A night on the town…

Jack and I had been having so much fun over the last few weeks and after our escapade last month I felt so liberated, not since I was a little girl did I feel so much attention form others. Here I was a fully fledged woman living life to its fullest, young, good looking and sexually liberated. The last time I felt this way I had just turned a teenager, my body was developing nicely and I looked like a teenager it was fun. I was very mature physically for my age most of my friends were still playing with dolls and didn’t even show any signs of boobies I noticed in the showers at school after gym that most of the girls were barley even showing any signs of breasts but I had awakened to a new toy, my body. It was so neat to feel this way my mum on the other hand would say to me “you have to watch yourself around the boys now Doreen, you are getting older and soon boys will acting differently towards you” I of course, knew better and had no need to worry. I always remember discussing issues of boys with my mother, I would ask her if she had boyfriends at my age and what it was like, but to this day I have not fully understood what she meant when she would reply “No one knows the half of it dear.” Me, I think she was just as wild in her younger years as I am now.

I remember the day well, who could forget. It was around noon on Saturday mum called me into the kitchen and asked if I could run and pick some up some baking soda from my cousin Charles verity store I said, “Sure” and left for the shop. As I was heading back home I met Tony an older boy from the other side of town in fact an distant cousin, he was eighteen at the time and had a name about him as being ‘cool’ I thought he was dreamy. He asked if he could walk me home and then as we rounded the corner to my house he said he was going up to the meadows and if I liked I could go with him, I said I would love to after I dropped the groceries into mom and he said he would wait for me. I ran into the kitchen dropping the baking soda on the table and told mum I was going out to play, she said lunch was ready, I replied that I was not hungry it was a lie, I was famished, but first thing first, an older boy was waiting for me. I grabbed a slice of bread slapped some butter on it and ran out the door. As I was heading up the path to the meadow I couldn’t see Tony anywhere the all of a sudden he jumped out in front of me. I almost dropped dead and he laughed saying “what kept you” I was about to head home thinking you were not going to show. I said I was sorry and would he still walk with me, he said sure and we headed up the path.

Just as we hit the clearing we could see my cousin Charles’s bull in the field in front of us and three cows in the next field. The bull was acting funny pacing up and down walking along the fence line next to the cows he looked like he was interested in one of the cows in particular then Tony said “look at his cock he wants to screw that cow.” I did not know what he was talking about but did not want to let Tony know that, so I made out like I knew and let out a giggle. Tony the said “have you ever seen a bull stick his cock into a cow” I said yes, another lie, then I said something silly to act all grown up, I said “it is so cool it makes me tingle just watching them” I had overheard my older sisters say this when talking about boys when the came home after a dance. He look at me and said “you look real nice today Doreen” I blushed, then Tony said “look at the bulls cock now,” as I looked over the bulls cock head had worked it way out of its sheath, it was half erect, it looked massive. I don’t know what came over me but suddenly I felt a tingle in my boobs and my nipples began to push and rub against the fabric of my blouse, as I said before, I had stopped wearing a bra and now my nipples could be easily seen pushing out my blouse. Tony noticed this and he cupped one of my tits in his hand and said “my, your excited aren’t you Dodi” I blushed again and looked down. Tony then began unzipping his pants and as I watched he withdrew his cock, this was the first strangers dick I had seen and it looked so big not at all like my little brothers, I’d seen his a lot of times when mum made us bath together to save on hot water.

Tony’s cock was large and just like the bulls it was hanging over half limp, Tony took my hand and placed it on his shaft and told me to move it back and forth I said no but he just slapped me and said “take it you little dick tease” I did as he told me and as I griped it and pulled the skin bask and forth as he told me his dick became harder and longer he must have been at least nine inches erect I couldn’t even get my hand around it now. Tony began to unbutton my blouse and expose my boobies and I was in a daze, I continued to pull on his cock as he pinched and pulled on my nipples, how good it felt, but the rest of this experience will continue in another story, let’s get back to the present.

I was in the bathroom showering when I felt it again, it was a feeling of a presence it felt like someone was looking at me from the corner of the room, I looked over and was sure I seen an old gray haired woman, as I watched the shadow figure I felt myself lifting my breast, slowly I started to squeeze and cup my right boob while my other hand worked its way down to my fiery red pussy hair, slowly and for some unknown reason to me, I started to open my vagina exposing my clit to this presence. The next thing I knew I was involuntary rubbing my clit with my middle finger something I had never done before, but my how this felt good It was a new sensation. I was used to the hands of others doing this but not my own, I was in heaven and the juices from my cunt started flowing and trickling down the inside of my thighs I was transfixed on this shadow woman, I was making myself climax for her, then just as I was about to peak I heard Jack call out “are you going to be all night, we have to get going.” I quickly came back to reality as the shadowy figure disappeared I felt so aroused and on a sexual high needing some release, I really needed to climax how could I go out feeling like this.

