My Freshman Roommate

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After six weeks of my freshman year of college, I began to feel that I was getting the hang of things. I was 18 and feeling very grown up. Some of my courses were pretty tough, but I thought I’d be able to handle them without too much trouble. I had joined the crew team so I had an instant social life. The parties were all pretty good too, so I was really enjoying myself. I even liked my roommate Tommy, even though we couldn’t be more different. Even though he was 18 as well, he was a little guy, maybe 5’8″ and weighing no more than 130 pounds. He had long, blonde hair that he often wore in a pony tail and he was an artsy type. He intended to major in architecture and unlike my focus on science and math, he was studying art, music and literature.
Still, he was easy to live with, kept the room fairly straight, and we seemed to be quite compatible. A couple of things we had in common turned out to be very significant. He shared my fondness for marijuana, and even better, had a supplier, so we got stoned together a couple of nights a week. I also concluded after our first few nights sharing the same room that he jerked off every night, just like I did. We both tried to be very quiet and discreet but the occasional sound gave him away, as I’m sure it gave me away.
I noticed that Tommy spent a lot of the time we were together in the room wearing only a little pair of athletic shorts or even naked. I also noticed that I spent more and more time stealing glances at him. I had to admit to myself that his lean, almost hairless body and firm, jutting round ass aroused sexual stirrings in me. Although I considered myself completely heterosexual, this was not the first time I got sexual thoughts while looking at a naked boy, so it didn’t disturb me at all. In fact, I allowed some fantasies about having sex with Tommy to enter my mind when I masturbated.
My fantasies intersected with the world of reality in a way I never could have imagined. One Friday night, after spending time drinking beer with a few of my crew buddies, I unlocked the door to our dorm room and walked in on Tommy lying naked in the arms of another naked guy. The smell of grass was strong and I figured they were pretty stoned. I backed out of the room quickly and walked around the campus in the dark, giving them time to finish whatever they had been up to.
After a long half hour, I returned, knocking cautiously this time, and pushed the door open when I heard Tommy tell me to come in.
“Sorry about surprising you”, I offered.
“No, I’m the one who should be apologizing.”
I noticed another smell in the room, almost masked by the smell of grass – the distinct, musky smell of fucking.
“I guess you already suspected that I’m gay”, Tommy added.
“No, actually that never occurred to me”, I said.
He proceeded to give me a short version of his sexual history, starting with his seduction by an older neighbor. He had already gotten to know some upper class guys in the steam room at the gym, including the guy I walked in on. He concluded by expressing the hope that this wouldn’t get in the way of our being friends and roommates.
“I even had this crazy idea that maybe you’d be interested in sex with me”, he murmured. “I’ve noticed you looking at my ass and cock, and I tried my best to give you plenty to look at”
“You have a sexy body”, I admitted, “but I’m not sure about actually having sex with another guy.”
This seemed to embolden him. He got up from under the covers, still naked and walked up to me. The smell of fucking was strong now.
“Why don’t you get undressed, and I bet I can get you aroused in seconds.”
I was speechless, but I still had enough alcohol in my system that I felt little inhibition and quickly disrobed. Tommy now approached more closely. Suddenly he reached out and took my limp cock in his hand. I gasped, but made no effort to pull away. To my amazement, my cock started becoming engorged almost immediately. Tommy then grabbed his own cock with the same hand and the two penises swelled together as he gently stroked them.
“Feels hot, doesn’t it”, he whispered.
His eyes were blazing. I could only nod. He reached or one of my nipples with his other hand and tweaked it. The sensation shot straight to my crotch and I moaned loudly.
“Ah, sensitive nipples, too! Perfect! I think you’re going to be a great fuck!”
