The Wine Tasting

The Wine Tasting

I arrive early enough to find my husband at home before I am getting ready for our party tonight. He’d poured himself a glass of white wine and had just taken a sip, letting the liquid penetrate his mouth. The look on his

My girl

My girl
Well it was 8:00 Pm and I was waiting for my girlfriend to come over. It was our anniversary and she said she was coming over for a surprise. I thought it was gonna be our first time FINALLY but my hopes weren’t high considering she

Play with Pendulam

Play with Pendulam

Hi, I am HP (Hole & Pole Lover)aged about 25, having a nice wife to enjoy with. We read & enjoy erotic stories from many sources. Here I want to add my fantasy for wide range of readers and Fantasy lovers:-

She showed

Romance in the woods-part 1

My car slowly climbs the road, heading farther and farther to its destination. What awaits me is far more incredible that what I can imagine. Around a few more turns, and then I can see it. Far off in the woods, it looks small from the road, but as I

When i got caught

One day I invited my girlfriend April to dinner a really nice restaurant. I knew she would love it if a did something nice like that. So when I went to pick her up she answered the door looking beautiful. The hot red head she came out in a short blac

my loving husband

My husband knows everything that pleases me. He is the best lover I have ever had in my life. He always amazes me with the new ideas he comes up with.
For my birthday last year he took me to a romantic hotel with a view of the ocean. We had a king

Sercret and desires

Secrets and Desires

You lay me down gently on the bed. Slowly taking off my clothes. Kissing every inch of exposed skin. You pause at my breasts, you circle my harden nipple with your tongue. I moan, you tease me more. Then you sl

Lets Get Wet!

I hang up the phone with a sigh.Its always so hard to leave you…and on days like today its almost impossible.My body is aching with an intense,firey yearning for you.Your deep sexy voice still echos in my head.Your words of passion,desire,and

The First Meeting

My skin tingled as I stepped from the shower. I had set it so the spray invigorated my body, waking me up. I loved the feeling of the hot water hitting my back and shoulders, standing under the falling water, feeling it run down my body, watching i

A Letter

To my love,

All the long minutes that drags on into the seemingly endless days, I sit here, thinking about you. Thinking about your touch, your kisses, and your presence. I am thinking about your soft lips, your warm, moist tongue, your arms,