What I learned about me #2

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What I learned about me #2!

Well, Felecia and myself learned a lot about ourselves the friday night Kenny, and Darrell came to visit! That night started something that has really went wild. Let me explain: This is our most recent adventure. This happened on a saturday night at my house. Me and Felecia, Kenny, Darrell, Roger, Joey, and Cindy were hanging out at my place, you know having a few drinks. Let me describe the people present before I go on, that way you can get a better picture of who is doing what: You know Felecia, she’s 19 years old, 5’5″, 112 pounds, long dark brown hair, brown eye’s, dark skin, a figure most women would die for, a very hot, sexy, desirable girl. I’m (Sid) 23 years old, 5’6″, 135 pounds, short blond hair, blue eyes, tanned, a good looking guy I think. Kenny is 20 years old, 6’0″, 145 pounds, long black hair, brown eyes, Native American (Indian), smooth skinned no facial hair, really good looking. Darrell is 18 years old, 5’8″, 140 pounds, short blond hair, blue eyes, fair skinned but very good looking. Roger is the youngest of our group, he is 15 years old, 5’5″, 125 pounds, bleached blond hair, green eyes, very little body hair (SMOOTH), tanned and very sexy! Joey is 17years old, 5’6″, 145 pounds, short black hair, black eyes, very dark skinned (Mexican), also very little body hair (SMOOTH) and also very hot and sexy! Cindy is Joey’s girlfriend, she is 18 years old, 5’3″ 110 pounds, long blond hair, green eyes, tanned to perfection, and very sexy and hot!

So this saturday night was starting out good, me, Felecia, Kenny, and Darrell had decided to invite some more friends over and see if we could enlarge our little group of fun lovers! Well, after a couple of drinks everyone was relaxed, you know just sitting around talking, telling jokes and having a good time. Feleica being the daredevil she is decided to get things going because she is always ready for some action, if you know what I mean? So Felecia got up and said watch this: then she walked over to Cindy and bent over, I thought she was going to whisper something in her ear, but it wasn’t her ear she put her lips to it was Cindy’s mouth she put her lips on! She started kissing Cindy, and Cindy responded by kissing back. I don’t know if Felecia and Cindy have been with each other before or not, but they both acted like they had done this before. Felecia slid her hand down between Cindy’s legs and started rubbing her through her tight denim shorts! Cindy responded again by spreading her legs and reaching up an squeezing felecia’s tits!

Me and Kenny, and Darrell wasn’t surprised by this, but Roger and Joey were! They were sitting there staring at the two very hot, very sexy girls kissing and playing with each other, and one of them was Joey’s girlfriend! Cindy unbuttoned Felecia’s blouse and pulled it off of her, they broke their kiss and Cindy moved her mouth to Felecia’s tits and started sucking, and licking, and nibbling! By this time Felecia had unbuttoned Cindys shorts and was sliding her hand into her panties to get a good feel of Cindy’s wet pussy. Cindy had her hands on Felecia’s nice round hot ass as she licked her sweet young tits!

It wasn’t but a few minutes until the two girls had managed to strip each other, and they were ready to do each other in every way! As I watched I saw my girlfriend spread the legs of another girl and slide her tongue into her wet pussy! This turned me on like crazy, Cindy was moaning and slowly humping her hot pussy up an down with Felecia’s tongue, Felecia then licked her finger and slowly slid it into Cindy’s ass and slowly pumped her ass as she sucked, and licked her hot pussy, giving a lot of attention to Cindy’s swelling clit! All five of us guys sat there and watched in fascination as Cindy was about to cum, she moaned real loud and then said, UMMMM, eat me girl, eat my hot fucking pussy, ohhhh, yes suck my clit you cunt licker, ummmmm! Finger my ass you lesbian pussy sucker, ummmmm, I’mm cummingggg, ohhhh! And she did! Now felecia cums a lot when she cums, but now when Cindy cum it was like a pipe bursted! I never saw a girl cum so much, the cum gushed out into Felecia’s mouth and all over her face! Felecia was licking and gulping, and swallowing as much as she could, there was cum everywhere!!

I looked at Joey and he was rubbing his swollen cock through his pants, this was a definate turn on for him, I knew he would join our fuck club, and Cindy had just joined by fucking my Felecia in front of us all! I looked at Roger and this boys tongue was hanging out! He was sweating, and he had his hand down his pants playing with his cock! Yes, another member for the club, and a young one too! I decided to go ahead and get Roger started, so I walked over to him and said: What you got in your hand? he looked up at me and said what? I said: what you got in your hand as I pointed at his crotch. He looked down at his crotch, and said Oh, uhh, I don’t know, his face was turning red! I said don’t worry Rog, my cock is hard too, So then what you have in your hand is your cock? Right? He nodded yes, and I said Can I have it? He looked at me like he didn’t understand, You have to love the young and innocent! I said, can I have your cock? I want to suck your cock Rog, can I? He just smiled! And I said: Yes!

