A Wild Desire

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A Wild Desire

Vicky shrieked outwardly as the searing torment of the lashes laced her body once more, this time onto her right rear cheek. Blindfolded, held tightly in an upright position with her wrists cuffed over her head with a spreader bar that forced her legs wide, the five-foot four, hundred and ten pound woman could only guess where each strike would land, knowing full well that her pussy was his ultimate target.
Adding to her torment was the constant pinching of the metal clamps on her nipples and labia. Her light brown hair that hung straight to her shoulders had become completely disheveled from constantly throwing her head back after each slash. Her left breast and upper back had already experienced the harsh reality of the cowhide strands.
This was all part of a weekly session with her Master Adam, who had been into bdsm for five years before the 25-year-old college graduate met him . . . and he was exactly who Victoria Mathews had been searching for.
Immediately after graduating Summa Cum Laude from a prestigious eastern college, she had landed a job at one of the big-four accounting firms. Headstrong and confident, Vicky had been a success at just about everything . . . except her love-life. She had dated guys and was not above a one-night-stand, but she had not met anyone yet who could satisfy her insatiable appetite. She grew tired of the bar scene. She thought most of the men who frequented them were jerks, and she also was fearful of getting a DUI, that would not be taken lightly by her bosses.
One day, however, that all changed . . .
She had gone to the gym for her usual Saturday afternoon workout. Not only was Vicki smart, but she also kept her body in tiptop shape. She always drew plenty of stares from the male patrons when she came out of the changing room, particularly her 36D breasts and well-toned thighs and calves.
The appealingly attractive brunette was perched on a stationary bike pedaling away when she noticed a dark-haired, well-put-together man doing the same across and two bikes to her right, who was facing in the opposite direction. She estimated that he was about thirty. His lean, well-sculpted physique was not overly muscular, which Vicki liked.
Trying not to be overtly obvious, she tried to keep her mind on her exercises, occasionally sneaking a peak at her Adonis. Once Vicki had completed her bike routine, she went over to the weights particularly working on her thighs and calves, but trying to keep tabs on HIM.
Finally having worked up a good sweat, Vicki headed for the juice bar for some much needed refreshment. That initial swig of the cold drink satisfied her parched throat, as she took a seat at one the tables. Then looking up, Vicki’s heart surged as she saw HIM retrieve a juice from the self-service bar as well. This was the first time she got a rear view of this handsome hunk, and she definitely liked what she saw. Tanned and toned legs with a manly well-shaped derriere underneath his gym shorts, HE definitely had her curiosity piqued and her libido up. Just as she was getting ready to take another sip of her drink, Vicki suddenly noticed the slender-faced hunk coming in her direction. Not only has she been noticing him, but much to her surprise, it became obvious that he had been noticing her as well. As his manly frame came nearer, some erotic fantasies flashed rapidly through her suddenly-perverted mind.
When He stopped at her table, his piercing eyes met hers and in a pleasant voice asked if he could join her. After a few moments of stunned silence Vicki replied, in an equally pleasant tone, “Sure.”
“You must come here often,” he said with a wide smile, as he took his seat opposite Vicki.
“Every Saturday,” she replied.
“I can tell,” he continued assuredly as his eyes did a quick up-and- down of Vicki’s upper body.
Responding to his kind compliment, she returned one of her own mimicking his eye movement, “You must come to the gym often yourself.”
“Yes,” he said, “but this is my first time here. I just joined this club two days ago.”
There was definite wetness between her legs as she tried desperately to be calm. “I can’t recall seeing you here before,” she said with a nervous giggle.
”Good observation,” he replied in a slightly sarcastic, but flattering tone. “I certainly would’ve noticed you as well,” he added.
Resisting the animalistic urge to jump his bones right then and there, the suddenly excited accountant remained stoic. Then he spoke again, as his brown eyes lit up, “What I can’t figure out is why someone, who’s as attractive as you, is here by herself?”
“I always come to the gym alone . . . ” Vicki said defensively.
“But if there were a man in your life, he’d want to come with you,” he countered quickly.
She frowned, “How do you know there isn’t a man in my life?”
“I could tell by the way you were looking at me on the bike,” he said with a wry smile.
“Damn! Was I that obvious!?” she cursed to herself.
“You just haven’t met the right guy yet,” he said smugly.
“Yeah, I’ve heard that old line before,” Vicki rebutted.
“I’m sure you have,” he replied. “But tell me . . . have you ever been spanked?”
The brown-haired accountant gaped at him. Vicki didn’t know whether to slap his face, bolt out of the room or just remain cool. Since she really didn’t want to cause a scene here, she decided to remain calm. That was certainly an outrageous question to ask of someone you just met, but there was something about his boldness that appealed to her . . .
On the other hand she didn’t want to appear to be transparent or easy. After nervously looking around she answered, “Why do you ask?”
