Abbi's New Life – Part 1

Abbi was loving her first year of college at University of Southern California. She was making excellent grades and (although not pleasing to her mother) making great money working as a stripper now that she was 18. It is here inside this smoky L.A. strip club that her story begins.

“You have a wonderful body” my client tells me as I grind my naked 36C tits into his face during my first lap dance of the night. He gropes my little pink nipples before sliding his hands down inside my thong bottoms. “Let’s see what’s going on down here.” he says as he slides my g-string to my knees revealing my perfectly shaved pussy.

I noticed something different about this guy. He wasn’t the usual perverted old man. Instead this guy seemed to be surveying me in a scientific manner. He had observed my body, my breasts. Now he spread my pussy lips to inspect the inside of my vagina. Finally he spread my ass cheeks to see my tight little pink asshole. Next he did something that completely surprised me. He pulled my panties back up and told me he’d seen all he needed to see. He asked if we could go somewhere to talk. Normally, I would say no but this guy intrigued me. We went to one of the private rooms usually used by many of the dancers (not me) for blow jobs and who knows what else for extra money.

“My name is Steve” the man said.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Abbi” I replied.

“I run an adult entertainment business” he said. I’d like to offer you an opportunity to be one of my feature girls. You have the perfect features, blonde hair, blue eyes, innocence of an 18 year old, nice tits but not too big. What do you make here – 5 to 6 hundred on a good night?”

I nodded.

“Well imagine 5 to 6 thousand every night!”


“Well not exactly. My business does hardcore adult films and prostitution. Still interested?”

Thoughts raced through my head. It was a great opportunity to make a lot of money, but me – a porn actress and whore? It was overwhelming. My mom would freak out.

“I know, its a lot to think about. I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you my card and you can call me if you want a tour of the offices.”

I figured I had nothing to lose by taking a tour of the place. Steve arranged a tour the next day. I could hardly sleep that night. Wow. Me – a porn star and ho. Who would have thought? The smart, shy little high school girl who never got into trouble. It looked like things were about to change.


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