Night At The Hotel

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Before to long, I am engaging in an electrifying conversation. Damian dragged me into this nearby restaurant to have a bite to eat, while we discuss our further plans. He grabbed my hand from across the table and asks me if I am sure I want to go through with this. All I could do at that moment, was stare blankly at this hand that rest upon mine.

Just earlier this week, I had met Damian on-line in a bondage chat room. We talked about how we both enjoyed being chained up and submissive. Before I knew it, It was Friday afternoon, the time had gone by so quickly. Now here I sit, chatting in person with this man I was about to make my bitch.

About a half an hour of learning a bit more about one another and discussing our plans, we finally head to our hotel room, that had already been reserved two days ago. He opens the car door for me and leads me to the front desk. The lady asked how our day was going and continued on with, “Awwww, how cute, it’s so nice to see a young married couple get away for a little R&R for awhile.” All I could do was giggle. The lady gave me a semi dirty look, but continued to process our paperwork and handed us our key. “Here ya go, Rom 314, up the elevator and to the right. Have a wonderful night and be sure to let us know if you need anything.” Damian flashed her a smile, “Thank you ma’am, but I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

He lead me to our room, took a huge breath, and opened the door. “I want to take a shower quick and freshen up a bit, if you don’t mind that is.” I smiled at him, “I’ll join you!” I hopped off the bed and walked excitedly to the bathroom, removing my clothes along the way. He kind of giggled at me, tapping my ass as I walk by. By the time he reached the bathroom, I was already fully undressed and starting the shower. He stand there still fully dressed, gazing at my silk like body. “Well are ya gonna take a shower with your clothes on, or are ya gonna strip and hop in this nice hot shower with me?” He giggled again and started unbuttoning his shirt, losing his black faded jeans and taking off his boxers. He climbs into the shower with me and again, gazes at my body, making me feel so very wanted.

I grab the bar of soap and lather it up under the water, but before I can begin to wash my body, Damian is grabbing it out of my hands. He begins to rub my body down, in the most sensual way, as if to learn my curves for future references. His hands so coarse, as if he worked his entire life, leaving my voluptuous breasts and down to my navel. It wasn’t long before our lips had met for a very conventional kiss. He drop the soap and his coarse hands now roam my back, neck and my luscious bubble butt.

I climb out of the shower, wrap a towel around my body and begin to brush my teeth. Damian does the same, but then decides to go to the store. He gets dressed and as he walks out the door, he asks if I would like something. “No thanks hon, I’ve got everything I need with me.” He started out the door, but before he can completely shut the door, I call out to him, “Hey! I sure hope you’re ready for one hell of a night when you get back!” He replies back with, “I was born ready sweetheart!” He shuts the door and disappears out of sight.

While he’s gone, I unpack all of my toys. First pulling out my black leather dominatrix thongs and overcoat that shows just my navel and a bit of clevage. Then next, my ball gag, anal probe, cat-o-nine tails, chains, restraints, strap on and so much more. I lay them across the dresser and put on my mask. I am no longer that woman that walked into the hotel room. I am no longer Rylee Nicole DeJong Nope, I am now Mistress Mortisha, ready for action!

I lay down the black latex sheets and cover it with a full bottle of lubricant oil. I stare into the mirror, admiring myself for a moment, and walk into the bathroom. Just as I shut the door, I hear bags dropping outside the bathroom, and a loud gasp for air. At this moment, I look again in the mirror and simply say, “Let the games begin!”

Damian walked over to the dresser, where I had laid out most of the toys. He took one glance and his mouth dropped to the floor. I snuck up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder, he quickly turned around. I slapped him furiously across the face. “What the fuck was that for Rylee?” I slap him again harder, “Don’t fucking talk you moronic imbecile! From now on, I am to be known as Mistress Mortisha! If you don’t like it, then I will have to make you like it.” Damian gasped with a surprised look upon his face. “You shall abide by my orders and my orders only. These are the rules, you don’t abide them, and I will have to strike you horribly!”

