A Family Affair, New Horizons

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A Family Affair, New Horizons

Ever since our weekend away with my sister and her husband, our sex life has changed dramatically!  Often, while the two of us are out somewhere, be it a store, church, the beach, or the park with the kids, my wife or I will give each other a playful nudge when we  see a couple, or single, that catches our eye. The fantasies we play out in bed that night are often the most erotic, steamy, sex we have had in years!  The one I’m about to tell you happened for real, and by accident.
It was late Friday night, 10 p.m., Barbara was in the kitchen having her tea, I was in the den watching the news, the kids in bed. The phone rang and I answered it. It was the local grocery store apologizing for calling this late and telling me our delivery was outside the house, but if I didn’t want it because of the hour, they would resend it first thing in the morning. I told the manager no, I’d accept it, thinking it would only take a few minutes for the guy to bring it into the house. Drew, the manager told me,” Thank you very much,
please tell Josh to take the company van home with him, the store is closed, and he can drive it to work in the morning.” I told him I would, thanked him for the call, and went to the door. Josh was just getting out of the van, saw me, and asked, ” Did the store call you? Is it ok to bring your order in?” I called out to him, ” Yes, please do.”
Barbara appeared at my side, “What’s going on?” she asked quietly. ” Our groceries are here, I told him to bring them in.”  Right! I forgot all about them. Ok, tell him to bring them into the kitchen.”  Josh was by now carrying bags up the walkway and when he got to the door, I gave him his message. ” Drew said you can bring the van home with you and drive it to work in the morning, the stores closed now.”  ” Shit,” this young man said, “I hope he’s not pissed at me for running late, I’m going to get shit in the morning. Thank you
for accepting the order, or he would have had to wait for me to bring it back.”  ” No problem Josh, just bring the bags into the kitchen, my wife’s in there waiting.” I said to him. “One more trip should do it,” he said and hurried down the hall. I waited at the door for him, watched him go out and get the rest of the bags, come back and passed me again. ” That’s it.” he said. I locked the door, turned off the tv in the den and went into the kitchen to help my wife put the groceries away.
” So, your finished for the night?” I heard Barbara ask as I stood in the doorway of the kitchen. Josh didn’t notice me standing behind him, but Barbara saw me over his  shoulder. ” Yes”, Josh said quietly, watching as Barbara took a box of cereal from a bag, turned and placed it on the top shelf of our cabinet. Her reaching like that caused the tshirt she was wearing to creep up over her ass, giving Josh an eyeful of her pink panties and round butt. I doubt Josh knew she was doing this on purpose, but I did. Barbara turned to get  another box from the bag, and I noticed, as I’m sure Josh did, that her nipples were now rock hard against her thin tshirt. Without skipping a beat, my wife turned her back to us  again, this time pretending to move some boxes on the shelf to make room for the one in her hand, giving the both of us a delightful show.
” So, it’s Friday night, your finished with work, going to meet your girlfriend now?” Barbara asked, moving closer to Josh now. ” No, I don’t have a girlfriend, I guess I’ll just go home, I have to work in the morning.” this young man said nervously. ” Well Josh, if your not in a hurry, you can help me put these things away, then we’ll go into the den
and get my husband to give you a big tip,ok”  Barbara looked over his shoulder at me and I knew she wanted me to go wait in the den, which I did.
I sat on the couch and waited quietly. I could hear muffled voices in the kitchen, some light laughs and a few moans. Ten minutes later Barbara and Josh came into the room holding hands. Standing right in front of where I was sitting, Barbara took Josh’s hands and wrapped them around her body, placing them on her ass. Josh lifted up my wife’s tshirt, pushed his hands inside her silky panties and gave her ass a playful squeeze. Barbara, in turn, pushed this young man’s sweatpants down over his hips, his huge, hard cock smacking  against his belly. Looking my way, both of her hands wrapped tightly around our young friends cock, my wife said,” Look at the size of this fucking thing! He’s huge! And I’ve never felt a cock so fucking hard, it’s like concrete! Here feel it!”
Barbara moved behind Josh then, easing him towards me, but saw the hesitation on my face. My wife whispered into his ear, ” You don’t mind if he touches you, do you?” A soft, ” No, I guess not,” was Josh’s reply. With her head on his shoulder and looking down at me, Barbara whispered, ” Touch it.”  I hesitated and my wife moved her hands down to Josh’s thighs, running her long nails up and down his legs, making that thing grow even longer. ” Oh fuck! Look at it!”  I was looking at it! I watched it grow even longer and
