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Who’s Your Daddy? Part 4


The huge electrical storm outside the house flashed and sparkled.

Like a recharged battery, Eric Jay’s heart pounded ever faster and his breathing accelerated at the incredibly delicious prospect of doing the two women on the living room sofa. He gawked at Twila Mae, his mother, and next to her, VeNietta, his daughter, or more precisely, Twila Mae’s and his daughter from the future. That would also make VeNietta his sister and granddaughter, he mused.

Twila Mae stirred him out his vivid daydream. “VeNietta told me her birthdate,” she said, “which is exactly nine months from today. She had no idea ‘when’ she is, but she knows ‘where’ she is, in her house, but as we know, her house before she was conceived and born.”

“Are you sure?” he asked her.

“Of course.”

“Eric Jay…er Dad…and I are nearly the same age now,” VeNietta blurted out.

After that point, she simply watched and listened, mesmerized by the young man who would soon sire her into existence. Both her mind and heart were racing with this cosmic thought, and her tight vagina became even moister, her clit even firmer.

Twila replied to Eric Jay, “I’m as certain as the fact that I want you to fuck me right now.” With that, she shrugged her shoulders. “VeNietta’s very life depends on us doing so.” Her mouth broke a slight grin, perhaps both arousal and incredulity.

“It must be connected with these light storms,” VeNietta assured awkwardly with a softness and vulnerability that was quite endearing.

Indeed, the electrical storms outside seemed to play with their minds, bodies, and souls. Another force swept through them.

Eric Jay’s cock and balls tightened when he comprehended Fate on this odd day. Not that he was complaining, but it was all just so unusual. If there were a God, he prayed at this instant for Him to be a bit more forgiving of the crazy circumstances.

“I promise not to get in the way,” their daughter added. She was about to get up from the sofa, but Twila Mae held her back kindly.

All Eric Jay could do was admire the wonderful image of his attractive middle-aged mother wearing her familiar, but ever sexy, orange summer outfit and the young beauty dressed in Twila Mae’s blue halter and short shorts. It appeared that Twila Mae also had just painted their sexy and tanned daughter’s fingernails and toenails bright orange. That course of action had delighted him.

“No, I want you to share with us the moment of your creation, VeNietta,” Eric Jay managed to muster at this time.

“Yes,” Twila chimed in, becoming more aroused from the storm and the strange circumstances that had visited them that day. Eric Jay will be so much better than my stoic cucumber from this morning! she thought.

“What will I be in the future?” he asked his daughter.

“A great scientist, a physicist,” she answered quickly.

Twila smiled, recalling her brief interrogation of the lovely girl after she awoke from the fainting episode. “Your father is a wonderful gardener, truly has the soul of a botanist or biologist, I would say.”

“Do I get to fuck you in the future?” Eric Jay brushed his mother’s comments aside. He eagerly looked into the girl’s blue eyes that were gems resembling both Twila Mae’s and his.

“No, I don’t think so,” VeNietta. “No.”

“Well, I think Fate wants you to participate in your own sacred conception. You will get to experience something that others can only dream about,” Twila Mae explained as she touched her daughter’s shoulder.

“Mom, get us a chalice or wine glass. I have an idea,” he commanded.

Twila Mae got up and walked to the kitchen cabinet and pulled out a wine glass. She thought that she understood why he wanted her to fetch the chalice. “He fathered himself through me in this very back yard many years ago. It was incredible.” Memories of the doppelgangers in the field from 1992 now flooded her brain. “He planted fertile seed in our garden. He made all this possible.”

“Yes, it all makes total sense now,” Eric Jay said, approaching Twila Mae who was walking back into the living room.

Twila Mae took VeNietta’s hand, instructing her to come with them to the bedroom. “He will father you and my granddaughter this day.”

“Yes,” the girl sighed anxiously. She rose to go with them. “I want to be conceived. I want to join you both in my birth. My God.”

“Yes,” Eric Jay pondered to himself, “I get to play God again.”

