A Different Kind If Work-Out

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Jeremy was at the fitness gym with friends. They were all laughing ande having a good time .all of his buddies had to leave. Soon, Jeremy found himself alone as he was using the bench press. When he placed the weight down, he sat upright and quickly took notice to a distant figure.  It was the figure of a curvacious body walking towards him. She walked slowly, seductively, enticingly. At first glance, she appeared to be clothed. The closer she got to Jeremy, he realized that she was naked. His mouth dropped open. She winked at Jeremy and licked her lips repeatedly. “Don’t you want me, sweetie”, she asked? Before Jeremy was able to respond, she got on top of him, opened her thighs apart and gently pushed him so that he was again lying flat down on the bench press.

She whispered all types of erotic words into his ear. She massaged his package between his legs and she kissed his earlobes passionately. “Wow, you must work out a lot because you have some killer abs and a smokin’ chest. How often do you come to the gym”, she asks. She smothered the insides of his mouth with her wet tongue, preventing him from answering. “Don’t you love my sexy body”?  Let me take your hand and when I place it somewhere on my body that you like, let me know, okay?  In a aroused and hoarse voice, he responds saying “okay”.

When she places his hands all over her breasts, he moans, but says nothing. Next, she runs his hands all over her silky, shapely thighs. He sighs loudly, but says nothing. Next, she rubs his hands all over her tight, bubbly rear end. His eyes roll and he bites his lip, but still no response. Last, she leans back a little, takes his hand and shoves it up in her wet, soft vagina. Suddenly, Jeremy screams, “daaaaaayuuuum”, I like this part, I like this part”!!! 

Raven laughs.

“Yeah, I’ll bet it is your favorite part. But then, I already knew that. However, let this be a lesson to you…never tell me that I can’t be as spontaneous as you can. I think I just proved that I can”, says Raven.  Jeremy laughs and grabs Raven around the waist. “Yes, you definitely did. Now go put some clothes on and leave these types of spontaneous acts for inside our bedroom”.


Jeremy and Raven leave the fitness gym and go home to finish what they started.

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