15 Years

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Since you and I got back in touch, I have been in a perpetual state of readiness, if you know what I mean. So one night, I decided to have a little sex party with myself. I removed my jeans and underwear, got into bed, dipped a finger in and started to go for it.

It couldn’t have been 15 seconds before I heard a faint knocking. I had no idea where it was coming from, so I went downstairs to investigate. Since my shirt was long enough to cover my ass, I left my jeans and underwear upstairs, a fortuitous choice, although I couldn’t have known that then.

I checked the front door, but no one was there. The knocking persisted, and I soon discovered you were at my deck door. I couldn’t imagine how you could possibly know I was alone for the weekend, but this wasn’t the time to ponder that.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“You’re driving me crazy. I can’t keep doing this without acting on it.” There was a lust in your eyes that told me you were finally ready to do it, and I hoped you and I had the same idea of what “it” was.

There wasn’t any time for me to say anything, assuming I had any clue what to say, because you had already backed me into the wall and started kissing me, hard. While your left hand steadied you, your right struggled to bring down your jeans. It was obvious a raging hard-on impeded your progress, and I considered helping you, but decided against it.

Once the jeans and the boxer briefs were out of the way (actually just down, as there was no time for complete removal), you lifted my right leg and slid into me. The wetness within was finally being put to its best possible use as you pounded increasingly deeper inside. Seeing as how you were already halfway to orgasm when you arrived here, it didn’t take long for you to explode inside me in a white-hot haze of pleasure. When you pulled out, I wasn’t anywhere near satisfied, our juices trickling slowly down my legs. No way is this over, I thought. Apparently your cock agreed, as it was still at attention and clearly ready for further action.

“I have an objection,” I said. You gave me that “huh?” look, so I explained, “I didn’t get a chance to suck your cock.”

“That can be arranged,” you replied.

As best we could under the circumstances, we made our way upstairs. I led you into the shower, where I lathered you up, making sure every inch of exposed skin was properly cleansed. You returned the favor, and remarked how you now knew what I meant about having trouble getting my pussy completely clean.

We dried off and moved to the guest bedroom, the reason for which would soon become apparent. Before we got into bed, I wanted to feel the length of your naked body against mine, so we spent some time kissing in the doorway. I left the room briefly, and when I returned you were already lying on your back in the middle of the bed. Perfect.

I got into bed and straddled you, leaning in for another kiss and letting my tits brush your chest, but resisting your attempts to touch me. I then used the restraints I had gotten from my nightstand to tie your hands to the headboard. You smiled as you submitted, probably forgetting how much I like to torture you in these kinds of situations.

Surprisingly enough, it had been so long since anything sexual had happened in my reality, I wasn’t sure where to begin. But I guess sex, like bike riding, is one of those things you never forget how to do. I thought it might be fun to start with some toe sucking, since they were so clean, and let my foot dangle just out of reach of your mouth. You lifted your head slightly to grab a toe, and I was again amazed at how incredible that feels.

I decided to put my tongue to good use, pretty much all over your body. Starting at the ankles and working my way up and down, I especially enjoyed your reaction as I traversed your inner thighs but purposefully ignored your steely obelisk. I think you were a little annoyed when I turned my back to you and thrust my ass in your face – tied up as you were – but all I heard was a little moan of yearning. Soon enough, I thought.

When I was satisfied that I’d gotten all the mileage I could out of playing with your front side, I commanded you to turn over so I could address your back. As I started to untie you, I realized there was no way in hell you could actually lie on your stomach under the circumstances. About the same time, you took advantage of your newly freed status by turning me around so my ass was back in your face. You guided me down onto your hungry tongue and started licking my snatch, which by this time was slick again with my juices. Your tongue darted in and out in a delicious little fuck, again and again, until I needed to feel it on my clit. I repositioned so your head was between my legs, and spread wide to give you proper access. Although I held out as long as I could, after such a buildup, it wasn’t long before I was screaming loudly in a sweet release.

At this point, your cock, standing straight up without so much as a glance from me, was practically crying from neglect. I took a small measure of pity on you and began caressing it with my right hand, while simultaneously sneaking your balls into my cupped left hand. A small sigh escaped your lips, pretty close to the upper limits of what I could expect, feedback-wise. I thought I’d play with you a little before sucking you all the way into my mouth, but that just wasn’t happening. It had been such a long time since I had someone like you in my bed (since that last time it actually WAS you in my bed), and I was so very tired of waiting.

But as I started the delicious slide into my mouth, you actually stopped me. I guess that first explosion made it ok for you to slow down a little. “Use your tongue first,” you requested, and I complied. I guided my tongue up and down the sides of your shaft, still holding it gently in my right hand and beginning to subtly squeeze your balls at the same time. When I had covered the whole thing with long strokes (and a few little nibbles), I switched to a short, flicking motion along its underside. I was surprised that this elicited a pretty decent moan.

Done with that, I turned to your balls, which I noticed were very considerately trimmed. Your reward: I licked them all over while squeezing with increased intensity. More appreciative moaning.

Next I moved back to your spectacularly hard cock, at last taking it into my eager mouth. A tiny thrust in my direction conveyed your approval, as if there was any doubt. I enjoyed the freedom of letting my teeth scrape your dick on its journey in and out, a luxury that could really spoil a girl. Every so often I would pull completely away to lick all around the head, driving you just a little crazier each time.

Finally, the heat from my cunt was too much to ignore. I positioned it just above the target, and slid slowly down. While it was an amazingly good fit, we both needed you deeper. You laid me down, rested my legs on your shoulders and thrust all the way in as far as you could go. Slowly you pulled out, trying to torture just me but getting yourself at least as badly in the process, and pushed back in. We both tried to do it slow, but who were we kidding? Fifteen years is an obscenely long time to wait, and we were loathe to delay one more second. My slickness enabled us to go increasingly fast, although we did stop periodically to kiss, and for you to lick my nipples.

Somehow we were both able to hold off long enough to blow together. Never happened for me before, and likely won’t again, so I damn well enjoyed it while it did. I loved feeling my pussy walls contract around your spurting cock, squeezing the last bit of your awesome juice into me.

Promise me I don’t have to wait another 15 years…

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