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Mister Steal Yo Girl: Your Brother Steals Your Big-Boobed Girlfriend and Makes You Watch Them Have Sex Part II


Some minor details to clear up from the previous chapter: JT is not my best friend, he is my twin brother but we’re not identical, not even close. We recently turned 22 this November 5th 2019. Fabiana, my now ex girlfriend who my brother stole from me, was a year and a half older than us. Now back to the story after a quick recap…

“Brody, I’m leaving you for your brother. “

He’s so much sexier, he’s got a big ‘ol dick, plus he’s just a massively manly man with a muscular chest and manly nipples.”

Fabiana slowly began to take steps toward JT. I had the sickest feeling all day that things would come to this.

My brother, maintaining the serious look on his face, bent to the side to set down the weight stacked press bar. This demonstrated to me that he purposely set up the garage to be like this so that this would happen to me.

My brother wanted this to happen to me and he wanted to personally do it to me. He made sure to demonstrate to my girlfriend how robust and masculine his pecs are by slowly and thoroughly pumping weights.

He managed to sync his phone to the speaker before I could so that he could loudly play classic rock of the 1970’s in order to kickstart the sexual vibe. He also heated the place like a sauna so that the blood would flow throughout his and her sexual systems. But when she stood just inches before him, he stood tall like a man….wide stance, chin up, hair flipped back, nostrils flared, chest out and large brown nipples dripping with sweat from hard work.

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The curves and lines on Fabiana’s back were so sexy as I watched in despair.

I asked, I pleaded if they couldn’t do this today. It was already established in everybody’s minds what was going to happen: I was going to be cuckolded as I watched my sexy boobalicious hot girlfriend get stolen away by my brother again while I had to watch like a Beta Cuck.

He looked down to his left side where there was a Vinyl disc of all of his most sexual favorite classics. I asked her if she wanted to listen to a song while we hung out in the garage still trying to avert my submission. But Fabiana said, “No…I think we need to listen to this.” JT then flared his piercing eyes wide open as he intimidated me with a malicious grin of cruel intent.

Those Shoes by the Eagles began to play. She slid her hands down the curvature of his chest muscles and tilted her head back, moaning as her womanly body could feel the amplitude of sexual energy rise with the music.

Fabiana then unhooked her tight lace bikini letting her oily shining heavy brown boobies undulate before JT.

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He grabbed her erotically around the back feeling the contours of her fit body. She shook her thick layers of luscious black hair in a motion of hot sexual arousal. She looked back at me in my pathetic state as I compared to the Alpha Male.

I was so humiliated and emasculated. My brother began to pump his pecs up and down as he stared deeply into my soul with a glare of sheer piercing intimidation. Making such womanly, and devious eye contact with JT, Fabiana said, “Feel ’em up, Baby, they’re all yours…” I couldn’t stand it. I was watching while my dick bully brother was getting to feel up Fabiana and her massive titties. Those voluptuous bulbs of soft skin and plush mammary slipped and slid around in his hands as his palms supported the weight of her heavy juicy fruits from the nipples. I fell on all fours whimpering. JT then gave me an Alpha Command of submission with smoldering intensity saying, “Shut the Fuck up! I swear to God when I get over there, you gettin’ three – no five switches!” I lowered the volume of my whimper in submission to his authority. Fabiana cried out and moaned with pleasure how much she loved that my brother could control my actions.

They made out wiping their smooth, hot naked bodies together before JT started bossing me around to turn Her on. “You fuckin put your head in this toilet! You lowly bow your head in humiliation while I make you slurp some butt custard like I did when you were a little kid!” As much as Fabiana liked that, which turned me on, I protested. JT walked over to me on all fours lifted me with an emasculating wedgie and gave a good toilet swirly in front of my hot girlfriend. I made that gargling noise swishing it without ingesting in submission to his dominance. My manly brother and Fabiana made out right next to me. They moaned and moaned. JT for a moment held Fabiana back by the side of her boobs. He looked down on me steeerrrnnn! “You know what it is…” With sad tormented eyes at the fact that I knew he was about to fuck my girlfriend and the intimidation, I nodded and faced down while on all fours. Fabiana rolled her eyes with sexual arousal because of the confidence he displayed by talking to me like that, so dominant, Alpha and commanding of the weaker inferior male.

Fabiana walked him over to his comfy garage cot and laid him down. She looked over at me and said, “You’re brother’s about to get the good stuff. I can’t wait to ride his big ‘ol dick. You fuckin’ baby dick cuckold!” JT then gave me another really mean look, “And said get over here!…NOW!” I humbly walked to where they were laying. I knew to bend over and slightly split my legs – exposing the back of my humiliated balls. JT grabbed his fraternity paddle. I could see the exhilaration in Fabiana’s eyes. JT smacked the paddle down hard onto his hand for the sake of intimidation and fear. The noise was so menacing. As the Alpha, he then proceeded to whack my balls, forcing me into submission and sexually arousing my girlfriend. He made a mean stink face and then gave me a swift side-arm smack to the nards. “You go’n feel this shit!” wham, he really put his wrist into that one. While my brother was doing this, Fabiana only became more infatuated with my brother.

