I met Jenn online in a role playing game, our characters met at a dance club. I started talking to her and soon was hooked; we spent a lot of time together and got to know each other pretty well. Soon I was invited to become a vampire, with in a few months I was elevated to the position of Master Vampire, Jen was one of my minions she was really nice and extremely sexual. We started out talking about sex, then having cyber sex, then one day she asked to watch me masturbate, I agreed. Now I know what I was thinking and most of you are like SUCKER, but I didn’t care. I began by stripping for her and I could hear the excitement in her voice. She would, in great detail, tell me how she would suck my cock and swallow every last drop of my cum. Then I heard her turn her vibrator on and tell me how if felt sliding in her pussy. It was too much, and I exploded all over my desk.

It took me about two weeks to talk her in to letting me watch her. She showed me none of her body, just her face; this went on for about a year after we met. Finally I got the nerve up to pop the question, “Can we met in person?” After a few days of questioning and joking around we agreed to met in a natural town; however, due to mother nature this meeting was placed on hold. Then on Halloween she called me and asked if I would go to a party about 45 minutes away from my house. I jumped at the chance to see her.

Halloween came, and  I was on my way home when I noticed I had voicemail on my cell. I listened to it; it was Jen saying she would be at my house at six to pick me up. As I pulled in to my townhouse, I noticed I had about fifteen minutes to get ready. I ran upstairs and jumped in the shower; she rang the door bell just as I walked out of the bathroom. I threw on some jeans and a t-shirt to answer the door. The t-shirt hugged my body, the sleeves almost tight enough to rip; the jeans were little tight, you could see my cock’s outline through the material. I let Jen in and she bounced in to the room, giving me a hug–well, as much as she could while holding a bag full of who knows what.

I took a step back and started at her feet, working my way up her body; she was wearing a pair of thigh-high black boots and a pair of white skin tight leather pants, which were tight enough I could see she wore no panties. As I moved up her body she was wearing a red silk blouse which looked like the it came from the 1700’s–frilly around the neck and wrists–and it showed off enough of her breasts that I wanted to see more.

I guess she knew what I was thinking because she took a step back and turned around, saying, “Like what you see?”
How could a say anything else, but, “Wow, you look great! ”
Jen said, “Well you will too.”
I looked at her strangely, but said, “Ok.” She took my hand and led me to my bathroom.

Jen told me to take the t-shirt off and to sit down. Now I’m not the biggest guy in the world, but I have a good body. I enjoy the going to the gym and yes, I have a tight six- almost eight-pack of abs. Jen has see me naked before (though only on the computer not close enough to touch), but as I pulled my shirt off she reached out and lightly slid her hand down my abs. She moaned; I chuckled and lifted her hand.

“So why are we here Jen, ” I said.
“Oh, we are going to a costume party and you’re going as a vampire.”
“I am? Oookay. And we had to come to the bathroom for me to get dress?” I asked.
She laughed and said, “You will not make a good Master Vampire being as tan as you are, Sir.” While running a long figure nail down my chest. “Now sit down and sit up straight,” she sternly said.
I laughed and said, “Yes, ma’am.”

She smiled as she pulled out a tube of what looked like white paint. She took a small sponge out of her bag, opened up the tube, and starting at my head she started to paint me a pale white. I was worried the paint would crack and peal like most paint does, but it didn’t happen; this paint was like a second skin as it dried. Jen made sure every crack was covered with pale paint. Spending more time them I thought need on my stomach. I finally moved her hand and said, “We done yet?”

She shook her head and let out a short breath. “No we still have to put your teeth in.”
“WHAT?” I asked.
“Calm down, baby, its painless.”

She asked me to lean back and open my mouth. Jen is a dental tech, so when she asked if I trusted her, I leaned back and opened my mouth. She glued two 1 ½ inch fangs to my K-9s. I looked in the mirror and they looked real.
She looked on and said, “What do you think?”
“I like.”
“Good, now put these cloths on.”

I faked a salute and started to unbutton my jeans; we laughed as she walked out and closed the door. I took off the jeans, and slid on the black leather pants–I had skipped the underwear earlier so as I put the leather on they were just as tight as Jen’s. I buttoned then up and admired the way they molded to my legs. I picked up the red shirt, slid it down my arms and over my head, and  tucked it in to my pants. I opened the door and Jen’s mouth dropped, she whistled and asked me to smile. I smiled flashing just enough to flash some fang.