I wrapped a towel around my wet hair and walked naked into the bedroom not realizing Jack had left the drapes open. I should tell you our bedroom is on the second floor of the house and faces right onto a busy bus route. To my surprise Jack had laid out on the bed a new outfit for me to wear tonight he had bought me a garter belt, nylons, a dress that snapped up the front from the hen to the neck. Still felling excited I decided to leave the drapes open allowing anyone who passed a full view of my nakedness. I sat at my dresser and dried my hair then slipped on a pair of panties, my new garter, nylons and the new dress leaving the bottom two and top three snaps undone. Looking in the mirror I thought how wicked I was I slipped on a pair of heels and headed downstairs to meet Jack who, by now, had poured himself a drink. I asked if I could have one also, and did he think I looked ok. Jack responded with “you look great maybe we should stay home instead of going out”  to this I replied “no way, I want to party” Jack smiled and went over to the liqueur cabinet and poured me a double run and coke and handed it to me after I finished it and we headed out to the car.

Things were quiet as we entered the bar downtown so we picked a table and Jack went to the bar a bought a beer for himself and a rum and coke for me, as soon as he sat down he asked how I liked my new outfit, I said it felt really good and I felt really sexy, then he asked if I was wearing panties. I said I was and he told me to go to the bathroom and take them off “I dare you” he said, knowing full well I would not refuse a dare. I got up and went to the toilet and removed my panties and returned to our table and slipped them into his hand. The bar starting to get busy and Jack asked me to undo a few more snaps at the bottom of my dress, I did as he asked, then he told me to spread my legs so anyone at the other tables or bar looking our way would see my red bush, this was a new experience for me, it was scary but exciting.

When our group of friends arrived we ordered some more drinks and headed off to a party someone told us about, the place was really crowded and after Jack fixed us some drinks and we had a few dances he sat down in a easy chair in the living room facing a group of people we did not know. I wondered way he chose this chair and sat on the arm of the chair next to him. Jack whispered to me to spread my legs as he undid one of the top snaps on my dress I said you had better watch or my tits may fall out, with a grin he said “that could be fun.” Things were not going anywhere at the party so Jack and I headed back downtown to the bar we started at. By now it was almost closing time and as we entered we saw one of the regulars his name was Freddie, both Jack and I knew he really had a thing for me, he looked drunk and as we sat on the stools at the bar he came over and sat down on the other side of me and asked if he could buy me a drink.  I said “I’ll have a rum and coke” turning to the barmaid he ordered a double rum and coke and then started coming on to me. I told Jack and he said “play along after all he did buy you a drink”.

I felt Freddie’s leg push against mine so I whispered this to Jack, he told me to undo the bottom two snap of my dress opening it up to the waist. I did as I was told letting each side of the dress fall open exposing myself to Freddie his eyes almost popped out of his head and he looked over to Jack, seeing no reaction he made his move by placing his hand on my leg. I leaned over and told Jack what he was doing and he said “good spread your legs a little wider” I did this and Freddie immediately moved his trembling hand to my bush and started running his finger along my now wet pussy. Jack looked over at Freddie and then down at my cunt letting him know he understood what was going on, Freddie on the other hand did not withdraw his hand so Jack leaned over and undid the last three snaps that were holding my dress together. Here I was fully exposed with my legs open sitting in a bar in only a garter and nylons my dress fully open and a drunk fingering me. Freddie then with his other hand began cupping my tit while stroking my pussy ail the time looking nervously at Jack. On Jacks instruction I opened my legs wider allowing Freddie full access, this was all he needed and went to town shoving two fingers inside me he rapidly began finger fucking me right at the bar. Oh fuck! this sent me over the edge and I placed my hand on Freddie crouch stroking his cock through the material of his jeans. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, not here, not with him. Jack told me to unzip his pants and slipped his dick out and I did as I was told seeing the size of Freddie’s dick I about died I could not fully wrap my hand around it, it reminded me of Tony’s big cock all those years ago, then slipping from the bar stool I got down on my knees and started working his gigantic cock into my mouth in response Freddie grabbed a fistful of my red hair and drove his cock deeper into my mouth. All this time Jack was holding a conversation with barmaid about how quiet the bar was tonight, Freddie on the other hand was driving my head onto his pole and I was beginning to gag at the size. All to quickly I felt Freddie balls tighten and globs of his sperm shot into my moth and down my throat, as he shot four or five globs in my moth and I could take no more, soon his salty sperm began trickling down my chin and onto my tits. Finished he stood up stumbling and slid his cock back into his paints looked down and slurred “thank you, that was well worth the price of a drink” then he staggered out the door. I stood up and licking the last drop of cum from my face then started to do up the snaps on my dress. Jack looked over to the barmaid and asked if she minded she said no, so Jack told me to open my dress again and sit on the barstool, I did as I was told again and faced the barmaid who I could see was getting an eye full.

