A Variety of Love – Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Ocean turned orange and the sky red. The daylight was taking the night off. The sun, bored with the lack of imagination of the subjects of this part of Earth had decided to move to another, more interesting place. Emily cursed its parting. She always hated this moment. The sun was the only interesting aspect of her life and with it gone; there was nothing but plain solitude. She watched the sun set until she could watch it no more. Then she picked up her rucksack and moved on.

Tonight she would stay in the motel on the other side of the town. She didn’t really like the place, but it was practical, all things considered. Her wayward living style left her with little cash to spend on more comfortable locations. She trod on the rocks and made her way to the highway. She must now choose the right person to take her there.

In the past, her hitch hiking had been as wayward as her lifestyle. She would take the first car that came her way without thinking about the consequences of being with the wrong person. It had resulted in 5 rapes before she forced herself to be choosier. Now she tried for the family cars like the Volkswagen. Somehow she had implicit trust in the drivers of this car. Like most things in her life, this trust too was inexplicable.

Luckily, her natural charms often afforded her easy access to transport. Unluckily they also caused her innumerable sufferings. This town, or any other was no place for a beautiful female vagabond. At 26 years of age, her slight built and accentuated breasts were tight and without fat. Her long daily walks along the seashore, that sometimes lasted for 5 hours before she stopped to eat, resulted in supple legs and a nice tight butt. Her dressing sense too, was immaculate in every aspect. There are few people who can wear torn off jeans with elegance. Emily was one of them.
As she made her way to the highway, dressed as always in jeans and a blue t-shirt, she looked back at the ocean one last time. Yes, her dear sun was indeed gone. And it will not be coming back before another 8 hours at least. The path from the beach to the highway was short. Hardly fifteen minutes for an avid walker like Emily. Lost in her thoughts she made her way without any noteworthy happenings. Once there, she put her rucksack on the pavement and started her lookout for the cars that were coming from the opposite directions.

The first two cars didn’t interest her at all. With those squeaky 18 year olds at wheel, all they promised were either a tiresome ride, or worse a tiresome night. And Emily had no wish for any trouble whatsoever. The third car however was exactly what she was looking for. A black Volkswagen recently polished and shined. For her, it was a mark of respect the owner had for the car. And in her mind, that made the owner respectful to women in general. She put out her hand signing for a lift.

Like all other cars she had signaled to before, this one stopped too. There was something about Emily that made the cars stop. Her fit body and long flowing black hair over her dimpled face certainly were one of the reasons. Another, and perhaps a more important reason for this successful run at hitch hiking was a certain honesty that flowed from her face.

Unlike all other cars, a man did not drive this one. Rather he was sitting in the passenger seat. On the wheel was a nice looking blonde woman with hair cut short. Through the glass, Emily could make out that she had a nice slim figure to add to her gorgeous face. The woman rolled down the window and poked her head out.

“Going somewhere?”

“Yes! I was making my way to the Sleepers, the motel on Park Street. I wonder if you guys are going towards that place. Then maybe you could drop me!”

“Well, we can drop you around half way there. We live in the center, but then you can find loads of taxis or buses from there.”

“That would be swell!”

“Hop on then!”

Emily opened the back door of the car and put her rucksack on the foot of the seat. Climbing in she thanked the blonde woman and the male passenger.

“Thanks a ton! I am Emily by the way!”

“My name is Mary-Jane and this is my husband Julian.”

“Nice to meet you guys!”

Once the initial introductions were over, the uncomfortable silence crept in the car. Sensing it, Mary Jane put the car in gear and started to drive. They drove for five minutes in complete quiet and then Julian decided to open his mouth. He was around 38, fit and tall. Dressed in a blue jacket he looked like a businessman to Emily.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why would a nice girl like you wish to go to a place like Park Street?”

Emily smiled. “I don’t have enough cash for a better place, that’s why!”

