Altoid Mints

Altoid Mints…

By: vixen_deb

You don’t know it but I have been planning this for weeks. I am so thrilled you are back in my life and want to spend time with me that it makes me shudder to think of you. And tonight I have planned a fantasy



Well you have probably already heard or seen my school days and how I had to deal with part of the gang from school well now I will tell you about the other side of the spectrum I was a small boyish man as so to speak barely 5′



when I was a young man I was just typical as any other not as big I was just as macho as any other guy in school as though I heard the same things as any one else about fucking,eating pussy and the really nasty people the bi sexuals ,


it was around midnight when I was pulled over by the local law enforcement agency
I was dressed in my customery party clothes although I did have a little bit to drink I was by no means drunk when I seen that car pull up behind me with flashers on a

My Husband, My Neighbor, and I Part II

My Husband, Neighbor, and I Part II

After that first night with Joe, I decided I needed more. I couldn’t stop thinking about the way he looked at me. I told my husband, Mike this and he agreed it turned him on to see me with another man,

The Massage


The door closes behind us, the room is filled with the subtle aroma of vanilla from the burning candle, its flame casting a soft yellow glow in the room. Slowly we remove each other’s clothes, watching each piece fall to the floor like l