A Virgins Lust

I was so nervous, young and naive. There he was the man who had been in all my fantasies since I was a school girl. There volunteering in the hot July sun he wore nothing on top and low riding jeans on the bottom He looked so good up that ladder painting, working hard. I took one look at him and gulped oh my god I thought as he smugly turned and smiled at me. “Are you looking at my bum?” he joked as he came down the ladder slowly. Shamefully embraced I said “no no, of course not!” “Oh that’s too bad… What’s wrong with it” he joked. I was too embraced and shamed to answer him. He was very sweaty and red from the painting he had been doing while. Lots of little fine white paint splatters were over his skin. “Come inside” he said as he wandered into what looked like the darkest cave type room ever. With the limpest weakest knees followed him inside. He made small talk, I faintly remember him complementing my skin. It’s very vague as all I could hear was my own voice in my head screaming he’s half naked!.”I’m so pleased you could make it down” he looked so good stood there his hair a little damp and messy across his cheek. I’d always fancied the pants off of him but seeing him there like that took it to a whole new level.
He went to the basin that was hidden away in part of this narrow corridor where I had followed him too. Deliberately walking past me as many times as he could get away with, the corridor was so tight. “Wet body coming though” he remarked with a big grin. He patted himself lightly down with a small towel. “How’s school” he asked. “School?” I scolded “I left nearly 2 years ago!” he then walked over to me really slowly looking me in the eye. “Now isn’t that something, all grown up then huh?” Reaching out his hands to take mine into his pulling his hands slowly and gently down to bring our bodies closer. He put his lips on my lips and slowly and gently began to kiss me, his mouth opening a little more until his tongue was in my mouth. Having never kissed a man before I was terrified and over whelmed with all the great courage it took me I put my tongue on to his and began kissing him back. The kissing briefly stopping for him to open his eyes and look up from my lips to make eye contact with me, a big smile came across his face. Then he moved back in and began kissing me again with much relief to me. Our hands still tightly locked together, our bodies still tight; his tattooed arms locked straight holding my body close to his. This time I began to really enjoy having his mouth on mine, feeling his tongue moving around my mouth exploring me, licking the tips of our tongues together. He was turning me so so much. I was most defiantly a late bloomer and by now oh so ready to experience what he had to give me. He went on to Let go of one of my hands he stepped back smiling again “I’ll show you round” he said nodding. He took me to the end of the darkened narrow corridor we stood in where there was a much brighter narrow staircase turning back on its self. Still with my hand in his he lends me up stairs, heart in my mouth. Upstairs was a small hall type room they do first aid lessons in. Boring I thought… maybe he’s just being polite in showing me around I thought, next room another much smaller room yet again full of first aid stuff, dummies etc. Boring yet again… and I need to see this because I’m thinking… He goes to the next room and brags “this one’s locked but I have a key” woop woop i think sarcastically while smiling sweetly back at him. It’s an office. Very boring. I figure at this point I haven’t shown enough enthusiasm, he’s losing confidence with each one I could feel it. So I decided right then the next room, the last room I will make a big fuss about… whatever it’s like.
So he nervously opens the door and I go “OHHHHH” before I could even see a damn thing in there. With the biggest smug grin “you like this one… Oh we can stay in here then, come in, sit down” he excitedly gassed. I walk slowly inside wondering what the room I love so much looks like when I see it…. its basically a room and a bed! Yes a bed. Baring in mind I’ve only moments before had my first kiss this is pretty scary. Big gulp!!
Sitting down oh so carefully he started kissing me again, sitting for a while then he gently started to ease me to lay into his arms and continue kissing me. Oh the kissing was so so so good. My tummy stirred emotionally as he kissed my neck and chest, after lots of Kissing and stroking he went on to reach underneath me to remove my bra then lifting the small white halter neck top i was wearing to throw it on the floor. Feeling the most naked id been in my life he stroked and kissed my breasts. I loved how his mouth felt on my skin just a little stubble on his face, he made me so wet. Our half naked bodies together felt so good. I ran my fingers though his blonde hair as I discovered how much I enjoyed him sucking on my pert tits.
