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Friends hot wife

It all started off one night when I was staying with a friend. Met his wife for the first time that night. She was a hot little thing she was about 5’3 thin maybe around 105 nice perky little tits nice round little ass on her. I can see why he was so hot for her. That night they was heading to bed I was sleeping in the guest room. But right before we all headed to bed she told me she was as heavy sleeper. And not to worry about making a lot of noise when I got up. He left early that next morning I got up around 8 or so was out moving around the living room and all. Trying to not make any noise knowing she was sleeping and all. I walked back to the guest room and noticed her door open. So being the guy I am I peeked in at her. Seeing her sleeping on the bed half covered up. I couldn’t help myself to walk in and take a good look at her. Laying there in her panties and bra was all she had on. God she was so hot laying there. Sleeping hard like she said she did. I thought about pulling the covers back to get a better look at her. I walked out of the room to the guest room. Sat on the bed to read over my papers for the conference I was to attend tomorrow making sure I have every thing right but I just couldn’t get what she looked like out of my head. I got up and walked back into her room. Standing there looking at her. She had moved the covers had come down some on her showing her panties more. Nice pink lace panties on her almost see thru. Just see thru enough that I could see that all she had was a small patch of hair at the tip of her clit. The way she was laying there on her back god I couldn’t help it but to look at her. Standing there rubbing my cock that was so hard in my jeans looking at how she looked. Hoping she wouldn’t wake up as I looked at her. I couldn’t help myself I pulled the zipper down on my jeans as I reached in pulling my hard cock from my jeans as I stood there slowly stroking my hard cock at her. So into watching her sleep looking at her tits then down at her little pussy. I all of a sudden heard what the hell are you doing as I looked up at her seeing she was awake I tried hard to put my cock back in my jeans as fast as I could. Trying to tell her I am so sorry I was just watching you sleep. Her eyes on my hard shaft as I tried to put it back in. she laid back on the bed. She asked so this is what turned you on was it. I told her yeah she was just so hot. But that I was sorry but I just couldn’t help myself. She looked at me said she didn’t mind me looking at her like I was. Then told me to go on take it back out and let her watch me stroke it. I stood there stroking my hard cock for her as she watched me. I watched her hand move down her flat stomach to her panties I could see her rubbing herself as she watched me jerk off I undid my jeans let them fall to the floor. She moved her panties to the side as she let me see that sweet little pussy of hers. She looked at me told me that she was so horny but that she didn’t want me to fuck her. I told her to let me lay on the bed with her I had an idea. She moved over so that I could lay down on the bed with her I told her to get on top of me she was like no we cant do that I have never been with another man beside her husband. I told her it was ok that we wont go all the way for her to just put her pussy lips on my hard cock. She got up pulling her panties off as she lowered her self down onto me her wet pussy lips over my hard cock as I reached up taking her hips as I slide her up and down on my hard cock she clit hitting the head of my cock. She was moving back and forth on my cock moaning hard I knew she was really enjoying it. Her pussy getting wetter I reached up playing with her tits so nice and firm. Reaching around as I unhooked her bra I guess she was so into rubbing her pussy on my cock she didn’t even notice I had unhooked it. As it fell off her tits she was abit shocked to see I had taken it off her but she just let it fall off showing me her sexy tits they poked out so nicely so firm her nipples poking out hard as my cock was . She reached down putting her hands on my chest as she picked up pace on my cock moving her wet pussy lips over my cock faster hitting the head of my cock with more impact. Hearing her breathing heaver she looked at me oh god this is so hot she says I’m going to cum as she leaned back up rubbing faster. Arching her back as she shakes on my cock. She slows down as she keeps moving on my cock she tells me that was so hot as she moves up a bit more on to me then slides back down as my cock slides into her pussy feeling my cock slide into her pussy I look up at her are you sure you want to do this. She looked at me oh god I want you inside me she says. I reached up holding her hips as I flipped her over on to her back as I pushed deep inside her. She let out a hard moan grabbing the sheets on the bed yes she says fuck me hard god yes as I started to pound her wet hot pussy faster. Leaning up on my hands as I looked down at her I guess she could feel me swelling up inside her. Her eyes got really big as she arched up on to my cock then told me to pull out pull out she asks me. Please pull out she keeps asking me while I keep pumping my hard cock into her as I pulled out of her wet pussy she put her hips back on the bed god I cant get pregent by you please ok I am not on the pill as she reached down rubbing her pussy fast and hard as she cummed again. Sitting up on my knees above her stroking my cock to her. She laid there watching me as I moved over her a bit more feeling my cock swelling up in my hand as I shot my load on to her stomach and tits. She smiled at me telling me that she had never felt anything like that before.

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