Damian lay there speechless as though wondering what he had gotten himself into. Quivering out of fear yet excitement at the same time, he climbed to me as I ordered. “Now, strip yourself completely naked and throw these on when you’re done.” I throw over to him a slinky black pair of thongs. Damian put them on as he was told to do.

After he undressed himself, Damian look at me as if to get his next order. “What would you like me to do next Mistress Mortisha?” I answer him in a low sensual tone, “I want you to lay on the bed, on your belly, and hold your hands to the bed post. Don’t move, or I will have to whip you.” Damian hesitated for a moment, but as I glanced at him with a questioning stare, he moved quickly to do as he was told. I pulled out the cat-O-nine tails, the handcuffs, shackles, blind fold, anal probe, and ball gag. “You move one inch and you will be disciplined.” I attach one handcuff to one hand and another to the other hand, then I handcuffed him to the bed post. I then shackled his feet to the bedpost next. “Ouch you bitch, that fucking hurts!” I glare at him with an evil eye, “I told you to not disobey your Mistress, you will now receive lashings!” I grabbed the cat-O-nine and lashed him severely, leaving marks across his back. “Never disobey your Mistress again, or your punishment will be greater!” I then gagged him with the ball gag and reached over beside him on the bed to retrieve the anal probe. I moved aside his thong and shoved the anal probe far in his ass, making him scream like the bitch he was.

I ran my fingers lightly down his naked body as to tease him. I could see the tension building between his legs as I caressed his body with the tips of my fingers. “Do you like being teased oh dear slave of mine?” At this time he was beginning to get into it a little bit and accepting the anal probe more and more. I ran my long nails down his back and replied to him with, “Don’t get used to it you pitiful excuse for a man!” He slammed his belly to the bed with irritation. “Yes Mistress.” He said in fear he may get yet another lashing.

I took my feather out and tickled his skin with the tip. He began to arouse yet again, whimpering like a puppy lost without it’s mother. I began to rotate the anal probe deep inside his ass, he moans and tenses just a little. I then unshackled the weak slave and said to him in a very tantalizing voice, “I am going to make you a man, a real man, so lay on your back and take every bit I give to you, is that understood you fuck?” He shook his head yes with a tiny whimper. I unstrapped the beast and set him free. “Get on your back and do as I say.” He turned to his back awaiting his next orders.

I pulled out my oils and the collar. Wrapping the collar around his neck, he looked puzzled. I then attach the leash made of chains to his collar. I whispered in his ear, “I have a surprise for you my darling slave, but you have to wait, you have to be a good slave, and wait.” Again he looked puzzled. I straddle his paralyzed body, rubbing the oils all over him. He begins to thicken below again. I watch his growing member in pleasure as I bite and chew on his nipples. To his surprise, I pull out the nipple clamps and attached them to his perky nips. He jumped for a brief moment and then sighed in pleasure. As his dick began to grow harder, I then wrap a co
ck ring around him tightly. “You want this pussy don’t you
slave? You want it so bad.” I remove the ball gag from his mouth, “Yes Mistress, more then you can imagine!” “Oh, I can imagine you fuck, I can see it in your face.”

I then began to grind fiercely on his hard dick, still with my black latex thongs attached to my body. He moaned out loud. “Did I tell you you could enjoy this? I don’t think I told you you could enjoy this. What the fuck do you think you’re doing you evil bastard?” He replied with, “I’m the evil bastard? Look what you’re doing to me you devious BITCH!” I couldn’t help but laugh at the pitiful little man, “Ha ha ha ha, you know you’re going to have to pay for that right?” He whined, “NO, Please, Don’t!” I began to lash his stomach with the cat-O-nine. “You will learn eventually you fucker, you will learn not to disobey your Mistress!” “I’m sorry Mistress Mortisha, I won’t do it again, I swear!” An evil smile came across my face as I stopped whipping him.

“You must now pleasure your Mistress. Get on your knees and eat this pussy like it was your last supper bitch, and do it right!” He did as he was told to do, got on his knees, and began to suck the shit out of my throbbing clit. “Faster slave, faster, yes, yes, YES! RIGHT THERE! DON’T STOP!” Damian got faster with the bellowing of my pleasure. Grinding his beard into my pussy, doing the ABC’s with his tongue and flickering my clit so fucking passionately!