Now he pressed hard against me so that our cocks were tightly squeezed between our abdomens. He used both hands to work on my nipples and I started going crazy with sensation and sexual desire. His lips brushed lightly against my neck, and when I responded to that sensation, he started planting little sucking kisses there and on my cheek. Finally, he worked his way to my lips and the light touch of his soft licks and the moist flicks of his tongue caused me to kiss back. I reached behind his head, feeling his long, silky, feminine hair and pressed my mouth hard against his and thrust my tongue into his mouth, feeling his tongue responding.
I was now in a state of total sexual excitement that I hadn’t reached in my fumbling sexual encounters with girls. My penis was rock hard and demanding to be used. He sensed that the moment was right and led me to his bed and had me lie on it on my back. He climbed between my legs on his knees, leaned forward and took my throbbing cock into his mouth. His hands moved back to my nipples as he began bobbing his head on my cock. After I had writhed in pleasure from this new sensation, he stopped and slid higher on my body until he straddled me, my cock pressed under him. He lifted up, took my cock in his hand, and began lowering himself on it. I could feel the head pressing against the resistance of his sphincter, but almost immediately it yielded and I felt my cock sliding into his anus and rectum. I realized later that he was still stretched from his recent fucking and lubricated with his last partner’s semen.
Suddenly my cock was buried to my balls in Tommy’s ass and the thought was as exciting as the sensation: “I’m fucking another guy’s ass!”
Tommy started rocking on my cock, moaning softly to himself at the pleasure of my cock’s sliding in the tight grip of his asshole. The sensation of his warm, tight rectum around my throbbing penis was incredible. I was also enjoying being able to stare openly at Tommy’s beautiful hairless body, lean and cut as it was. I caressed his sexy arms, chest and belly and pulled on his erect nipples.
He fucked me slowly and gently for some time, using his hands to explore my chest and abdomen. Then he changed the tempo by getting his feet under him and squatting over me. He began increasing the pace of our fucking and started driving himself up and down more forcefully. I was excited to see his cock, which had been half erect before, come to a full, beautiful erection. As Tommy pounded me, I played with his erect penis and big balls.
He stopped soon to regain his breath from the effort.
“I don’t want you to come too soon. I want you to remember this fuck for the rest of your life.”
I already had no doubts that I would.
“Would you like to know what it feels like to suck cock?” he asked.
I nodded wordlessly and he lifted off my penis and slid up my body until his knees were on either side of my head. He reached behind me and lifted my head until my lips touched the tip of his penis. I tentatively extended my tongue and licked the head and slowly parted my lips until his cock began slipping into my mouth. I was surprised at how much having a cock in my mouth excited me. Soon I was taking much of the length of Tommy’s penis into my mouth, almost into my throat. This didn’t last long because Tommy was more interested in having me get back to fucking him. He told me later having me suck him was just part of my initiation.
We traded places, Tommy lying on his back and drawing his knees to his chest, exposing his anus. I got on my knees between his legs, took my dick in my hand and guided it into his ass. When I had buried my cock completely, we were lying in the missionary position and Tommy hooked his legs around my back, pressing me into him. I started thrusting as we kissed passionately. Then he resumed caressing my nipples to which I responded by thrusting harder and more rapidly. Every time it seemed I was on the verge of orgasm, Tommy reached down and grabbed my ass to stop my thrusting. We would lay kissing and panting until I could resume fucking without exploding. After a while, Tommy told me to pull his legs up over me shoulders. He was jackknifed in this position and I could penetrate much more deeply into his rectum.
He went back to my nipples and this time he let me fuck him hard and fast until I screamed at the sensation of the semen bursting from deep inside me into his bowels. I collapsed on him, buried to the hilt in his tight ass. I could feel him squeezing my dick with his sphincter and moaned with pleasure as more semen was squeezed out of me. Finally we rolled onto our sides, Tommy’s legs now wrapped around me. As we recovered, he began talking about how great the rest of freshman year would be with us being able to fuck whenever we wanted.
“Maybe you’ll want to try getting fucked”, he suggested.
“I want to try everything,” I said, and so we did.

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