The Surfin Lesson

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The Surfin Lesson

So, I am surfin’ with my dudes and I see this undulating creature walk, no not walk, float across the beach. Her skin was so white and pristine, I thought she was an angel. We ride the wave onto the beach and begin to towel off.

“Hey Jaime, nice boarding chica!” Sorry that was Scott. He’s not my boyfriend or anything, but he did teach me how to surf. I walk pass the earthly angel.

“Uh, excuse me, could you like totally watch where your going?” she snapped.
“Oh sorry,” I begin to turn and walk faster,”My bad.”
“Hey townie? Who taught you how to surf like that?” Now she’s askin’ me a question? What’s with this skirt?
“That guy over there, his name is Scott. I am pretty sure he would love to give you lessons.”
” No, I want you to show me how to surf”, she said matter of factly.

Ok so here I am, in this wet bikini, my nipples becomin hard at the cooler wind that is comin off the sea. I can’t tell if the my bikini bottom is wet because of the salt water or if its was because of this angel with an attitude is staring me down over those Jackie O sunglasses. Those piercing green eyes are an image that I have never never forgot. I stumble over my words that I seem to force from somewhere deep inside. I don’t understand why this woman intimidates me so.

“Uh yea sure whatever, what hotel are you stayin in?” I ask.
“Wakiki Beach Resort, Room 3118. Ask the front desk for Nina.”
“I’ll be at your hotel around 6 am. That’s when the best waves are.”
” 6!!!! In the morning! Are you water logged?”
I walk away feelin very pleased with my self. I could hear her complaining about the early wake up call. I walk to my little house beside the beach. The guys are already in there. I can see a beer can pyramid starting to take shape. As I walk in, the smell of pot was strong and sweet!
“Hey pass that shit over here man!”
“Jaime! Girl did u score? “
“Yea lil dudette tell us all bout it”
“Did she ask u for a lesson,” Scott asked,” Why didn’t she ask me?”
“No, I didn’t score, yes, she did ask me for a lesson, and I don’t know why she asked me instead of you. I even told her u give lessons. I am just gonna hit the sack. I gotta get some sleep.”

I dreamt of my earthly angel. How she floated across the light colored sand with her long smooth legs. How the black bikini she had on fit every curve on her body to a T. How perky her breast were. My thoughts begin to drift to what was possibly hiding underneath the black bikini bottom. I started to dream that she kissed me, and oh, how soft her lips were touching mine. The mix was intoxicating. Then all of a sudden this truck starts backin up out of nowhere. Beep beep beep

“Oh shit!” I lept out of bed, turnin off the alarm at 6:15 am,” She’s gonna be so salty.”

I race my scooter thru the early mornin traffic to downtown to the resort. I entered the palatial lobby. I walked up to the concierge’s desk and asked for Nina in room 3118. He told me to go ahead and to proceed up there. I looked for her room and knocked 3 times. She answered the door very nude and still very sleepy

“Oh hey, sorry I am late. Ready for your lesson?”
She pulls me in and inquires, “No, are you ready for your lesson?”

Inside there is a bed big enuf to fit all my flat mates and my board. She waltz over, sits and pats a section of the bed beside her. I slowly walk over to her, heart poundin in my chest, my ears ringing, my head spinnin and the waves crashing against the rocks behind us.
She took my hand slowly and kissed me. It was better than in my dream.
“What’s your name?”
“Jaime, have u ever slept with a woman before?”
Now do I lie to her and say no and let her take me there or do I say yes and just dive dive dive?
“Yes,” and with that I laid her back onto the satin pillows letting her chocolate brown hair spill around her. My hands are all over her, feelin the soft smooth skin. She looks at my dark tan very intently, rubbing her hands all over me as she slips off my bathing suit top and instructs me to take off my board shorts. And I do so willingly and eagerly. She then gets on her hands and knees and parts my lips of my pussy and gives it a flicker of her tongue and a warm wet kiss.
I can’t stand it any longer and I pick up the waif off the floor and lay her back down. I kiss her slowly on her head and make my way down to her neck nibbling and gently sucking, moving even further down to her beautiful breasts. I look at the strawberry colored nipple before puttin it into my mouth. Either my eyes were playin tricks on me or me just lookin at the nipple made it hard. I twirl it around in my warm wet mouth when I feel the weight of the bed shift. I look up and its a gorgeous black man, absolutely nude, with a tumescent hard on. I feel my pussy get even damper than before hopin he would plunge that beautiful dick deep into my tiny pussy. Instead I feel his tongue on my clit slowly swirling and lappin at it. I move further on Nina, pausing for a moment over a plateau of beautiful white skin that was her stomach. I went even further, feelin how wet with anticipation she was for my aching tongue. I licked and sucked and nibbled on her clit when the black guy decided that this was the moment he would enter me. So now I am in position that has taken me to heights of ecstacy that I never knew before. He’s still pounding me from behind as I feel Nina tense up, arch her back, and shudder, squirting her love juice all over my face and hair. She then trades spots with me. He enters her and she screams almost immediately. She turns to look at him and says
“God you are so fuckin huge, my pussy feels like its gonna split wide open.”
“Good u horny bitch, cuz I am gonna give the fucking of your life!”

All this crude talk has made me wetter than before and she turns her attention back to me and begins to eat the hell out of my pussy. She was better at it than I would have imagined. I couldn’t stop cumming. Finally as I reached my plateau, I felt a finger enter my ass and vagina at the same time and I squirted my cum all over her face and hands and hair. The black guys pulls out of her pussy and tells us to come and suck his cock so he can spray his nut all over our faces. And we do so, being gentle, cleaning it with our tongues that interlock around it at times. He pumps his cock a few time and the whitest, milkest nut I have ever seen before is sprayed all over our faces and tits. I smile, look over at Nina whose very sated. She hands me some money and says it’s for our lesson, and that’s all she needs for now, but if she should need another lesson she knows where to find me.
I go and take a quick shower and go back to my flat. It’s only 10 am. I crawl into my bed and fall back to sleep with a very cheesy shit-eatin grin on my face.

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