The Candy Drop Kisses: Candace and Tiffany's Story

Plain and simple, this was a dream I had a couple weeks ago. Leave comments to let me know how good, bad, horrible it is.

Belonging to a certain sorority was big news in my family. We were known as the CDK’s. Yes, the Candy Drop Kisses. Not a Gamma sorority either. At our school we didn’t have Gamma. We had witches and warlocks. The CDK’s have been around for thousands of years. My CDK sister’s names are: President, Karri., a Hershey. Assistant President (not VP), Caroline, a M&M. Head of Treasury, Candace a, Smartie. I am Tiffany, 3rd in line for President, a Pixie. The candies are what we are. Our robes are pure white with of course, fur from the mutated Snow Leopard. He shed’s every 6 weeks and that’s how we get the fur. Trust me, no animals are harm.
During our first CDK meeting, after the magic and wizardry session began. Us CDK’s were nominated to plan the M&W (magic and wizardry) Homecoming. Our first party of the session. Karri. was putting up all kinds of ideas. Bringing in all kinds of candies. I noticed Candace wasn’t too pleased. The treasury department was slow to funds this session. And not enough for a big party. Candace started getting mad telling Karri that she can’t do that. She got so mad over it, she was sweating cuz she knew there was no way they could fund it and Karri wasn’t listening. I asked for a break. Karri allowed for a 30 minute break.
“Candace come with me.” I knew just how to get her to calm down. We have been CDK sisters for now for 3 years. She followed me to our room. I closed the door and she sat down on the bed. The air in our rooms were always cold. We couldn’t sweat for very long. In 3rd world if we sweat we could melt. And in 500 years of the CDK’s we’ve only lost one CDK. Camilla, also a Hershey. She went to the wrong Warlock’s place and he melted her.
Candace was still mad, ranting and raving over Karri, how she could do such thing to her own house. In 5 days they had to come up with the money to pull everything together. There was no way possible. I put my hand on her shoulder, “you need to calm down Candy Cane. I can’t have you leave me.” She laughed “I’m no candy cane.”
I pushed her back on my bed, she didn’t resist. Her sweat turning into powder. I had to taste her again. I licked up her arm long slow kisses. Tasting the powder pooling on her skin was so sweet. I quickly turned the a/c down below freezing. The windows quickly fogged up. Ice cycles fell from the small water relaxer in our room. I told her plain and simple. “Candy Cane, I need you. You’re the reason I come back to 3rd world. I can’t live the Domain’s Life without you. Coming here I can taste you. In the Domain life we become Domain’s.”
Opening her robe, seeing her body. She’d turned a light blue hue since last session. Changing colors is the meaning of her lifespan. She’s gone through 3 colors, 7 remaining. If she turns white before she has kids she literally blow away. Her smarties will be all gone. “Candy, how much time do you got?” “Roughly 7 years. I have to hurry.”
She stopped sweating, and I knew I could taste her more. Kissing her was like a sugar high. A constant sugary liquid was poured into your mouth. I tugged on her lower lip. Climbing over her body, I strattled her body, lowering my body. Clasping our hands. I kissed her mouth one last time. And I went to devour her body. I had to taste more of her. Her robe was opened, I pulled it off of her, showing off her soft body. In 3rd world there was no clothes. Just your hooded robe. However, you NEVER under no circumstances would you ever put on your hood. There were severe consequences if you did.
Her body was in great shape. Her breasts were soft, in a Domain’s Life they were a 32DDD. Wishing to give her all she wanted in her lifetime. Looking at her breasts, her nipples were hard her areola was bright blue, the nipple was a hard tip. Licking it was so sweet. Tasting her candy. So hard yet soft. A person could want nothing more. Making myself continue to please my candy cane. I devoured her belly next. Nibbling on her skin, tugging softly. A great smile came across her face. Her hands rested on my head, she was pushing me further down. I smiled and said I wanted to take my time. Eating my candy. She laughed.
Between her lower abdomen and her vagina I lost my mind. I had to have her and I did. I lowered my lips to her vagina and attacked it hard. Thrusting my tongue into her. I slid my finger in and out of her pussy. Faster and faster until she came in my mouth. Oh what sweet cum.
I lowered my pussy to hers, and began grinding her, so forcefully. She made me stop. She wasn’t ready. If we connected and she made love she could have a kid. In 3rd world it didn’t matter two females or two males or one male and one female. If you made love and enjoyed it. One of you got pregnant.
Our “CDK sister’s” walked into our room. Seeing both of us. I was on top of Candace. It was house rule to never have love with your CDK sister. I was supposed to get thrown out, but Karri and I had an agreement. Because I had caught her last session with Caroline and A.J. an Almond Joy; A.J. was to not be touched for 2 years. And that rule was broken.
Protesting infront of al 36 of my CDK sisters. I knew the outcome would be in my favor. I pleaded, “CDK’s. I promise you this moment in time and forever, I love Candace. I won’t make her live forever and leave her. I hope she does me too.”

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