A Secret Meeting

I walked up to her door not knowin what to expect. Sure we had talked online for awhile before this day but that was then this was now. I stood there at the door waitin impatiently for her to answer the door. When she opened the door I was amazed there stood one of the most beautifull 6 foot tall women I’ve ever seen. She had long brown hair with hypnotizing blue eyes, at least 40dd tits, and a nice big ass. Now me I stand bout 5′ 10″, hair short brown hair, sensual hazel eyes, and I have a tongue ring. She led me into the living room where things really got heated up after a long time of bein’ nervous she stradled me tellin me how sexy I was.(keep in mind her huge tits where in my face at this time.) All I could do was tell her the same. So after a few mutual complements were passed I started kissin her on the lips and tentavelly playin’ with her tits. After no protest I lifted her and started playin with her nipples witch caused her to moan. She reached down and was rubbin’ my hardon throught my jeans. She sugested we go to her room to continue. (Who was I to object? Besides I was on autoscrew by then.) So we went to her room and started kissin again. I pulled her shirt off and she was wearin a black lacy bra that barely contained her huge twin peaks of pleasure. As soon as her shirt came off she she undid her bra unleashin’ the biggest best lookin tits I’ve ever seen. Her nipples were hard and poked out at least an inch I immediately started suckin’ and bitin’ her nipples which drove her crazy with desire. At the same time I was busy unbuttonin” her jeans. When I got them off I was supprised by the sight of white cotton panties. I kissed my way down to her panties and pulled them down with my teeth (she was barefooted). As I pulled them down I was greeted with the sight of the most hairiest pussy I’ve ever seen (all execept my first had been shaved.). The musky scent of her arousal hit me full in the face and I pulled her panties down to her knees. I dived into her pussy eager to find out what she tasted like. At first I found her clit and gently bit it and licked her outer lips with my tongue before shovin my tongue into her pussy. Her pussy was the best I’ve tasted by far. I was plungin my tongue into her pussy enjoyin the sounds of her moans when I decided to bang her clit with my tounge ring. I started slammin my tongue ring into her clit whilest I ate her out and her moans turned into screams. After a few minutes of this she couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled me up and ripped my shirt off lickin’ and suckin’ my nipples which turned me on more than she thought. She slowly worked her way down to my pants and made me take off of my boots. She then undid my belt while givin me the most convincin’ innocent look you can think of. She then pulled my pants down with my hardon starin her in the face through the openin in my boxers. She pulled my boxers down with her teeth grazin the head of my cock as she pulled them down. She started suckin’ my cock slowly at first just lettiin the large head into her mouth. Then she started lickin the down my shaft and suckin each nut in turn till i was bout ready to cum then she swollowed my whole cock. As she did she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock and slid it down along the large vien of the underside of my cock. I couldn’t hold back when she did this and blew my load down her throat. She tried to swollow all of it but some of my nut was runnin out of her mouth down her chin and she scooped it up on her finger and licked her finger clean and said “Ummm you have the best tonuge I’ve ever felt and the best tastin cum I’ve tasted.” At this point she shove me backwards onto her bed and began to suck me off till I was hard again. When she got me hard she climbed ontop of me and guided my hard cock into her awaitin’ wet pussy. As my cock slid in she let out a series of loud moans till my entire Cock was in her ans she was startin to shake from the immense ammount of pleasure my huge 10 inch cock was causin her. She was tight to me but so where most women so I moaned along with her. She rode my throbin hardon hard and fast till she started screamin “Cum in me you big dick bastard!!!”. So I pushed her onto her back and started slammin my Huge 10″ cock into her as hard as I could. She wrapped her legs around me yellin harder you pussy till I was poundin her tight lil’ slit hard enough she passed out from the pleasure. When she awoke I was still poundin her pussy hard. She started Scratchin my back beggin me to cum sayin I was too much for her to handle. She started givin me hickeys on my neck and chest which caused me to cum allmost immediatley in her tight pussy. After I collasped onto of her I asked if she wanted to come see her again and allmost immediatly she said yes.

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