God, JT you’re such a man. Always telling you’re brother what to do. Always calling the shots, I bet you played sports growing up while Brody was being a little pussy.

“Oh god, Brody, you’re such a Cuck! You need to get your balls smacked. Give him ten more.” Ten more!? Oh god, it was so degrading. The fact that I was supposed to be the man to satisfy her but also that my brother was stealing her away from me while also smacking my manhood around in front of her. “Now you sit there and watch this shit…watch your brother get the good stuff while I have sex with your big brother!” I sprawled on my hands and knees by the side of his cot as I watched her take off his underwear. She groaned with satisfaction “Uhg…I knew your cock was huge. Brody doesn’t have a bulge anywhere near close to that,” she said with an insulting smile on her face. “He could never get near even being close that mass…that strength…that length.” She began to stroke and massage my brother’s big muscular cock while she stared me dead in the eye. Then JT after smiling on Fabiana’s large all-natural breasts hanging over his chest, gave a piercing glare as he said, “This is how a man does it!” JT lifted up Fabiana by the waist which caused her to become excited – the arousal of him handling her brought a big sexy smile to her face. Fabiana placed her knees snug to the sides of my brother’s waist as he inserted his schlong into my girlfriend’s vagina. A pathetic look of horror came over my face. JT and Fabiana moaned so deeply at the sensation of the other’s sexual sensation. I squealed in despair and humiliation. Fabiana began to confess something I didn’t want to hear. She said as she slowly breathed, “All throughout High School, I knew I should have been with you JT. You were so Hot! Your brother was so lame, no sex drive, no confidence, so clingy and unsure of himself. That wasn’t you though. You were the tall, blonde, handsome captain of the football team. It was so hot watching dominate your Brody so hard in basketball during PE. And today you proved to me that you really are the Alpha Male…big strong pecs, massive chest, broad shoulders, biceps, big meaty cock. Ahhh!” Fabiana began to grind on his cock and balls with fervor and passion. JT with a smug face soaked it up while gliding his hands up and down her oiled up thighs, making his way up to her slender waist, gliding up against her soft stomach until he started rubbing her Boobies. Fabiana’s mouth and eyes flew open. She recovered with a beautiful smile looking down on JT and swooshed her thick black hair back. JT, knowing that was listening, proceeded to tell my girlfriend “God babe, your boobies are so fuckin’ juicy- just so fuckin massive, these juggs are so soft and heavy! Damn baby, your nipples are so smooth and tan. Seriously these are so soft and big. Brody has no idea what he’s not getting!” Fabian smiled with sexual pleasure, “Keep talking this is so hot how much it’s killing him!” About four minutes went by of my personal Hell. Fabiana caught up in the deep meditiation of their sex had her eyes closed and breathed deeply. JT, almost drunk with pleasure and deep sexual focus, looked at me with his eyelids half closed and with a big frown, grunted, “You like what you see? No you don’t like it – but it’s what you’re seeing, isn’t it Brody? You didn’t have the cock to get it on with your girlfriend so your brother got it on with her… and trust me, she likes his penis way more.” I whimpered and began to cry like a little bitch. He had stolen my girlfriend again like when we were little kids.

JT then commanded me, “Split those legs and look back!” I obeyed in submission. He started rhythmically swinging the paddle through my cuckolded balls and groping and squeezing Fabiana’s jiggly round Boob in his right hand. She started undulated her abdomen and riding his cock in a slippery circle. “Oh god this feels so good!” JT cried out. “Oh God baby, you’re gonna make me cum! Smack ’em harder!” JT started giving me rapid swings of ball-busting punishment until both of their bodies locked together, he dropped the paddle and he nutted inside of Fabiana with both palms pressed up against her oily nips squeezing the boobs in his hands. Once again, I was defeated. So utterly humiliated. He was the Alpha male – and the Alpha male always gets the girl, and in my case, the Beta male has to watch. Fabiana rolled over into his side as they laid there in the large hammock like cot. The way her big boobs jiggled and swung as she fell to his side stuck in my mind – like two shiny bubbles of smooth tan skin, so bouncy and round. He always got the girl. Fabiana after resting for a minute or two, asked if she could take a shower at my brother’s house (where we were for this). He replied yes to which she invited him. They showered together, and after that, Fabiana broke up with me to leave me for my brother. Now he gets to have sweaty hot sex with my girlfriend every night.

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