Her reply made Mary Jane turn back. She looked at her with a shocked expression on her face. Then her face changed the expression. The shock was replaced by a twinkle.

“What do you do Emily?” she asked in a sotto voice. But Emily could pick out certain intonations that were not at all welcome to her experienced mind. These were the very tones she had heard before being raped on previous occasions. It surprised her to listen to these tones from a woman. Especially from a woman driving with her husband.

“Err… nothing actually. I live of the social security and spend my time roaming around the beaches.”

“Wow! What an interesting lifestyle! But is the money enough?”

Emily didn’t like this conversation one bit. Yet, politesse required her to answer the questions of her host… or in this case her hostess. “Not really, but I am not really interested in working at the moment. I kind of like my lifestyle.”

“Oh I am sure honey! But say, would you say no to some extra bucks?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well, the two of us, we travel a lot. And we were looking for a companion in our travels. Someone who can take care of basic things like keeping our files in order and like, hardly a couple of hours per day and then you do what you want with the rest of it.”

“Gee, thanks. But I like to go to places on the coast. Plus I really like living without any restraints.”

“Of course! It is just an offer, you can take it or leave it sweetie! Completely up to you!”

Now Emily was thoroughly confused. The offer seemed genuine and yet the voice behind it could not be less so. Her basic instinct was to refuse and get out of the car as soon as she could. Something just didn’t feel right to her. She looked again at the couple. She could not see Mary Jane’s face, but Julian was looking at her. She could not decipher the look before he turned his face to the windshield. She let five minutes pass by, testing to see if they would insist. They didn’t.

“What kind of money are we talking?”

“Well,” it was Julian who answered, ” not much really. We’ll of course take care of your lodging, boarding and travel. Plus when we are not traveling you can stay at our house instead of some cheap motel. And on top of that we will pay you a thousand bucks as pocket money.”

Silence again drifted in. This time it was even more uncomfortable than before. Emily was sure that she could use some company and the money seemed awfully good to her. In fact, with her social security, it would actually double her income and reduces her expense to zero. On the other hand, she didn’t understand this offer one bit. One thing she was sure, they were not looking for a secretary. You don’t pick one up on the road. Then what was it that they were looking for? Her thoughts were interrupted by Mary Jane’s voice, this time soft and honest.

“Well you better decide quickly. We are almost there and if you choose to refuse, we better drop you off to a bus station.”

It was this sentence more than anything else that decided it for Emily. She accepted.

Fifteen minutes later Em
ily found herself in the drawing room of her new employers. The house was quite large and in an expensive area of the city. The interiors were wel
l furnished with soft pink wallpaper adorning the rather tall walls. The furniture was all wood and expensive looking with the couches covered in leather of the color of mahogany.

“Wow! It is very nice!”

“Thanks,” Julian replied, “look we are both very tired, so why don’t I show you your room and we will talk tomorrow?”

“Sure! Suits me!”

“Follow me then.” Julian walked towards the interior of the house. Then pointing to a door he said, “This is the master bedroom, for MJ and me, and your room is the one right next to ours.”

“Thanks.” Emily replied smiling. She moved to the room next doors to the one Julian had pointed. Turning the knob she entered. The room was as well furnished as the rest of the house. The walls had sky blue wallpaper, a nice and comfortable looking bed. Looking around she found a separate attached bathroom. Nothing more she could ask for and much more than she had hoped for. Content at her choice, especially since there were no sexual overtones as she had initially suspected, she took of her clothes and snuggled comfortably into the white sheets. Tired from all the walking she had done she drifted off to sleep almost immediately.

Hardly an hour later she was awakened by the sounds of panting and growling. She looked around dazed, and then realized that these sounds were coming from the master bedroom. She started to move to investigate when the sounds suddenly grew louder and clearer.

“Fuck, the bastards are doing it and I can hear everything!” she said to herself. It was indeed very embarrassing. She tried hard to close her ears, but it did not work. The sounds were growing louder and clearer with every passing moment.

