Watching on the Bed

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I watch as you blow him, your knees together with your feet apart. Your saliva hangs off of your mouth and drips onto his balls, those big, full, hairy balls of his. Your hands working his shaft up and drown so rapidly. You never jack me off this passionately. He throws you down onto the pillows and yanks your knee up by his elbow, slowly guiding his seven and a half inch cock into your pussy. You gasp at his girth, then slowly moan as he starts pumping into you.

“Oh, yeeeeeessss.” You groan softly, grabbing his big toned ass and making him fuck you faster.

As he speeds up, your breathing quickens and he starts grunting. After a while he grows tired of the position you two are in. He pulls out and simply says “Doggystyle.” You obey him. You always obey whatever he commands. He grabs your sides just how you like it, and quickly gets inside of your now soaking wet stretched out pussy. Your legs are spread wide as his throbbing member works it’s way in and out of your twat.

“Oooooh fuck me…fuck me harder…” You say in between gasps. He starts slamming into your backside, shoving all of his big fat cock into your gaping pussy. I am sitting in the corner, jacking off to his thrusts that are getting gradually harder (but a little slower). Your groans get louder and louder.

“Pull out for a second,” You say. He complies, only to have his member showered in your delicious yellow/golden squirt. You and I have a special position that allows me to make you squirt, but with Him he can make you do it multiple times in something as common as Doggstyle. You shake and quiver as it bursts out of you over and over in tiny streams. He dips his finger into your pussy mid-squirt, then finger fucks you to lube up his middle finger. That’s when I had to come into the picture. Your cunt looked so tasty, just dripping with your juices and quivering with the rest of your body as you shudder with pleasure. His now soaked finger works its way into your asshole, an orifice you never let me even touch, let alone probe. You grunt, kind of pull away but he keeps finger fucking your asshole. He gets down to the knuckle, and once he gets that deep you start moaning. I’ve told you a million times that I love anal, and yet you deny it to me and not Him. My cock goes rock hard.

I kiss you as he spits on your asshole and forces a second finger in your precious little hole.

“Could you just fuck me?” You request on behalf of your already sore backside. He pulls you backwards by your ass and puts his cock inside your mouth. You look almost grateful as he spanks you and says, “Jesus your mouth feels so good.” You reply by moaning softly and licking his balls. I crawl around and start licking your asshole to make it feel better, but He doesn’t seem to lick this.

“Hey bitch boy, back off, I own those holes!” I stop licking, instead I just look at You laugh at what He said and stare as your ass wiggles in delight. He makes you flip over and you two do missionary again, but this time he pushes your legs back until your arms clutch your knees to your boobs. His seven inch cock goes balls deep inside of you again and again as He holds him self up push-up style, demonstrating both his dominance and stupendous sexual abilities. You wail his name, then He says yours (I know how much that turns You on).  You squirt again and cuss and grunt as You get the most brutal fuck I’ve ever seen You take. He slams dick over and over inside you, until suddenly, as your toes curl with delight once more, he lets out a mighty grunt and cums deep inside of you. His balls rise up and down, quivering and sliding against your gorgeous round ass. The combined juices slide down into your crack, You kiss Him and He slips You the tongue. I cum all over the bed at the sight of all this, then I wait until He pulls out. You two continue kissing as I lick your red pussy, your lips enlarged from all the hits to the pelvis.  You put your foot on my shoulder, then you kick me off of the bed. You two laugh at me as he fondles your breasts.

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