Jenn moaned, saying, “Boy, you’re gonna make some people jealous; you look great!”
I thanked her and asked if she wanted a drink.
She said, “Ok, one quickly. But the limo should be here soon.”
“Limo?” I asked.
“Yes, limo. I ordered a limo; it was my invite, I got this.”
I laughed and said, “Ok, sweetcheeks.” She HATES that name.
She glared at me. “I will stack your ass if you keep that up,” she purred.

I asked what she’d like to drink. I have a big selection of alcohol. I made her an Appletini and grab me a beer. When the door bell rang, she leaped for the door and flung it open. Behind it was a short man in his early 50s, round belly, balding, and wearing a black coat and tie.

“Yes, ma ‘am. I’m Ralph, your driver. I will be downstairs waiting for you.” He turned and walked away. Me and Jenn looked at each other and laughed. Jenn grabbed her stuff and headed for the door with me in tow.

The October air was crisp and cool, not cold but cool. The limo was black with blacked out windows, and Ralph was standing by the open rear passengers door. We climbed in and got settled as Ralph got in and the limo pulled off. I asked Jenn were we where heading, but she told me to sit back, quit asking questions, and start trusting her. Jenn started to cuddle up next to me; I automatically placed my arm across her shoulders and pulled her in to me tight. She looked up at me, smiled, and sipped on her drink. I leaned in and kissed her softly; I could feel my pulse quicken and I could feel myself starting to get hard. Jenn closed her eyes and moaned into my mouth softly, while her hand went to my bare chest. When we broke the kiss, she smiled and asked what the fuck took so long. We laughed; she pushed me down on the limo’s seat and laid down on top of me. We held each other and kissed for what seemed like an eternity. Feeling her body on top of mine, our breaths in unison, I hardly noticed we were getting ready to turn off the main road.

As we turned the corner, Jenn and I fell to the floor in the limo. Now she was straddling me, legs spread wide across my hips, and I could feel my cock rub against her pussy. It throbbed enough to make her jump and smile down at me. Oh how I wanted to fuck her right there and then. She hopped off and I got up, so we could both sit down on the seat. I could not see where we were going, all I could see was darkness; the road started to get a little bumpy but in the limo it wasn’t too bad. Jenn was getting excited, she was almost too excited. Finally, the limo stopped. Ralph got out, came around, and opened the limo door; Jenn stepped out first, pulling me behind her. My eyes had to adjust to the light, but after a second or two I saw what looked like a small mansion. This place looked like it was built out of stone, from the 1920 or 30s, with a huge wrap-around porch. I could see changing colored lights shining threw windows and could hear the loud, heavy thump of muffled music flowing from inside. Jenn looked me over as we walked up to the door and rang the bell. The bell sounded deep and heavy. The door opened and a small, petite women in a French maid’s out fit opened the door. Jenn told the women Master Celtic and his date have arrived. The women look Jenn over in a half-hearted look, then looking at me got a big smile on her face, saying, “Please to see you, Master Celtic” while doing a slight curtsy. Jenn back handed the girl and said, “I WILL BE GUARDING HIM TONIGHT, WENCH!” The Maid bowed her head and moved back slowly. I was more than a bit shocked as Jenn filled me in. This was a Halloween Party for our game and all these people were the different characters, which meant there was only one person with more power at this party than me: that was the King.

The maid, Andrea, led us into the main room and rang a bell twice to announce Master Celtic and his human minion. She bowed and backed away, then went up the grand stairs in the center off the room.

Everyone turned and at once said, “Welcome, Master.”
I looked at Jenn as she smiled and whispered in my ear, “You are now, Celtic; act like him.”

I looked around the room and met everyone’s gazes, the women blushed and the few men bowed. See, in the game I’ve become something of a ladies man. Though I am Jenn’s, in the game I have cheated with numerous girls. Most of these girls I was about to meet in real life for the first time. Then the bell sounded again as the lights dimmed; a single spot light shown at the top of the step. A short, fat man had started to walk down the steps. He was wearing an all-leather outfit that fit like…well, let’s just say the king looked more like a jester then his tall dark and handsome Avatar. Everyone hushed and the music stopped right as he stepped off the steps; my place was to his right, so I stepped up one step making sure he was still higher than I. He placed a hand on my shoulder while Andrea announced, “Welcome everyone! Ladies and Gentlemen, King Vance.”

Everyone but me and Jenn bowed. Jenn’s character’s name was Renie and she was my Blood Doll. If I needed blood during the game, I could bite any of the minions in my clan; but only me and the King could bite from my Renie. King Vance announced in a sort of weak, shaky voice, “Welcome everyone, to my home. Please enjoy the party; the fun will begin shortly.”

I looked at Jenn. She smiled and said, “Don’t worry, you will enjoy it.”


(Image Source: Seduction Cinema)

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