A Wet Weekend

A Wet Weekend
by Emma Pee emmaloveboat@yahoo.co.uk
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She was late, that woman was always late!

I was waiting for Sandy, my best friend and part time lover for some years now. We are b

School Science Fair!?

My name is Sally! I am in 10th grade at Lakota Oaks High in Vermont. My best friend Allie and I are think about what we are going to do for our Schools science fair. My boyfriend is away so he can’t help us! we are lost, so we are looking in a book f

What an order

A normal Friday afternoon and I was just doing my job, which is purchasing for a large company. The receptionist calls and lets me know there is a girl in the lobby that has been trying to get an order for over a year. She is tall, thin, and has pret

The Accidental Touch

The dinner session of drinks at the local bar with her friends had been fun, Vicky had caught up with the gossip, shared jokes and enjoyed the companianship that she had been missed recently due to a hetic work schedule.

After making arrangeme