A Visit to my hometown

I took a trip back to my hometown. A place I’d not been in a few years. I’m in my mid-thirties, and I moved from there about twenty years ago. The second day I was there, I went to a high school ballgame with my Aunt who’s a teacher there. Being the proud Aunt, she decides to introduce me around and sort of play show off the nephew I suppose. I got introduce to coaches, parents, ballplayers, and cheerleaders for an hour or so before we left.

The next day, my Aunt’s gone to do some shopping and I’m sitting around watching a ballgame when a knock comes on the door. I opened the door to find a teenage girl who asked if my Aunt was home. I said no, but she should be back in a few minutes. The girl, who had ridden a bicycle to the house had a book and said she needed some help with her class. I told her she was welcome to come in and wait, and if I could, I’d try to help her until my Aunt returned.

She said thanks and walk in toward the kitchen table. The first thing I really noticed was that tight looking little ass in those little shorts walking in front of me. Trying not to really think about it, I thought, man, they didn’t make asses like that when I was in school. Anyway, she sits at the table, opens the book, and begins telling me the part she’s having trouble with. I stood beside her so she could see the problem as I showed her how to work through the equation. The problem I began to have was that my focus was changing from her math problem to her nicely sized, firm looking tits inside the tank top she was wearing. My mind wandered to how great her little body looked and how great it must feel. Trying to stop these thoughts, I started a little small talk about friends and school and more math. Through the conversation, I learned that she was fourteen years old and lived across the neighborhood close by.

The small talk ended, she thanked me for helping her with the earlier problem and asked me to show her how to do one of the reading problems in the assignment. I stood beside her again reading to myself as she read the problem aloud. Listening to her soft southern drawl, failing miserably trying not look at her tits, and thoughts of that hard looking little ass, my cock began to get hard as a rock. Much to my embarrassment, she noticed the bulge in my sweat shorts. She suddenly realized that my focus was more on her than the book. I said, the way you’re dressed and the way you look with the body you have, I just can’t help it. She tried to back away, but it was too late. I had to have her.

As she tried to back away, she found herself back against a wall. Placing my hands on her shoulders, I slid the tank top and bra straps down around her waist to see the most luxurious firm-looking young tits I’d ever seen. She said no, please don’t, but I wasn’t about to stop. I caressed a handful a firm, gorgeous tit as I begin kissing her neck and chest. The longer I kissed the more she relaxed into the idea she was powerless to stop me. With arms firmly around her, I picked her up and carried her to the guest bedroom where I slept and stood her her beside the bed.

The neck and chest kissing had become okay, but as I began to slide her little shorts and tank top off to the floor, she begged please don’t and began to cry as she knew more and more by the minute that I was about to do things to her she’d never even dreamt. I told her it was okay to cry, but it wasn’t going to help as I slid her little shorts off. Once her short hit the floor, I had to see that bare ass that I’d only watched walk down the hall covered by the shorts. I turned her around and wow……. What a perfect, little, hard, fourteen year-old ass I thought as I placed my hands on her bottom and turned around to face me again. I laid her down on the bed as cried. As I returned to kissing her neck and chest again, the crying stopped and she began to feel good. Sliding down her gorgeous little body, I kissed her stomach, navel, and finally her sweet clit. I was deeply tonguing her young pussy, and I reached up to caress her tits as her back arched up in orgasm.

After she came, I stood at the edge of the bed and dropped my shorts letting her see my swollen, full, rock-hard cock for the first time. As she realize I was about to fully take her she again begged no. I said nothing as I began to rub the head of my hard cock against her little pussy. Just as I slid the head of my cock into her body, she began to feel the aching stretch of her pussy that she’d never felt before. She was powerless, and her little pussy was soon full and stretched to the limit by my stiff cock. So full was her pussy as I stroked it in and out for over half an hour before I began to come. She moaned and groaned begging me to stopped but that wasn’t about to happen. Just as I was about to cum, I thought, to truly have this girl, I must have all of her.

I told her I’d pull out finally if she’d suck my cock dry and she agreed only wanting my large cock out of her swollen and sore little snatch. She turned around on all fours and placed her lips over my cock. As I held her head and pushed deeply into her mouth she gagged and coughed as she wasn’t prepared to take that much cock into such an inexperience mouth. Her sweet little mouth felt warm, wet and wonderful, but she just wasn’t an experience enough cock sucker for me. I told her stay on all fours and turn back around because I wanted her from behind.

She cried out again and said what about our deal? I told her she needed practice some more, but for now, I wanted her pussy again. Compliantly, she turned around. Oh, her hot looking firm ass was unbelievable as I forcefully slid back into her pussy. She groaned loudly as I stuffed her snatch. The groaning was all I could take, I was about to explode and thought, I can’t knock up a fourteen year-old girl, so I pulled out just as I began to cum. Looking down at her ass with my swollen cock laid between her cheeks and cum dripping down her crack, I reached around her gorgeous body grabbing her tits and I shoved my cock brutally into her asshole. She screamed and screamed as I filled her ass with my dick and cum.

I was exhausted and laid down on top of her. When we got up, I told her she’d better have her ass back here tomorrow for some more. She had been truly better than even I had imagined. I couldn’t wait to educate her again the next day.

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