Her mother’s eyes flashed incredible desire for both of them, no more delaying. She led them excitedly onto her master bed, practically threw them down onto it.

Before Twila Mae could react fast enough, Eric Jay was already lunging toward her. He pulled her down to the bed next to him, grasping at her orange tank-top and kissing her tanned neck and shoulders. His eager hands slid under the clothing to clutch at her breasts, ultimately pulling off her top.

VeNietta sat there in pleasant shock, aroused but frozen by the sudden animal lust that mother and son had openly expressed for one another.

“Ooo!” the girl cried, almost laughing, as Eric Jay grabbed her as quickly as the lightning bolted outside.

He licked VeNietta’s tanned neck and cheeks, slowly roaming down to her heaving tanned chest. The girl gave in completely to her father. She almost was not aware of her topless mother also joining in the frenzy with a hungry tongue sliding down her tanned neck and shoulders. VeNietta smiled.

Eric Jay pulled off his shorts as the girl helped him take off his shirt. After kissing each other on the lips, VeNietta and Twila Mae both proceeded to devour and taste his strong, muscular chest. As they worshiped his body, he undid his daughter’s navy blue top and short shorts. Then he helped his mother take off her orange shorts as well.

Now the three of them were naked and writhing all over each other on the bed. He licked their pussies as well. He was able to taste the tangy nectar of both their vaginas, smelling their sweet musk, wishing somehow that he could crawl up and stay inside their wombs forever.

Eric Jay sat up on his knees. Twila Mae’s tongue worked down his chest and abdomen. She moved down lower to manipulate his throbbing penis with her hands, wet lips, and warm tongue.

VeNietta, who had just kicked off her shorts from her ankles, leaned back a little as Eric Jay sucked her ample nipples and flat tummy. One hand held his mother’s bobbing head over his cock as his other hand felt his daughter’s tight young ass. He caught brief sight of his mother inhaling his purple mushroom head of a cock time and again.

It proved almost too overwhelming, this mad rush of incestuous love turned to lust.

“I don’t want to cum yet, for her sake,” Eric Jay said as he caught his breath. He began feeling his daughter’s thin moist lips part and envelop his penis head and shaft. He started to floss VeNietta’s tonsils and throat with his pulsing cock, too. Her hands held his hips firmly as this happened, then also grasped his ripening balls, which to her delight felt like large hard-boiled eggs. She smiled at that notion.

Meanwhile, Twila Mae also decided to tea-bag his heavy scrotum, pinching her nimble fingers around the base of his thickening shaft. Both women adjusted themselves, squatting to behold his full male glory. His mother sucked his ball sack, while squeezing his penis, now making his manhood even harder in VeNietta’s hungry, salivating mouth.

“Mmmmm,” his daughter hummed with joy, the subtle vibrations of her mouth and throat stimulating him even further. Her eyes stared up at him. Twila Mae added to the pleasure by licking his balls more rapidly.

Almost by instinct, Eric Jay lay down and let both ladies perform oral sex on him. They traded him off every several seconds, their eager eyes watching his face and each other. His hands ran through their soft hair, one a red head and the other a strawberry blonde, as their heads moved up and down over his aroused snake as if they were pistons. But they did not let him shoot his load; they let him smolder like a volcano.

Finally, he had enough teasing and sat up. Both ladies eyed him with heaving chests. He placed them both in doggie-style positions.

“I’ve got to do the MILF first,” Eric Jay crowed, about to fulfill his ultimately fantasy of fucking his older mother. He mounted her from behind, sliding the veined shaft up her slick cunt. “Yes…!” he smiled as he leaned over to kiss VeNietta’s ass stuck up in the air, still waiting for him. Twila Mae’s pussy felt as good as it had nearly a generation ago! he thought. And what wonders would VeNietta’s sweet, dark love cave have in store for him in just a few moments? he mused.