Now as I unzipped Rogers pants, and slid them off of him along with his fruit-of-the-looms, Felecia had got up and was bending over in front of Joey, as I slid Roger’s 7 inch throbbing cock into my mouth I saw Joey lean up and slide his tongue into Felecia’s hot wet, dripping pussy! I slid Roger’s hard young cock in and out of my mouth for a few minutes enjoying the taste, and the feel of his young 15 year old body, ummm he is good! I came up off of Roger for air and I looked around, Kenny was slamming Cindy’s hot pussy, and Darrell was feeding her cock, as I watched Joey and Felecia moved over to where Cindy was getting taken care of. I watched as Joey managed to get under Cindy and slide his dark brown 8 inch cock into her tight little asshole! She was loving all this cock in her! I looked at Roger and said you taste awfully fucking good Rog, and I do want some more of you, and I want a mouthful of your hot young cum too, but right now I think we need to take care of Cindy, and then Felecia, and then us guys can do what we want! He smiled and said OK: So we got up and went over to where Cindy was getting fucked in every hole, I got on the right of her and Roger got on the left, we put our cocks in her hands, and as we did she moaned, and started cumming again!!

Felecia watched us as we satisfied Cindy’s every need, Darrell was the first to start cumming, he pulled his cock out of Cindy’s mouth and shot a big hot load all over her tits and face, Kenny was next he pulled out of her dripping pussy and shot a big load all over her stomach, then Joey pulled out of her ass and shot a load all over her pussy and between her legs and all over her asshole, I looked at Roger and he said: Ohhhh Fuck, and he bent down and started licking the cum from Cindy’s face and tits, so I joined him and started licking Cindy’s fresh fucked pussy and asshole, Felecia, Kenny, Darrell, and Joey cheered us on as we licked up their cum from Cindy’s hot body! Cindy layed there and moaned and cum some more! As I was licking up the last of the hot cum from Cindy’s hot little asshole, I heard Felecia say: I want to watch you guys do that to Sid! I was thinking ummmmm yes, !

So withing an hour I was in the same position that Cindy had been in earlier, I don’t have a pussy, but Kenny and Joey managed to get both of their sweet hard cocks into my ass at the same time!! Roger was feeding me his cock again, and Darrell’s cock was in my right hand, and Felecia was traddling my left hand with four of my fingers sliding in and out of her as her and Cindy kissed again! I enjoyed getting satisfied like this for quite awhile, and then they began to cum. I managed to get Roger’s cock out of my mouth long enough to tell them to cum in me, I
wanted to feel them shooting insid
e of me, that they could cum on me later if they wanted to, but right now I wanted to feel those hard throbbing cocks exploding inside of me! And they did! Let me tell you it was great, i could feel Kenny exploding inside my ass, I felt every squirt as he unloaded in me, and before he finished Joey started cumming, ummmm,, both them hard cocks in my ass throbbing and squirting at the same time, what a feeling! I was humping my ass up and down trying to get all of the hard throbbing cock I could, I was moaning and groaning, I was in ectasy! This excited Roger and he exploded in my mouth, he was so excited her layed over on my face and started fucking my mouth, he slid all his cock down my throat and slammed my mouth, thrusting his cock way down my throat, I was gagging, and couldn’t breat, but I didn’t care, I wanted him in me, I Wnted them all in me, I let go of Darrell’s cock, and slid my hand out of Felecia’s pussy, and I grabbed Roger’s young sweet ass and pulled him into my dick sucking mouth! Ummmm, he cum down my throat, his cock was halfway to my stomachwhen he exploded in me, by-passed the tongue and went straight to the stomach, I loved it!! As soon as Roger was drained dry and he pulled out of me darrel took his place, it wasn’t but a minute until Darrell was fucking my mouth like Roger had, it was so good! Someone slid something up my ass, I knew it wasn’t a cock, I later found out it was a longneck beer bottle that Cindy decided to fuck me with, that was ok, I loved it. Then Darrell exploded down my throat too, and it was good, not as good as Roger because Roger was young and I was the first guy he had ever had suck his cock!! But yeah it was good.

The fuck party went on all night, we ate pussy, we fucked each other, everyone got fucked, everyone got sucked, there was not a virgin ass or mouth left by the time the sun came up, and Roger turned out to be quite a good little cock sucker, and his tight young ass is great! Roger just lives about a two minute walk from me, he cums up often now, and Felecia loves to watch the two of us enjoying each other. Perhaps soon i can write about our adventure at the Park!!

Until later,

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