“That’s a good little slave. You’ve done well. Do you want your present now?” He looked at me with anticipation and answered, “Yes Mistress, please allow me to have my gift.” “Get on the bed and I will remove your blind fold. But, you do realize I have to shackle you again, for I don’t want you to get jumpy.” Again, he was puzzled, but he did as he was told. He laid on the bed, and got into his position like a good little slave. I shackled him back up, removed his blind fold, and gagged him with the ball gag. I then walked to the door, opened it up, and in came his surprise. His eyes got as big as dollar coins, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. You could make out what he was saying through his gag, “Bree?!?!?” I giggled my devious giggle, “that’s right Damian, it’s Bree, your beloved wife. Oh what shall I do now?” I walked over to Bree and pulled her hair to tilt her head backwards. “I’ve been waiting a long time to do this.” I then placed the most intense kiss upon my slaves wife. She too kissed back. When she undressed, Damian could only stare. Bree, his innocent wife, was my slave as well, but was now my Mistress in training.

Bree walked over to Damian, bent over as to kiss him, and slapped him across the face. I giggled out of pure delight. Damian glared at Bree as though suprised that she could be so angry and agresive. His sweet, loving, pure, innocent wife, now sitting before him, with such a hateful passion. “Why are you women doing this to me?” Damian demanded. “Shut the fuck up you lazy fuck!” You wouldn’t know a good thing if it was staring you in the face!” Bree continued on with hate in her eyes and evil in her voice. “You don’t think I knew what you were up to this past week?” He looked at her with a questioning stare. “But … How?” Bree laughed hysterically. “I set you up. I’ve known our Mistress Mortisha here for about a year now. “Damian gasped. How could his wife do this to him? “I too was once in you’re spot. I’ve been her slave for the past ten months. But not any more, I am no longer a slave to anyone!” With the most hatred look, her eyes squinted, “not even yours!”

I laughed so hard I couldn’t breath. This woman has done everything for this man, and where does he end up? Someones bitch, that’s where.

Bree had been coming to me for help for awhile now. She wanted me to teach her how to be noticed and how to take charge in the bedroom. So i did, and here is where she will show me what she has learned, her test to become a Mistress.

By now, Damian had lost hope of going home any time soon and of being this to be a dram, or a nightmare for that matter. “Unshackle him Mistress Mortisha, let me take a full look at my helpless animal I call my husband.” I did just that. I released his bleeding legs from the shackles and pulled him to his feet. “Bow to your Mistress and beg for forgiveness you magot!” damian looked confused for a moment andasked, “Which one?” Bree kicked the back of his knees and watched him fall to the floor. “Are you being smart little man?” Bree questioned her slave. “No Mistress, not at all, just confused is all.” Damian, kneeling on the floor, shivering like he’d lost his way home. “‘Is all’ he says, ‘is all’ that was funny. I will show you all, you pathetic excuse for a man! Grab my ass and suck this clit bitch!”

Damian held onto Brees ass tight and squezzed tighter. Bree whimpered as her husband/slave flicked his tongue around her clit, making her lips swell. “Mistress Mortisha, come suck my nips!” Bree beconed to her. I went over to the desk where my slave and Mistress in training sit, then began to suckle her voluptuous bossom. Tracing my tongue around her lumps so aggressively, watching her head tilt back in pleasure. “Let me taste my pussy from your lips slave.” Damian crawled slowly to her pleasent lips and reached for a kiss. Bree sucked her jucies from Damians tongue and pushed him forcefully on his back. “Mistress Mortisha, would you mind shackling our horrible slave here to the bed, while I prepare for our next enjoyment?” I looked at Bree with puzlement and asked, “What are your plans Miss Bree? I didn’t know of any other then what we planned.” Bree shot a glance at her husband, “Well, I have decided to change things up a bit, but don’t worry Mistress, I’m sure you’ll enjoy just as much as I.” Bree glanced over at her helpless toy, “After all, you taught me everything I know.” I smiled in enjoyment, as i did indeed teach her well. “As you wish Mistress.”