Running his hand up my leg pushing my skirt up higher to find my knickers he ran his hand straight underneath and into my pussy. His hand felt so so so big inside of my tight little virgin fanny that it almost hurt to take his big fingers inside of me. He took my hand with his other and put it down his jeans and onto his huge rock hard bare penis. My hand was frozen I just could! Not! Move! He looked up at me his head tilted. “I’m so sorry” I stuttered …” “I , it’s just I.. erm I… I haven’t ever touched a man before” with that he moaned loudly and my hand became very wet and sticky.
He looked up his face all flustered he looked at me questioningly, “you’re a virgin?” “sorry yes, yes I am” I said painfully embraced and so afraid he wouldn’t want me any longer. He smiled at me “not after today you’re not” running his hands up my legs and onto my thighs he made excited little moans of pleasure touching me, his fingers still a little wet from my pussy. Looking me in the eye he grinned again as he moved back up my body, he laid on top on me staring me right into the eye. Placing his forehead on mine he closed his eyes sighed as he began kissing me again. With kisses and nibbles down my neck he began to suck hard on my skin leaving lots of big red love bites down neck and chest. Working his way lower and lower with his gingerbread trail until he was right on my hip bone. Gently running his fingers around my little wet cotton knickers and pushing his fingers onto my hole though the gusset. The other reaching up on feel my breasts. His enthusiasm for my body was unmistakeable by now, placing his finger tips on each hip… just on top of my knickers he looked at me questioningly. I smiled at him and nodded gently. Pulling my panties down he could look at nothing else He couldn’t have looked more impressed at the sight of my tight clean shaven pussy. “Your perfect… just gorgeous!” he whispered. He looked up at me with a sexy wink, smiled and winked again ” I can’t wait to taste you!” pulling my knickers lower to my ankles he followed them kissing my ankles , then moving down to my toes he began sucking my sliver painted toes. Lifting my knickers off my feet he gave them a little kiss and threw them to the floor. Turning back to me his hands went to my knees working his way up my legs with his thumbs heading first and his palms trailing behind. I gasped as i felt them both enter me slightly. His body coming closer to mine again moving back up the bed from my feet. Lowering his head and spreading his thumbs opening my pussy wide he stared up inside of me. Coming up closer his face right close to my skin he lightly blew upside on me looking back up at me holding my eye contact I felt his breath coming warmer and closer to my open pussy. I felt the tip of his nose touch inside of me. He stayed there making little ums and ahhs silently I felt like I was going to burst with excitement. “You smell soooo good” he muttered his tongue touched inside me gently, he pushed his face into me and stuck his tongue up inside of my hole swirling it around inside of me, exploring me again like he had done my mouth just a couple hours before for the first time. I really loved how his face felt between my legs like that, his stubble inside me made the feeling all the more intense. I felt his tongue leaving my hole and was worried he was finished I let out a whimper of disappointment which was soon short lived. He trickled his tongue up to my clit and began to suck it and flick it with his tongue. His face pushed into me and tight as he could get it he ran a finger up inside of me and swirled it around as he had done with his tongue. After just a couple more minutes I came right there in his mouth. “I’m the first man to make you cum?” he had stated rather than asked. I nodded with my head hung back off the edge of the bed while i panted. He stood up and walked around to where my head hung my eyes mainly closed enjoying the feeling of the orgasm he had treated me too, absorbing all that had happened.