Eric Jay savored the sexual union with his mother Twila Mae, his hands and mouth roaming over her tanned, toned body as he fucked her from behind, faster and faster. More often than not, he liked feeling around her waist and cupping her creamy breasts, tweaking her brownish nipples as he pumped into her like a wild beast. He could smell perfume in her thick, bronze hair. The wet slapping of their animalistic sex excited them even further.

VeNietta moved closer to witness the dawn of her creation. Her young, soft hands played on the smooth skin of Twila Mae’s ass and arching back. The girl could feel the quick vibrations in Twila Mae’s body from the frenzied coitus taking place just inches away from her face.

Eric Jay pulled out and slipped his lubricated snake into VeNietta’s willing mouth.

“Fuck…taste her on my cock!” He grinned, pulling out of the girl’s mouth and reinserting it up Twila Mae’s wet pink hole.

The mother groaned in short bursts of incomprehensible sounds, broken only by her gushes of breath.

Eric Jay’s cock slipped out again and went straight back into VeNietta’s waiting mouth. She almost choked on it. The girl could taste her mother’s lubricants on her father-brother’s penis very clearly now, a tangy tonic of love and pleasure. He then resumed screwing Twila Mae like a bitch in heat. The bed rattled loudly to his intensifying thrusts, her breasts flapping as he held her wide hips. Twila Mae’s red-painted toes curled.

Taking a breath, Eric Jay pulled out of his mother and got VeNietta back into the doggie position. After licking the sweet crack of her ass, smelling her musk, he eased his massive shaft into his daughter. Their mother looked on approvingly.

“Just save the precious seed for me, for my garden,” Twila Mae exhaled, nibbling on Eric Jay’s earlobe.

The possibility that Eric Jay could bust his nut up VeNietta’s young vagina at this point was thrilling to them all. Even VeNietta was about ready to orgasm at the thought of taking Eric Jay’s semen, thereby jeopardizing her conception and her very life. Unless he could cum inside Twila Mae again rather soon. The looming power of life and death intoxicated them all.

Eric Jay slammed into the girl up from behind with zest. He enjoyed her taut, young body, which was as tanned and smooth as her beautiful mother’s, but relishing her blondish hair for a change of pace. It was like making love to part of himself, as he had done in 1992 with Twila Mae. His future daughter’s vagina was a bit tighter than Mom’s, which made the chance of him blowing his load sooner more likely. He slowed down the pace a little, taking a deep breath and smiling. He loved to kiss her neck and shoulders, feeling how his thrusts jolted her belly and breasts. She wore Mom’s perfume as well, he noticed.

Then as he held her hips, he told VeNietta, “It’s so good to get to know you. I love you, love you so fucking much.” The drilling intensified, and she came wetly for him, body shuddering, all for her father-brother.

Twila Mae massaged VeNietta’s arched back, eyeing Eric Jay jealously. “You are the fruit of my womb.”

“I am…will be… was a virgin,” VeNietta groaned, confessing to her father-brother. She was practically beside herself in pleasure and disbelief. “I … I saved myself for the right man. You! Ohhhhh, God! Oh!” She came for him once more, a stronger shudder up her spine. Her soft white feet curled at the growing waves of pleasure, his fingers feeling the soles of her feet as well as her precious toes. Their sweat mixed.

Eric Jay almost unloaded when VeNietta told him that, and he pulled out quickly. Her face sank into the pillow.

Driven half-mad by orgasm, Twila Mae quickly went down to taste their daughter on his mighty cock. VeNietta tasted salty-sweet, just the right combination, Twila Mae smiled.

Eric Jay let both of them give him sloppy head for a few moments more, then lay his mother down on her back. He handed Twila Mae the empty wine glass or chalice to place on her belly. “I’m going to cum in the glass for you. When I’m done, Nietty’s going to pour my seed into her mouth.”

VeNietta looked concerned. “But what of my…?”

Twila Mae, who understood what he intended to do, was also about to interrupt her, but he finished his command to his women. He said, “Nietty will spit half the glass into your pussy, and then the other half into your mouth. Then you’ll spit my hot jizz up Nietty’s sweet little pussy as well. Got it?”

