A Christmas to remember

It was the Christmas holidays, but despite that Matthew still found himself driving up his school drive. He had several major essays to be ready for the start of Spring term and had completed nearly all of them, but he had left his notes for his Engl

chicks with dicks

When I last wrote I was on my knees giving my hot date some great head,when the door opened and there was Jack and a pretty blonde with real nice tits. They went to the other bed and began making out like two horney people do. The cock in my mouth wa

surprise, surprise…

I have this fantasy of wild, unabashed sexual fulfillment and I think that now, with the help of my beautiful wife, I’ll be able to live it out.

As the fantasy goes, we are on vacation on a romantic island where people can run around playing

the apprentice

Part two-chapters 2-3

(tom and wendy)

Monday morning was very interesting. Ms. Gray was somewhat distant and proper with me, and I understood that we couldn’t giv

Wild Child

I am a 23 year old woman with a sordid past, my story starts when i was about 14 years old and i joined a local gang known as the “Priesty” there was no induction as such but everyone had to agree that you were well known and liked in the area we liv