The Wedding Party

The crowd on the dance floor were doing another round of the Electric Slide. A dance to highlight any black wedding reception

” I can’t believe the hotel screwed up you guys reservations”! Dasia complained

“It will be fine girl”, Niqui comforted. “Justin and Tay said they did not care. And you know I have no complaints”

Dasia freak out of perfection as any bride would. But hey the hotel booked the two best men and Niqui in the same room and all the other rooms were full. It’s not like Niqui were all total strangers. Dasia, her husband, Vernest, Justin, Tay (short for Teshun) and myself when to high school together. And staying together can’t be half as bad as the lock ins and sleep overs they all had in high school. at least we will have a bed and a roll away cot.

“Babe, it’s time for us to make our grand exit to the limo” Vernest announced as he approached.

Dasia and Niqui giggled. “Now you stop worrying and go have some wedded bliss tonite, Niqui cracked.

“Girl, you a mess.”

She walked up to her husband as they all got their bubbles in preparation for their departure. Justin and Tay approach her

“Hey roomie” Tay greeted. “I hope you don’t snore like you did at the junior class midnight bowling that year. “

“I won’t as long as you don’t break wind like you did” Niqui laughed

“Ooh for real”, Justin adds. “Cause dude your were rotten that nite”

The walked closer to see the bride and groom off.

Thirty minutes later Niqui is in the bathroom of her shared suite. She run a tub of water with warm vanilla sugar scented bubbles. She removed her bridesmaids gown and pins her curls high upon her head as she prepare to take full advantage of being alone in the room for the moments that she had. Leaning over in her in her white longline strapless bra with matching lace bikinis and thigh high stockings she turn the water off. She inhale the scent of the water as she looked at herself in the mirror she was very thankful for lingerie stores the could allow her 190 frame with size 40 F titties and wide ghetto ass to still be sexy under her clothing. Niqui looked around and realized her Pj’s were in the other room on the cot.

“Oh hell, she thinks. “I was ready to slip in the water. well I better go get it. By the time I get through they will be in probably and I should not come out naked.She grabs a towel for “JUST IN CASE” She sighs and opens the bathroom door and walks towards the cot.

She walks a few paces and stops. She drops the towel and her jaw also. Niqui was staring at a very interesting and shocking scene.
Tay was kneeling at the foot of the bed sucking Justin’s dick.Both were naked. Niqui could not believe it. She heard the rumors in school that Justin may have been but Tay. It could not be. Her memory quickly reminded her of the time Tay finger fucked her to pussy sqirting in the boys locker room. But this scene still had not realease her feet to walk back. She watch as Tay’s head bobbed up and down on Justin’s hardness.

Suddenly Justin’s eyes bucked and his head turn looking at Niqui. She knew she was caught. “I forgot my PJ’s on the cot”.

Tay lifted his head and moved his mouth. He smirked at Niqui.

“So why are you watching us”, Justin inquired. Niqui had no answer but she did start to feel warmness in between her legs.

“I think she wants in if you ask me”, Tay commented. She glared at him and charged to the cot to get her sleepers. Tay squirmed right in front of her.

“Let me ask her pussy if she wants to play.” he joked. Niqui was frozen as Tay crept his hand in inside her panties.

“Ooh she’s soaking”

“Let see. Lay on he bed.” Niqui softly placed her body on the bed. She moaned as Justin barely touch her panties. “Niqui, let make this a real good sleep over.” Niqui giggles as Justin removed her panties and immediately sucked her clitoris.

Tay masturbated himself as he moved toward her breasts as Justin was violently eating her out. Her mind was all in a daze of pleasure as Tay reached inside her bar and rubbed her nipples. Justin stood up and Niqui sat up so she could help Tay remove her bra. His mouth replaced it once it was removed. Justin joined him taking one in his mouth as Tay took the other. Niqui grab both of the dicks and rubbed them as she moans in ecstacy. Justin removed her titty from his mouth and moved to Tay’s member.

“Ooh hell yeah, he exclaimed!

Niqui watch in delight while now sitting on Tay’s face trying to keep her balance. Justin then tells her to stand up and she does even though Tay still try to tounge play with her. Justin goes behind her and and enter her from behind. Her tight,wet and rather hot pussy almost makes him shoot off but he maintain himself.

Tay watches, then position Niqui to his dick. She began to suck him as Justin fondles her breast.

“How can 2 goofies in high school and the hood make her cum so many times.” Niqui thinks. “Shit here’s another one” Her moans were now pleasurable screams.Justin soon shot off inside her. He fingers her into a cream pie and lap up her juices. Afterwards she lies on her back and Tay get on top and enters her.

“Girl, if I had as many orgasm as you have to nite I’d be in coronary arrest.” Niqui laughes then falls back into ecstacy realizing Tay was hitting her G-spot. She would probably be her last one and it was going to be big. He flips her over realizing where in pleasure he is taking her and hold her hips as she bucks and rides him until they climax which comes in a smooth sycopated rhythm. She gets up and lies between them. They drift into a nap.

Niqui slip off the bed and head to bathrooom this time with sleepers in hand.

“Your water in probably cold now”, Justin sniggles

“Let help her warm it up”, Tay suggest.

They all playful run into the bathroom.

The next week Dasia called Niqui.

“How was the sleep over”, she asked

“It was fun. It’s amazing how we have all grown to be nice adults”, Niqui repled

“And freaky ones also”

Niqui was puzzled. “You knew “?

“Just consider it you guys gift from the bride and groom” They bursted out into laughter.

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