Both females now smiled, full of understanding and relief. Double insemination in the most intimate way possible for two women and a guy. Everybody gets to share and participate in the act!

With that, Eric Jay got on top of Twila Mae and began to plow the true MILF of MILFs. He raised her tanned legs and pinned her knees to either side of her head for maximum penetration. Her soft feet dangled in the air on either side. He was in total control of her now, while his daughter looked on to admire his agility and the depths of the endless thrusts into their mother. The penis was massive, the iron-like head disappearing repeatedly in quick bursts between the slick pinkish-red folds.

The queen-sized master bed bounced with them in unison, the bed springs making rapid, rhythmic crunching sounds as if Eric Jay now were fucking so deeply that he was drilling the bed itself. He played Twila Mae and the bed like a concert pianist or agile timpanist.

VeNietta kissed her mother’s smooth feet and then her father’s ravenous mouth. He darted his tongue into her mouth. A few moments later, she was even able to work her way behind her past father’s thrusting, sweaty buttocks to lick his bulging testicles now coated with her soon-to-be mother’s secretions.

The pace of thrusting was indeed unrelenting, and Mother held onto Son for dear life at this moment of truth, this instant of creation. The bed shook like a massive earthquake that would never cease, as he nailed and crucified himself to her.

For a moment, Twila Mae feared that the hood of his angry, hot penis would shatter her uterus, splitting her apart like an ax on wood. There was hardly anything standing between his bulging mushroom and her uterus–or the back of her throat or her brain, for that matter. He would fuck her brains out, she cried. He battered her weary cervix, but she was helpless in this supine position. At least the pleasure of her clit and vaginal opening swallowed up most of her growing cervical discomfort.

Eric Jay gazed into his mother’s twisted face under him, calling out her name into the void. Sweet perspiration dripped from his yearning face onto her bouncing bosom. Her warm, powerful and primordial scent encircled him, flooding his keenest senses. Nearly the whole bed chamber smelled of intimate intercourse. He himself was about to faint from the strenuous workout and rising swell of deepening pleasure. His heavy testes were pulling up and tingling through his rectum and prostate.

As another lightning flash occurred outside the house, Eric Jay suddenly imagined that his bone marrow would melt into his mother’s molten womb, that he would in fact get the opportunity this miraculous day to crawl back up into her womb and no longer suffer the many vicissitudes of the world’s pains and bruises. Like Moses’ staff, his cock would part Mother’s pink sea and let his people go to the promised land. Just as he did so many years ago in his young mother…yes. He desired to find himself with every one of his cock’s strokes up her welcoming pussy. Slap, slap, slap! was the sound as he moved up against her taut body. Static electricity seemingly touched her pubic hair on the pelvic mound, which to Eric Jay now felt like soft Velcro as he pounded her wet, tightening cunt into soaring infinity.

Ready to touch the face of what could only be God, or perhaps only Himself, Eric Jay knew that he had to spill his life-force into the pleasure-drunk woman, his mother, under him. His daughter’s life depended on him now just as he had relied desperately on himself to sire him back in time.

After a last assault of deep cock strokes, Eric Jay just barely managed to withdraw his well-lubricated penis from her hungry vagina, with both of them moaning as he did so. Her legs plopped down onto the bed, and she reached quickly for the chalice. Without a second to spare, he ejaculated his steaming load of liquid Christs into the chalice held firmly now on her sacred belly. A nervous VeNietta helped steady the holy cup, her eyes glowing with secret knowledge at what was indeed happening.

“Don’t spill, girl!” VeNietta told herself, despite the fact that Twila Mae’s tanned abdomen convulsed with heavy breathing.

His thick wad rose up inside the chalice; it was soon nearly half full of the sperm cocktail. The cup warmed up from the living fluid being contained. Both women now helped milk the purple snake for whatever it was worth. His robust cum smelled mildly tangy, too, and they smiled at each other. Perhaps the best part was soon approaching, both ladies thought at this moment. The high point of this sexual mass of lust and love.

