Adriatic surprise

My sister and her Italian  husband run a small beachside restaurant/pizzeria in Italy. Last summer she invited me to stay for a few days, adding that a female friend of theirs from Munich would also be there.

I’ve met many of my sister’s girl friends, and while they are all lovely people, none of them ever turned me on in the slightest. So I wasn’t expecting anything of Gillian … Until I met her!

Gillian was about 5′ 4″, beautifully tanned and toned, blonde with an angel face and perfect complexion. I was introduced to her while she was lying on her front on the roof, reading a book and taking the hot Mediterranean sun.

My sister obviously noticed my raised eyebrow, and as we went back down the steps, she said “you might be ok there!”

For the next three days, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the tight fold in the front of Gillian’s skimpy bikini bottoms … But there was no opportunity to get close to her. Then on day 4, as we all chilled out on the beach in the afternoon, Gillian suddenly said to me “fancy walking over there on the cliffs?”

“Why not?”  and off we went.

As we reached the top of the cliff path, she suddenly said, “I so need to pee!”

I said, “Well, there’s no one around!”

“Except you!”

“OK, I’ll look the other way!”! And I did, for a moment, then couldn’t resist the temptation for a secretive glimpse. Of course, she caught me!

Instantly she turned the tap off. “Are you some kind of pervert?”

“well, no, but….”

“but you like to watch a girl pee?”

“ok, yes… It’s a turn on, sure!”

Her angry face relaxed into a smile,  and she adjusted her position to show a beautiful clean-shaven pussy thrusting in front of her, between two tanned, athletic legs, her bikini bottom pulled to one side.

“want to see more?” she said, and let out a short high-speed jet of pee on the rocks below.

Now my cock was sticking out of the top of my trunks. She beckoned me to her, then pulled it out. Her hand felt to nice as she masturbated me.

“Be honest,” she said, “what is your dream right now?”

“you really want to know?”


I looked around, there was no one within 500 yards. I almost whispered, “I would love you to pee on my cock…”

Next moment, I found myself on my back, my trunks round my knees, and this beautiful girl kneeling over me… My cock was standing up like a flagpole, and just above it, Gillian was rubbing her clit.

Then the waterfall began… With one hand masturbating herself, and the other wanking me, sHe opened the floodgates… It wasn’t yellow, it was clear, like plain water, and it flowed all over me, warm, even in the Adriatic heat.

When the last drop was finished, she lowered herself onto my hard cock, and shagged my until I begged her  to come off … I was ready to cum! I shot my mouth all over her pussy.

As we returned to the beach, and my sister and her family, she winked at me and said,  “Your turn next … You can pee on me!”

(stand by for part 2!)


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