Introductions were made and the barmaid said her name was “Jacky.” After another drink she had to close up and asked where we were going. Jack said “home would you like to tag along” never taking her eyes off my body Jacky said “sure, that sounds like fun.”  As we left the bar Jacky slipped her hand behind me opening my dress full and slid her finger into my ass hole. Here I was, closing time on the busiest street in town being fully exposed for all passers by to see. Now I knew how it felt for people to see me naked and it felt great. As we walked to the car three young guys came over and asked Jack if they could cop a feel he said “sure, go for it guys” at that, they were all over me with their hands felling my cunt and groping my tits one guy even stuck the head of bear bottle he was drinking from up against my wet cunt and boy did that feel good. Jack, Jacky, and I, walked the rest of the way to our car and we drove home. No sooner were we in the door Jacky asked if I would take a bath with her, I of course with Jacks encouragement obliged.

I went up and ran the bath pouring a liberal amount of my bubble bath into the water and called down to Jacky to come on up whenever she wanted. As soon as she entered the bathroom seeing me with my dress at my feet Jacky immediately slid her hand down to my cunt pushing open my lips she slid her long middle finger into me, then with her free hand she grabbed my hair and pooled my mouth to hers sticking her tongue into my mouth. Oh hell! did this girl know how to suck face slowly we made our way to the bathtub the room by this time was full of steam I unhooked my garter and slid off my nylons then stepped into the hot bath water. Looking over I saw Jackie remove her top, bra, skirt and panties and boy did she look good., Jacky was a natural blond me as you know a natural redhead. I had a 38 inch bust and Jacky was a 34 inch bust it was fun washing her tits and soaping up her pussy, and as she started to do the same to me I felt I was in heaven, I wanted more of this woman, much, more. After what seamed to be only minutes we dried each other off, wrapped ourselves in towels and headed downstairs to Jack. He fixed us drinks and we sat in front of the open fire chatting like we had been friends all our lives. About an hour later Jack said he was going up to bed and to make sure everything was turned off when we came upstairs.

Jacky and I continued chatting about nothing in particular, then suddenly Jacky stood up and dropping her towel to the floor stepping towards me, I could smell her sent, her pussy was level with my face and she bent over undid my towel leaving me just as naked as she was. Moving closer she spread her legs wide enough for me to see a flicker of dampness between her pussy lips and leaning forward I kissed her pussy then slowly licked the tip of her opening. I slid my tongue into her cunt parting those lovely golden locks and from that moment on everything went wild. Jacky began grinding her cunt into my face, I slid my finger into her ass hole and she began to moan out loud. “Oooooh FUCK!” It was good to please another woman again its been so long since I last tasted another woman’s nectar, suddenly I felt her grab two handfuls of my hair and pull my head back with one fast move she swing around shoving her ass at me as she bent forward, I needed no more encouragement as I shoved my tongue as far as I could into her asshole I could feel her shake. I moved my tongue in and out of her rear like a little piston, I could feel Jacky move back pushing me down to the floor the next thing I knew Jacky was straddling my face as I reamed her out. She moved forward and I could feel her hair on my legs then her warn breath closing in on my red pussy locks as her mouth covered my now wet cunt she began to suck Ooooooh! it felt like electric shocks were running through my body I was in ecstasy. After what must have been about forty five minutes Jacky withdrew her body from me and turned to face me. We wrapped our arms around each other in an embrace, exhausted we kissed deeply and then fell asleep in each others arms. This was one of the best weekends of my life. What a summer this was going to be.

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