“Oh fuck me Julian baby, make me cum!” she could hear Mary Jane say.

She could feel her tanned face getting red and hot. She was not used to such proximity with people having sex. The moans that reached her ears were also exciting her. She could feel her vagina get wet her nipples get erect. Involuntarily her hand slipped into her pajamas. It had indeed been a very long time since she had sexual relation of any kind. Over 8 months in fact, and the last sexual encounter had been her getting raped by a group of 5 youngsters. Her vagina was completely soaked with her juices. The more she listened to the voices that were creeping into her room uninvited, the wetter she got.

Slowly she passed her hand over her wet pussy, feeling her womanhood after a long time. As if rediscovering herself, she moved her hand very slowly over her moistness. Her fingers touched the silky black hair that covered her pubic. Slowly she felt her way around her moist vagina, parting the lips ever so gently, allowing her fingers a wider access to the insides of her loins. Her other hand moved over her beautiful breasts massaging them. The voices that had been embarrassing to her only a few minutes ago, were now exciting the very insides of her young body.

As her hands discovered her own body, she closed her eyes and allowed the excitement to overflow in her insides. The moaning in the next room grew even louder, and now Emily’s mind had put a picture to the sounds. She imagined Julian naked, with a nice body and his dick standing upright. Then she imagined Mary Jane’s beautiful slim figure and gorgeous breasts. In her thoughts, she could clearly see Julian caressing his wife’s ample bosom. In reality her hand was now massaging her own tit with vigor. Then Julian entered his wife from behind, slowly grinding his cock in her crotch and Mary Jane grinded her own ass in perfect harmony with Julian’s cock. And Emily’s hand started to massage her own clitoris.

Once her clit was as hard as the imagined cock of Julian, she inserted her first two fingers in her pussy and then used her thumb to massage her protruding clit. Both her hands now moved in harmony with the tempo of the voices coming to her ears. Holding her nipple between her finger and thumb, she twisted it around while her fingers began to fuck her tight piss hole. Beyond the walls the moans had turned into the screams of pleasure and to these screams Emily added her own cries. It had been so long and it felt so good to the sweet brunette, that she was no longer aware of her surrounds. Her fingers moved with lightning speed inside her pussy, pushing her with every passing second closer to a satisfying orgasm. Her other hand had now left her breasts and removed the sheets from her magnificent nudity. She spread her legs wide, bending them at the knees and arched her back. Then she slowly inserted a finger in her anus.

The cries from beyond the walls had completely grown in frenzy. Emily knew that the couple was close to an orgasm. And something inside her wanted to cum with them. In her mind it felt dirty and therefore exciting. She increased the speed of her fingers to achieve it. Covered with her pussy and ass juices her fingers mangled both her holes, diving in and out of the warm waters. Then finally she heard a loud scream coming from the beautiful blonde next doors, the scream that told the world that she was coming. And Emily joined her in pleasure. Her hips bucked without control as her entire body shuddered in infinite pleasure. She could feel her vaginal muscles crunch against her fingers as if it were a cock. It lasted a full 20 seconds, the longest Emily had ever cum in her entire life. And then silence descended the house. There were no more moans from the master bedroom and Emily found herself too fatigued by her own orgasm to utter another sound.

She was sure the couple had heard her screams and that made her embarrassed. Her face was already hot and red from the pleasure that she had given herself, and the embarrassment only added further to the color. Slowly she removed her fingers from her pussy and her ass and then brought them to her mouth “What was done was done, and she could do nothing to change it. If the couple didn’t want her to scream, they should have not screamed either.” She told herself. Taking out her tongue she licked on her cum filled fingers. She really liked the taste of her own cum; it was slightly salty, just like the sea she loved so much. Next her tongue reached out for her other hand, licking it clean of her ass juices. She liked that taste too! And then sleep descended upon her tired and now satisfied body.

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