I couldn’t help but notice the fear yet excitement building in Damians eyes. He watched his wife lotion up her smooth long legs as she got ready for her affair. Just as the shackles click onto the bed post, Damian decided it was time to show these two demonic women, what he was truely made of. He smiled wide and giggled with enjoyment, for Damian was now getting used to being a slave. Bree swiftly turns to me and says, “Are we ready to have some fun?” I turned to Damian, “Indeed Mistress, lets have some fun!”

Bree walked slowly up to me, walking with one long leg in front of the other. God, what was this gorgeous creature doing with such an asshole. Bree walked around me, dragging her hand around my awaiting body. My lips began to quiver with anticipation. I felt so out of countrol, this not being something I’m used to. I was putty in her hands and she didn’t even know it. “Kiss me Mistress, kiss me now,” I whispered in her ear. Her lips grew closer to mine and my pussy lips inflamed. Bree pressed her lips to mine and ran her tongue across them smoothly. As she kiss me passionately, she ran her fingers down my belly, down my shivering legs, and between my awaiting lips. She spread them open and flickered my swollen clit, making me cream instantly. “Good girl Mistres Mortisha, you know what I like. ” Bree rubbed her cheek along mine.

Damian laid on the bed motionless and even more, speechless. Damian had never known his wife to be with another woman, let alone witness it. Had the entire 12years of marriage been a lie? “Spank my ass bitch, spank it hard!” Damian must have snapped back to reality. “Spank me harder Mistress Mortisha! I’ve been a bad bad girl.”

“Whoa, am I gonna get some action here or what?” Bree and i both stopped in our tracks, and at the same time said to Damian, “What did you just say?” Damian knew what was about to happen, but he didn’t give a fuck, hell he was actually enjoying it. “You do understand that you’re going to be punished for this outburt of yours, while I am enjoying myself, right?” Bree brought herself to say after she picked her chin up off the floor. “Yeah, I do, but i don’t give a shit, I want some fuck
in action god dammit!” Damian kind of backed off
for a minute to let the girls settle with what he just announced. All I could do was blink at his outburst, and then stared in the general direction of where Bree stood. “Oh, that’s it you fuck, you’re gonna get it now!” I said to him in anger. “Bring it on bitch!” Damian replied. I brought out the cat-O-nine and was ready to whip. “NO! Mortisha, don’t!” I thought for a second that she had gone soft, but I was wrong. “I have something else in mind for this sick fucker.” Bree said in a harsh tone. I nodded my head and gave her the show.

“Turn him around on his stomach!” So i did, I unshackled him yet again and turned him around. “Better yet, get him on his knees.” Bree giggled deviously. Damian got up on his knees and awaited his punishment. He looked behind him and his eyes damn near fell out of his sockets. Bree grabbed the strap-on and applied it to her waist. she crept up behind him, dropped just a tad it of lube to his ass crack, just enough to take it in without problems, and she jammed it hard up Damians ass. you could hear him yell from down the hall. “How do you like being the bitch Damian? Take it, take all ten inches you pussy!” Bree fucked her husband hard and watched me in the corner, playing with myself. I enjoyed watching her do this to our little bitch.

Bree came to a full blown orgasm. she lay on top of her husband who is still screaming from pain, breathless. I sat in my corner, creamy juices flowing down my legs. “Oh, oh, bravo Mistress, that, was intense!” I could see the blood, rushing and pouring out of Damians asshole. God that was hot. “Oh dear Damian, how was that for action?” I said to him. “Fuck you, you whore!” I laughed hard at him.

Bree leaned over his painful body, kissed him very passionately, and whispered to him, “I love you my darling,” she lay there speechless for a moment, and then finished off with, “I want a divorce!”

Damian laid there with a blank stare upon his face, as he watched his wife walk out the door, hand in hand, with his Mistress Mortisha. We left him hand-cuffed and in humiliation.

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