Multiple Choice

With some trepidation I told my partner of a fantasy. I told her that whenever she sucks me off, I see how much she enjoys it, and I wish I could experience that pleasure. Well, of course, I have experienced plenty of pleasure from my side of things, but when she sucks me off, I just wish that one day I could do the sucking.

I don’t think I’m gay. Not much anyway.  I have had dreams of sex with men, in my sleep dreams that is, but I could count those times on one hand. And I could honestly say that in my life I have been genuinely attracted to no more than two men, and then with no seriousness. And I do love women. Their company, the look of them, the feel, the taste.

To my surprise, my partner was turned on big time, and promised to see what she could do. Promises, promises, I thought. But she did what she could do right there and then, and first took my cock in her mouth for a long, slow, session that had me quivering, and then she rode me until I could take no more, and we both collapsed in the exhaustion of release.

One day it happened. She brought a man home, ostensibly because we shared interests. Which it turned out we did. After a good dinner, delicious wine and engaging conversation, my partner sat beside me, and surreptitiously stroked my crotch. Surreptitiously at first, anyway. Her eyes were first fixed on our new friend, then on me, as she stroked my bulge, now quite openly. I was pretty uncomfortable, and kept trying to push her hand away, but instead of leaving off this exciting, but really very embarrassing thing, she slowly unzipped my trousers, and slid her hand inside, gripping my now (unwillingly) very hard cock with her hand, and stroking it gently.

She then beckoned to our friend to come over, and as he stood between her feet, she reached out with one hand and deftly unzipped him and drew a hard cock from his pants and stroked it long and firm. She was breathing heavily. So was I. Plus I was squirming, and as if to calm me down, she reached between cushions and drew forth a silk scarf, which she now wrapped about my eyes without a word. After a minute or two of the blindfold, I felt oddly free, and did not resist when my partner took one of my hands and placed it on our new friend’s cock.  I gripped the strangely familiar thing, feeling the faint ribbing, the softness of the skin, the slight curve leading up to a sensitive head.  I knew what to do with this thing, though the angles were strange, and everything was a bit weird if I thought of it as being attached to a MAN. So I went with the blindfold, and played with a cock. Just a cock. I stroked it, and drew the foreskin back, pulling right down on the shaft so that the head grew bigger. My partner then pushed my head forward, gently moving my face toward this object of fascination (and just a little horror). All the while she stroked my own rigid bar with one hand, whilst her other hand pressed on the nape of my neck, pushing my head down, and down.

My body stiffened as my lips touched the bulging head.  Clumsily, I tentatively poked my tongue out, licking the underside; I knew that place, just below the tip. I knew what that felt like. I licked long licks, from the base where I felt hair, right along the length, and soon I heard a little intake of breath as I reached that spot below the head. I tasted semen as it leaked out a little, and now my partner pushed my head forward so that I had to take the whole head of this cock in my mouth. I closed my lips, and rolled my tongue over the swollen head. I felt a pull-back. Softer next time, and soon there was a steady groan of pleasure coming to my ears. I tried taking more cock in my mouth, in long sweeping strokes. I reached for a handful of balls, and pulled gently downwards. My partner slipped first one, then two lubricated fingers up my arse, massaging deeply. It was my turn to groan, albeit in a muffled way.

This continued for a long time, gradually increasing in intensity, until there was a loud groan, a pause, and a gush of spicy semen hit the back of my mouth.

But maybe that is not quite what happened? Maybe instead of climaxing in my mouth, this new friend drew out, and my partner handed me the tube of lubricant, which I squirted into my palms, and massaged all over this hard, expectant cock. Our friend then turned me around, and ever so gently slid his rod into my arse, little bit by little bit, until I felt completely full. Until I felt I might burst. Painful and exquisite at the same time. And then I started to move, and the delight of that cock against my prostate was unbelievable. The feeling of opening up to receive this rod was wonderful, and I opened wide and pressed back. Harder and faster I took that cock into me. All the while my partner kissed my mouth, and kept one of my hands on her breasts, the other plunging deep into her cunt, and then sweeping out across her swollen clit. I felt an orgasm grow from my prostate, and soon I felt hot semen squirting deep inside me.

But maybe that is not quite what happened? Maybe, overcome by lust, this woman I love inserted herself between us two men, and grappled first my cock into her cunt from behind, and then, from the front, our friend entered her, nestling his cock in beside mine, in the wetness. We moved slowly, my partner fully stretched with cock, and each of us men aware of our penises as they rubbed together. We found a rhythm. He drew slowly out, whilst I pushed slowly in, then, when just the tip of his cock remained inside, he began to push slowly in, and I drew out, ever so slowly. It took great care and concentration to keep the movement slow and steady, but we held it together and we could feel the energy rising in my partner. I kissed the nape of her neck, nibbled gently with my teeth. I reached around her body and cupped her breasts, massaged her hard nipples. Our friend took a nipple into his mouth. My partner felt my cock sliding into her, and our friend’s sliding out, and the sensation from her breasts flooded into her pelvis, and she increased the rhythm, swinging her pelvis back onto my cock, and then thrusting forward onto our friend’s. It did not take long then. When we were all finished, and the semen of two men dribbled from her cunt, she gently sucked the last juice from each of us in turn, and then lay down between us to sleep.

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