A mature lover

Like many mature adults today, what others perceive of us controls what we allow ourselves to do. But not this time, he was widowed and it had been some time since he had a chance to be a lover. They meet on line and had talked many times to see if they felt any compatibility   In corresponding they had shared pictures of themselves and were comfortable in meeting at the motel this afternoon. She had arrived as planned and was waiting for that secret knock on the door. There were many times she had fantasized of this moment and was ready to thrust in her lover and his ability to satisfy her deep seated desires. Anticipation and imagination played in her self satisfaction, but this time it was her to feel the complete pleasure he would bring.

He was standing at the door and his mind raced with the possibility of seeing his lover. As the door opened, his mouth dropped and his eyes widened, to the sight of her, She was a short curvy lady, that took great care of herself and her ability to wear her sex appeal in what ever she wore. She smiled and lingered with her glance at his face, then slowly taking in all his assets and expressing her approval.

She was wearing a short, low cut dress, that she knew would blow his mind, Glancing down to his crotch, a slight giggle escaped her lips as a sudden swelling was becoming apparent. Oh my, she said as slowly leaning forward to receive his hug and kiss.  Then slowly backing up as he closed the door, a twinkle in her eyes was a sure sign of the joy to follow. As she turned to walk away, he could no longer hold his own desire, as his eyes lowered to her hips and ass as she gave an extra twitch to her walk.

Walking towards the bed, to pour some wine, she looked back over her shoulder to again see the excitement he was showing. His shaft swelling at a rapid rate and was showing, its long shaft and swollen head. She bends over slightly knowing she was exposing more of her soft sweet ass,and it caused tingles to over take her body. She was enjoying ever moment of the show she was giving and it excited her more than she thought it would. Just the thought of all this time she had dis-allowed her desires was overwhelming, and one she was going to never let happen again. If this man was half the lover she thought, she was going to make this a regular thing, and explore all the possibilities she was dreaming about.

Handing him a glass of wine, they toasted to themselves. He notices that the cleavage he was admiring also was showing signs of life and the nipples slightly hardening and becoming erect.

She had come prepared and was not only going to lie back and enjoy ever minute he would provide, but also provide to her the deep seeded desire to use her strap on, her dream of riding a virgin ass for her own pleasure and  desire, which keep the anticipation growing.

Drinking the last of their wine, they kissed and allowed each other to feel and explore the others body, as they undressed and lay down on the bed. Laying side by side, they kissed with more heated passion and the tender touches that keep each other on the verge of explosion.

Her head tilted slightly in the pillow and eyes closed, her body trembled and quivered as he work his way down over her breasts, taking each nipple in his mouth to suck, nibble and nip at the hardness. The soft sweet tastes of her nipples caused moans to be heard and goose bumps to travel up and down her arms and legs. Her arm stretched down to his cock and she slowly stroked the smooth shaft and feeling the heat expel from his body.

His kisses continued to lower to her womanhood, the sent of her sex filled the air he was breathing. As he knelt  between her open legs, her hands worked slowly to her large plump breasts. Lowering his face into her pussy, the moisture glistened off his lips, licking at her swollen clit caused her back to arch and body to shake uncontrollable, as wave after wave of pleasure erupted from deep within and allowing her mind to float to a place she had forgotten existed.

After the breathing and the convulsions slowly subsided, she wanted nothing more than to taste this hard swollen shaft and to lick and explore his tight firm bottom. Just the thought of her and her strap on caused her to a new fever pitch she also didn’t know she had. As she licked and sucked on his cock and his ass, she slowly entered his asshole with a finger, the feeling was so tight and so clutching to her finger that she had to lick it more to get the finger to enter all the way. When she finally achieved full insertion, she felt his body arch and knew she was going to receive her just award.

However she stops and whispers to relax and calm down, as she was not yet ready to receive his cum filled explosion. Her dreams only allowed him to cum when she had as chance to work her strap on in and out of his ass, as he smirks and asked for more, for faster harder penetration.

She rolls hims over on his stomach, licking his cock one last time, and puts on her strap on, Reaching up to caress his hard firm ass, she buries her face in his spread and wide open ass cheeks. Savoring the taste as she pushes her tongue as deep as possible, she rises between his open and spread legs. Telling him how long she had  dreams of this, only excited her even more. The shaft of the strap on was coated with lube, as she held it still and slowly pushed it forward and into his ass. He jumps forward slightly and she tells him to breath and try to relax. The more he relaxes the easier it becomes to fill him with the entire shaft. Arching forward above his flat body, she raises his hips and continues to increase her speed and thrust. His moans of pain and pleasure sent her into another explosive orgasm, as she reaches around and jerks him to cum to her pleasure. The more he came the loader her moans  became and her heaving hips slowed from all the excision. With the last ounce of her energy , she collapses on top of him. The strap on fully embedded in his ass, she expresses with feeling  that he has allowed her to experience the great pleasure the joy she has longed for. Leaning forward over his shoulder, she leans and kisses his back and shoulder, She bites at his skin and gets a sudden urge  to fuck him once again.


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