1st Time Without Panties

We  moved from SW PA to Tempe, Arizona, back in October 2013.  Don’t know why my doc decided to move, but I think it was the weather!

I’m 55 years old, he’s 53! ! We always had a great sex life. He loves shoving that 10 inch fishing pole up my fishing pond!

I’m 135 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches tall, with natural, fire engine red hair! The girls in high school at Gym class use to say, “Honey, we better get a fire extinguisher because you’re on fire down there!” Actually my bush has always been brighter then on my head!

I have a set of 34C boobs, but my nipples are almost 1 inch long when excited & over 1/2 inch across! They look like a baby penis!

I’ve never experienced this before! We had a boat back in PA & I enjoyed showing my body off in bikinis, but never this!!!!

I don’t shave down there until bikini season and it gets a little bushy! This past weekend, I was getting ready to take a bath, and was walking down the hall with my new short sundress on. I bought it for a bikini cover up! Without a bra, I look great in it!  Doc yelled in the door that he needed help right away. I said I getting ready to take a bath! He said it would only take a few minutes! I figured no one would see me since we have a privacy fence! So I went out just with my sun dress on, no panties! Here he needed me through our gate. I told him I couldn’t, but he said only a couple minutes! I never told him I was panty-less! But I figured who would be out at 7:30 in the morning? So, while, I was waiting for him to tell me turn on the sprinkler, I was looking at my cactus! We bought a used house and I was bending over!

All of a sudden I heard a voice say, “Hi there, nice view,” and I stood up and turned around to find a guy younger then our daughter, about 35, walking his big dog that looked like a Dalmatian!  I said, “Oh, I love my cactus,” and he said he wasn’t talking about the cactus! It was funny and the dog was sniffing around me!

Then he said, “We always see the guy living here, but not you!” I said, “I’m his Wife, Marty!” He looked at me and was looking at my nipples, they were giving him a large hard on, bigger than ever! As he was walking away, he turned around and said “I hope to see more of you in that dress,” and when I looked, he had a large bulge in his shorts! AND his dog had a large red thing sticking out! I told him, I’ll be out more often!

After Doc was done, I walked in the backyard & was fixing a chair. Doc said, “OH my God, where are your panties?” I said why and he said when you bend over, you see all your ass and a lot of your “Natural Red!” I told him I hung them on the dry rack! Thank God I had a pair over there! I didn’t realize I showed that much! Then I realized  that when that young guy said nice view, he was talking about my ass! All of a sudden I had a gigantic orgasm! I never had one that big!

Now I’m thinking about my next time in public without panties! When we go to Las Vegas, should I go without panties in tight white shorts of a very short dress?

Should I go in a thong 1st, then take it off?

I sure would appreciate some opinions on here!

Can’t believe while I typing this, I’m thinking about the guy’s hard on, and I’ve  never thought about any other guy’s dick except Doc’s!

Marty C

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  1. westsidestory

    I would go w/out panties, great story!

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