.  The sheer material was already soaked through and I could see her love perfectly.  I took in her scent as I removed them.

Kathleen placed her hand on Mallinda’s opening and began to rub her.  A loud moan escaped her lips.  As Kathleen broke her kiss and began to move down Mallinda’s body, I climbed out of the bed and began to undress.  By the time I was naked, Kathleen had her face buried in Mallinda’s snatch, licking her lovingly.  I knelt beside Mallinda’s head and offered her my cock which she took into her mouth happily.  She licked the head before taking it in, continuing to use her tongue to work the head as she stroked my shaft with her hand.  When she got used to the feel of it in her mouth, I thrust forward, eliciting another loud moan.  Kathleen came up for air only long enough to tell me how good Mallinda’s pussy tasted.

After a while, I saw Kathleen struggling with her dress, so I ordered her to take it off.  While she was doing so, I took her place between Mallinda’s legs and tasted her for the first time.  She was sweet, like cotton candy, and it turned me on even more.  I plunged my tongue in and out of her hole, fucking her with it.  Then I started to lick her little nub as I looked up to see Kathleen straddling her head as Mallinda licked away at Kathleen’s pussy.  I knew from experience that Kathleen’s pussy tasted sweet as well, only hers had more of a honey sweet taste.  Regardless of how it tasted, Mallinda seemed to be enjoying what she was doing.  I continued to work back and forth from Mallinda’s hole to her clit while both women moaned loudly in pleasure.  I heard Kathleen’s moans begin to get louder and knew that she was on the verge of orgasm.  I sat up and started to work Mallinda’s hole fast and hard with my fingers, using my thumb to rub her clit.  Kathleen screamed out her orgasm and I could see her juices running down Mallinda’s cheeks and chin.  Soon after, before her orgasm had even began to subside, Mallinda was screaming out in orgasm from between Kathleen’s legs.

I lay on the bed next to Mallinda and pulled Kathleen over to straddle my head and began to lick up the left over juices that Mallinda had missed.  As I was doing so, I felt Mallinda climb on top of me and line herself up with my cock.  She slid down onto me slowly and I groaned into Kathleen’s soaked cunt.  Kathleen turned around to face Mallinda and they kissed and sucked on each others tits while I continued to eat Kathleen’s pussy and Mallinda continued to rock her hips back and forth on top of me.  I reached my arms around Kathleen’s legs and spread her cheeks so that I could lick her little anal bud.  Her moans began to increase again and I knew she would be cumming again soon.  As Kathleen’s moans were increasing, the two women broke from one another and I felt Mallinda’s pussy begin to tighten.

”Oh my fucking god, that’s good,” she screamed.

I let go of Kathleen’s ass cheeks and grabbed Mallinda by the waist.  I started to help push her body up and down on my cock as I thrust up into her hard.  She started to scream wildly, saying things that made no sense to me.  Her muscles clenched hard around my cock as she started to convulse.  I lost it then and let loose a large load into her open cunt.  Kathleen’s juices began to flow right at that moment, making me shoot another three large loads into Mallinda.

Our orgasms subsiding, I was not in the least bit done yet.  Mallinda collapsed on the bed where she was before and Kathleen immediately climbed between her legs to lick up the cum that I had just deposited there.  It took Mallinda by surprise, I guess she wasn’t used to this much sex in one night, but that wasn’t going to stop her from enjoying it.  I climbed up behind Kathleen and inserted myself into her.  Even as wet as she was, Kathleen’s pussy was still as tight as the day we first made love.  Still, I thrust into her hard.  I was pounding her pussy with all that I had and she licked Mallinda’s cunt just as fast.  After a few moments, Mallinda adjusted herself so that she was in the sixty nine position with Kathleen.  As Kathleen continued to assault Mallinda’s pussy with her mouth, I could feel Mallinda’s tongue working.  She would alternate back and forth between licking Kathleen’s clit and my shaft, occasionally sucking one or both of my balls into her mouth.  From time to time, I would pull out of Kathleen’s cunt and Mallinda would put my cock in her mouth for me to fuck for a while before reinserting it back into Kathleen.

I could tell that Kathleen was fast approaching her next orgasm and from the sounds of it, Mallinda wasn’t far behind.  I wanted Kathleen’s next one to be huge, but I wasn’t ready for it to happen yet, so I pulled out of her pussy and worked my cock into her ass.  The slow rhythm required for this change caused Kathleen and Mallinda to slow down as well.  As I slowly worked in and out, Mallinda began to work her tongue in and out of Kathleen’s pussy, fucking her with her tongue.  I felt Mallinda pull me free of Kathleen’s ass and again put me into her own mouth.

After a few thrusts, Mallinda returned my dick to Kathleen’s ass as she said, ”Damn.  Even this hot little young slut’s ass tastes good.”