Raising his eyebrows, he commented quickly. “It’s not polite to answer a question with another question.” Again, the normally quick and loquacious young lady found herself at a loss for words. Not only that, her butt seemed to be glued to the seat. She looked at his exquisitely handsome face, into his eyes that seemed to convey an aura of self-confidence and trust. And by now, a river had formed between her thighs.
Even though she had just met this man, and didn’t even know his name, there was something credible about him. Her past experience with men taught her some valuable lessons, for she possessed a keen sense of trust that had served her well . . . even now.
Finally she blurted out “No!”
His eyes lit up, “I’m not surprised . . . it just might be what you need.”
Vicki’s face reddened, “How can you tell!?”
“Past experience,” was His confidant response.
“And what are you looking for?” she asked sarcastically. “…and by the way, what is your name?”
“To answer your second question, my name is Adam. As for your first question, I could let you know after dinner this evening.” Then, in a firm tone of voice declared, “I will pick you up at seven.”
At that point Vicki rose from her chair and walked toward the door, but before she exited looked back over her shoulder and answered, “Yes Sir,” as she hurriedly scribbled her address on a piece of paper, wadded it up and threw it to him.
Later that evening as Adam was escorting her to His apartment, nerves were crawling up her back. Yes she trusted Him, but this would be her initial encounter with Him in complete control. Upon entering this man’s home she felt a mixture of anxiety and anticipation.
Politely, He offered her a drink, which she gladly accepted to calm her nerves. As she relaxed in a leather chair, Adam explained his intentions and she was free to discontinue the scene at any time. He understood that she is a beginner, and that he would respect her limitations, but He would nevertheless explore them.
Vicki indeed had fantasies about being spanked, chained up and whipped, but no one before had read that “wild desire” like Adam. Perhaps He was right, this is what she has needed all along . . . and she had a strong feeling He would bring it out of her.
So when He ordered her to strip and get on her knees in front of Him, she never hesitated. At the point where He was walking around her naked, kneeling form she still felt some anxiety, but the trust that she had in Him made her relax a bit.
She understood that she was to obey Him and call Him “Sir.” She knew about the “safe” word. And when she was led on her hands and knees toward his dungeon, by a leash that was attached to a leather collar that Sir Adam had placed around her neck, Vicki felt more apprehension and excitement than ever before in her life. It wasn’t long after that when she found herself chained, to his spanking horse . . . a solidly built piece of wood with leather padding . . . that it really hit home about what she wanted…. And she was about to get it!
The buxom brunette tensed a bit when Vicki felt the solid leather paddle move round and round on her rump. “Try to relax your butt,” He admonished. “Yes Sir,” she replied quickly just before the first smack landed. That initial blow surprised her as much as it stung. A predictable yelp was forced from her mouth just before another smack landed, this time on her left cheek.
It was at that juncture when the now leather-clad dominant man decided to gag her with her discarded, rolled-up panties. “These apartments have thin walls,” He explained.
Then methodically Adam spanked her left, right, up, down and in the middle. The rhythmic cries into her panty-gag matched every swing He made, and her bottom was definitely heating up. In addition, another part of her anatomy was already heated up, especially when she felt His hand exploring the warmth of her ass. And when Vicki felt a finger touching her between her legs, she thought she might explode right there . . . But then He cruelly withdrew the finger, much to her displeasure. The next thing she felt, however, was another smack from his hard leather paddle. Now that He had taken her this far, she wanted more and her silence confirmed it.
At that point Adam decided to change her position. A few moments later, she found herself with her arms secured over her head to two chains suspended from the ceiling, and her legs forced out wide by a spreader bar. It was at that point when He decided to blindfold her as well.
This was all new to Vicki, but it also intrigued her . . . the thrill of total surrender. And when she felt the first of the lashes fall sharply upon the middle of her back, and she thought of “O’” as she shrieked into her gag. She’d read that classic tale, and recalled how she was brutally whipped when she met her Master for the first time. This scene continued with the lashes landing everywhere; back, buttocks, thighs, stomach and breasts, which had her shrieking into her gag.
But she also was wet as hell between her legs . . . and Vicki knew what had been missing in her life. Mercifully, he did not whip her pussy that first time, but she knew that one day that would become a reality.
He freed her from her shackles, forced her to her knees, and the first thing she saw when He removed her blindfold was His beautifully strong cock pointing straight at her face. His own desire had pushed his manhood to it’s maximum length, and when he grabbed a lock of her hair, forcing her mouth toward his raging hard-on, she didn’t need to be told what to do. In what seemed like no time at all, he emptied his entire load as she swallowed furiously.
From that day forward, slave vicky became Adam’s willing submissive, enduring many things He could dish out. She would be forever grateful to Him for bringing out her wild desire.
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