I heard him unzipping his jeans making me open my eyes instantly. His stood right over me. He pulled down his jeans and let them fall to the floor around his feet. “Have you sucked a man’s cock before?” he said knowing the answer already in his excited expression. I shook my head “don’t worry ill teach you” he giggled. Removing his boxers I gasped at the sight of it, it was even bigger than I imagined it could be when i felt it in his pants earlier. I was excited and scared it was too big to fit in my mouth I was going to choke on it I was sure. I didn’t know a cock could be so thick, how did it become so big I thought to myself as my head was hanging between his legs he lowered himself down over me one hand on the bed supporting his weight and the other rubbing my breast. “rap your hand around it and pull my skin back” his voice husky and deep. His fingers running back down and into my pussy wetting them and fingering my clit. My hand around his big thick cock I nervously pulled it downwards towards my face, he was watching me and once it was about right he lowered his hips down so his bell end rested onto my cheek. “Ohhh” he muttered. The anticipation reflected in his breath he moved and shifted a little to ease his cock against my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as I could get it I didn’t want to disappoint. As soon as it was open he placed it down on to my pallet letting out another even more enthusiastic moan. His fingers working harder on my clit as i took it a little more with each thrust he gave it. His hand came out of my pussy I watched him suck his fingers “take a deep breath” he moaned as he wrapped that arm around the back of my head supporting it as he lowed himself right into my throat making me wrench it was so deep inside my mouth, it was being so tightly stretched around that monster sized dick. The more I wrenched the louder he moaned. His arm grew tighter around the back of my neck and his thrusts and deep and quick as he could make them, then with one god almighty groan he emptied his big balls right into my mouth and down my throat. He held me there for just a moment his cock still throbbing and dripping into my mouth. His cum was thick and salty but more than anything the temperature of it was what shocked me the most, it was just so hot.
He held my head still supporting me he stood up took a step back, went to his knees and rubbed his nose onto mine. “FFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK! Fuck fuck fuck!” he said shaking his head laughing. He stood again and swept me up in his arms spinning me around he playfully threw me back on to the bed. He came and lay by me wrapping his arms around me giving me a squeeze. He stretched him arms out and placed them behind his head. I looked down at his recovering dick which was still pumping semen out on to his thick thigh. “Did you like drinking me down?” he asked. “Oh yes I really did “I whispered. His smiling eyes staring into mine his mouth curled up at the corner in his cheeky way as he looked down at his cum and back up at me making it very obvious what he wanted me to do for him. I made 3 or 4 kisses briefly down his body before getting to his cock back into my mouth, much easier to manage this time I suckled on his penis and enjoyed the musky tastes of him. I couldn’t help but moan as I lapped up the cum from his thigh. His ripped body was simply perfect, everything I had imagined and so much more. His cock rock hard once again, my mouth now cupping and sucking his testicles I swirled my tongue around them and over his Perineum. His Hand slid down the bed and on to my head, sweeping my long hair from my face and holding it back watching me intently. “Fuck I’ll have you there forever if you let me” he growled. He let me suck them a minute more before sweeping his other hand under my chin and gently easing me away while he sat up slowly. He wiped the saliva away from my chin and ran his fingers though my hair lifting it back up from my neck and began to kiss me there again, kisses that turned heavier and stronger as his breathing took the same pattern. He lay back down on the bed again and beckoned to me to move up the bed. “Come sit on my chest” patting where he wanted me I gently lowered myself down onto him my legs wide with him under me. Feeling my wet pussy on his chest made me feel like such a whore, He made another lovely reassuring pleasurable moan. “Touch yourself for me.. I wanna watch” he pleaded. My fingers slipping inside of me wetting them and rubbing my clit. His hands on my waist as i got myself closer and closer I rubbed and mauled his sexy tattooed arms and shoulders. I was just on the edge as I laid over him ready to come he pulled my fingers from me and threw me hard in one quick motion on to my back. “I want you” he said in an urgent tone. “Take me” I gasped.
My legs wrapped around his back he took his cock and rubbed his bell end against my clit, sending the most amazing sexual shivers though my body sending me oh so close to the edge I felt him pushing it down inside of me. With a mixture of overwhelming pleasure feeling his cock finally inside of me and the pain of him breaking in my tiny little pussy I had the biggest hardest orgasm of my life. My arms and legs locked around him while he took my virginity my legs couldn’t stop trembling as he screwed me harder as he felt me Cumming. With one more big pelvic thrust the pain stopped and only the pleasure of his cock only remained. With that I began to cum again my hands raking at his body I just couldn’t get enough of him, his mouth came up from my breasts and we had the most passionate snog while we both climaxed together.
We laid there sweaty and spent together. I couldn’t help but giggle as I told him I hadn’t even kissed a guy before today. He raised an eye brow and looked at me in a very disbelieving way. “Piss off” he said laughing. Not exacting the words I was dreaming him say right after taking my virginity. “No really… You were my first Kiss … everything.” He shrugged “well lets be fair ya can’t be saying that until we’ve done everything I can be first at” winking with that naughty look in his eye again.

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