fatter with each tease of my wife’s nails. I looked up at my wife, while both of my hands wrapped around that long hot pole. Oh Fuck! That’s Hot!” my wife moaned, pushing Josh closer to me. I saw Barbara pull one hand away from her young friend and move it behind him, to her own pussy I assumed, the other went under his ball sack, lightly continuing to scratch him there. With two hands firmly gripped around my prize, I slowly moved them along his massive pole, soft moans telling me he liked what I was doing. ” Go ahead baby, I know you want to.” Barbara said softly, and she was right, at that moment I wanted to, I was dying to, I had to, and I did!  I eased Josh even closer, his cock inches from my face, the thick veins pulsing ,the mushroom head a deep dark purple, a drop of cum easing from the tip. My tongue gently flicked the tip, the nectar falling onto it and bringing my first taste of cock into my mouth. My whole body shook, the thought of having this young man’s huge cock in my mouth had me cumming in my shorts! I quickly wrapped my lips around it  and pulled him by his waist to me, his cock gliding easily down my throat, his balls resting on my chin. ” Fuck! Yes!” Barbara moaned deeply, moving from behind him, to kneeling next to him.
” That’s it baby, suck it slow!  Make that fucking thing all wet! Lick it! Lick his balls!” Barbara urged me on, but I really didn’t need the encouragement. I loved the feel of his ridges and bumps moving over my tongue, I loved how he pushed it into my mouth, fucking my face, his balls smacking against my chin, I loved the heat of his cock on my tongue. I let my hands fall from it onto my lap, allowing Josh to push every last inch into my waiting mouth. This young bull grabbed me by my ears and drove his entire length into me,
holding my head still for a few beats, almost gagging me, before slowly pulling almost all the way out, me sucking hard not wanting it to escape. My eyes closed, my body limp, my mind blank, I let this boy take me, fuck me, use me. ” I’m gonna cum!” snapped me out of it. My hand quickly wrapped around him, my open mouth inviting him, my swirling tongue teasing him. ” Oh Fuck!” I felt the first blast splash onto the back of my throat, the second, third and fourth, filling my mouth, after that each burst flooded my mouth and dripped
out over my lips, down my chin and onto my chest. I closed my lips over that shaking stick and swallowed deep, the sticky goo sliding down my throat. I held his cock firmly between my lips, not letting another drop escape as his cock slowly oozed and filled my mouth a second time. This time I opened my eyes and looked for my wife, her eyes looking back at me, and opened my mouth for her to see, her husband, her cock loving husband, with a mouthful of man juice, before I hungrily swallowed it down.
My wife climbed onto the couch and rested her head on my lap, my semi-hard cock on her chin. Josh climbed between her open legs, his dripping cock still hard. “Thank you for letting him suck your cock Josh, like I said before, now you get to fuck me!”  “Sweet!” this young man called out, eying my wife’s inviting shaved pussy. Josh grabbed hold of his pole and slid it up and down along my wife’s inviting lips, making the huge bulb of his monster wet. ” Go slow baby,” Barbara said, reaching up to put her hands on his stomach, ” I’m not used to such a monster, but I’m loving the looks of that thing!” I watched in awe as this young stud inched his way along the couch, closer to my wife, her pussy opening wide for her young lover, her mouth open and gulping for air, as his long pole slowly disappeared inside her. ” Oh fuck! I can feel him so deep I can almost taste him!” my wife said looking  up at me, then turning her head to take my cock into her mouth. ” She’s ok, right?” Our new friend asked. ” Yes Josh, she’s great, give her all you got!”  Josh didn’t hesitate a second! Grabbing her by the thighs, he pounded into her fast and hard, grunting like a stallion, sweat starting to drip down his hairless body, his bulging muscles tight, his thighs quivering. ” Oh yes!” he called out quickly, pulling his cock free from Barbara with a loud, “Pop!” For a second time within minutes of each other, this young boy erupted huge amounts of sticky cum, this time onto my wife’s belly and tit’s. Barbara released my cock from her mouth wanting to watch her new “boy toy” hose her down with his man juice. I reached out and spread that juice all over my wife’s body, bringing a finger to her mouth, a huge gob stuck to it, she hungrily sucked it in.
Getting up from the couch, Josh pulled his pants up, tucking that delicious pole in, and looked down at the two of us. ” Make sure when you get your next delivery, you ask for me, and you tell them you want to be the last stop of the day. I’m going to enjoy coming to this house.”

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