Eyes closed, Eric Jay raised his head into the air, draining out all the remaining semen and pleasure he could from this moment. Immense relief soon settled over his frame.

The chalice held his magical love intended for his mother, which shortly his daughter would incidentally taste for herself while helping complete the sexual act.

Twila Mae started to rub her clit raw as she sat back.

VeNietta adored her soon-to-be father-brother more than ever.

Eric Jay lay back to watch dumbstruck as his kinky daughter VeNietta partook of his cup of life. She poured the entire warm glass down her gaping mouth, but she did not swallow. Good girl, he thought. Her cheeks bulged somewhat, lips thinly shut, her eyes slitted.

“Don’t swallow a drop,” Twila Mae called out, sounding half-desperate and half-relieved. She ran her hand through her soon-to-be-daughter’s red-golden hair.

The thick load of semen emitted a rich, salty flavor. Millions of tadpoles now swam aimlessly in circles inside VeNietta’s warm mouth. Precariously safe for the moment, the mass of liquid love waited to pursue their destiny, their next home.

But the daughter almost gagged on the load of semen, in the process nearly throwing up or swallowing her ultimate fate.

Eric Jay panicked at the sight, but was soon relieved when VeNietta collected herself and, with a smirk, crawled up between their mother’s wet crotch, leaned her back, parted the pinkish-brown vulva with her lips and index fingers, and spat much of the white, creamy semen into the vagina. She raised her face to stare into her mother’s.

“There you go, Nietty,” he exhaled. “Take it all in, Mom.”

“Oooo!” Twila Mae sounded off almost instantly, her legs up in the air and spread-eagled. Her sexy feet were curling, with those lovely red-painted toenails. She could sense the swelling of warm fluid inside her. “Yes, the fruit of my womb! Oh my, yes! Oh, baby girl…”

Playing with her pussy, body trembling, a proud VeNietta turned around and then spat the rest of the thick load into Twila Mae’s eager mouth. An intent Eric Jay looked on, never wanting to forget this moment.

Twila Mae, still aglow with orgasm, waited for several more moments, raising her legs and hips to allow the semen flow to work its way deep into the cervix and up into her welcoming uterus.

VeNietta meanwhile positioned herself on her back, ready to be orally inseminated by her mother with her father’s fresh seed. She rubbed her clit as well as her pubic hair, which was darker than her mother’s. With a flushed face, she smiled when Twila Mae rolled over and finally spat the remainder of his life force into her sweet vagina, trailing deep down inside the warm, wet darkness that was her famished womb. Twila Mae rolled back.

Both ladies, though feeling quite spent, then lay on their backs, legs raised in front of him. For ten minutes, at Twila Mae’s insistence, they both toyed with their clits until they each orgasmed again, their tingling vaginas rumbling in waves, forcing more semen back up into their uteruses.

Everyone could now breath a little easier.

Eric Jay closed his eyes again, a half-smile of sheer relief appearing. Cooling sweat still ran down his red cheeks. He had done good this day and was ready for a well-deserved nap. If Fate permitted, he promised himself, he would bang them both hard again soon after resting up a little. He wanted to fuck his daughter missionary style and watch her face up close as he filled her up again. He wanted to hold both women close to him.

He wearily slipped down between his lovers, and slept with them both cuddled up beside him. They could smell each other’s sex as they dreamed strange things that odd afternoon in 2011.

Glowing orbs and wormholes continued to bend and warp the event horizon outside…

Unbeknownst to the weary threesome, other visitors from the vortex had arrived a short time ago. They had watched the last moments of the sexual activity most intently.



(Image Source: Forbidden Fruits Films)

I am a freelance writer who also likes to dabble in composing and publishing erotica and fantasy. I hope it is as liberating to my readers as it is for me. May my sexual voice and vision move the very depths of your bodies, minds and souls!

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