I quickened my pace after that and both women matched me with their oral administrations.  Both of them were ready to cum and so was I, so this time, I did nothing to stop them.  Kathleen got right up to the edge of her orgasm and hung there as if she was waiting for either Mallinda or me to cum with her.  As it turned out, we both screamed out at the same time and Kathleen came as soon as we did.  I let my first load go deep in Kathleen’s ass, but then I pulled out and aimed myself right at Mallinda’s face.  With two more heavy loads, I covered her face with my cum.

Mallinda began to scoop the sticky white cream into her mouth, but Kathleen turned around and began to lick some of it off herself before Mallinda could get it all.

We all laid there in a pile for a while, too wore out to move for several moments.  Mallinda was the first to move.  She got behind Kathleen who was laying across my thigh on her stomach.  She started to rub Kathleen’s clit as she tried to lick what little bit of my spunk was left out of her ass.  Suddenly, Mallinda sat up and placed her other hand on Kathleen’s bum with her index finger rubbing little circles around it.

“Did it hurt the first time?” she asked.

”A lot at first,” Kathleen replied, ”but daddy was gentle and helped me through it.  After a while, it didn’t hurt so bad anymore, and then there wasn’t any pain at all.  Only pleasure.  I wouldn’t say that it feels better, just that it feels different.  The level of pleasure is about the same physically, but because it’s so naughty and forbidden, that makes it better in some ways.  Not that I want daddy to stop fucking my tight little cunt though.”

Mallinda giggled and then looked at me.  Her face got really serious.

”I want to try it,” she said.

”Are you sure?” I asked.

”No,” she answered, ”but let’s do it anyway.”

Kathleen turned over and could see the fear and doubt in her eyes.  ”Don’t worry,” Kathleen told her.  ”I’ll be right here with you.”

The doubt eased from Mallinda’s face, but the fear still remained.  Somehow, I didn’t think there was anything that could remove that.

I asked Mallinda if she had any lube and told her that it helped to use it on the first try.  She went to her dresser and retrieved a bottle from the bottom drawer.  She asked if it would do as she handed me the bottle of KY Jelly with warming action, and I told her that it would do nicely.

Mallinda got on her hands and knees in front of me on the bed, and Kathleen helped her into a position that had her head lying on top of her arms folded in front of her and her back arched so that her ass stuck up in the air.  She explained to Mallinda that this position was the easiest while trying to get used to the feel of me.

Kathleen stayed on the bed, knelt down beside her with one hand resting on Mallinda’s hip and the other stroking her hair to help soothe her.  I got behind Mallinda and applied a liberal amount of lube to my cock and then poured some on her hole.  I pushed my finger just into the opening to make sure that she was well coated with it.  Then I lined myself up with her and began to push my head into her.  Mallinda tensed up right away.  Kathleen talked to her comfortingly and told her how to relax her body and not fight it.  Her body relaxed just a little, but only enough to allow the rest of my head in.  Mallinda reached out and took Kathleen by the hand, looking up into her eyes.  Again, Mallinda’s body relaxed enough for me to push half way in.  This time, Mallinda’s body didn’t tense, but I still couldn’t go any further.  I slowly pulled out and back in, getting a little further this time.  I don’t know if it was because Kathleen was there with us, but Mallinda’s body was adjusting to her first anal penetration faster than any woman I’d ever seen.

A few more thrusts and I was all the way in her.  I started to work in and out, and already, she was starting to feel the pleasure mixed in with the pain.  It wasn’t long before Mallinda began to give in to the pleasure, and so Kathleen left her to come to me for a deep and passionate kiss.  Then she leaned down and just as Mallinda had done, Kathleen pulled me free from Mallinda’s ass so that she could taste it on my cock.  Then she returned me to Mallinda’s hole and I started to fuck her with a steady rhythm.

Mallinda looked up at Kathleen and said, ”Look in my bottom drawer where I got the KY from.”

Kathleen did as she was told and was gone longer than I thought she should be, but then returned wearing a pair of black leather panties with a long, hard, plastic cock protruding out the front.  I pulled out of Mallinda as Kathleen lay on the bed.  Mallinda straddled Kathleen and lowered herself onto the strap on dildo.  I returned to my position behind Mallinda and reinserted myself back into her ass.  After adjusting to both Kathleen and me, Mallinda pushed her body off the bed with her back arched and began thrusting with her hips.  It took a little while for all three of us to get in sync with one another, but we were soon all thrusting in perfect rhythm and Mallinda’s moans turned into hard grunts.

”Oh fuck yes.  That’s it. Right fucking there.  Don’t stop.  Either one of you.  Don’t stop,” Mallinda screamed.

Her already tight virgin ass began to tighten even harder around me.  She began to shout out as her body convulsed.  I let loose six large loads into her ass.  Kathleen was cumming too just because Mallinda and I were.

That would be our last orgasm of the night as we all collapsed and fell asleep.

We all slept through the night, then we all fucked once again in the morning before going down to the kitchen for breakfast.  Kathleen and I stayed for the entire week, even though Mallinda signed the papers that I needed first thing when she got to work the next day.  A few times a year, I travel around the country doing random checks on a few of my stores, bars and clubs, but I always would make sure that Kathleen was free to go with me, and we always took a week to spend with Mallinda.


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