Across the line Pt 1

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An RP from my North African friend and I actually.. (I am Tunisian French myself; but my french is a little rusty so bar with me!~
This is wrong.
He knows he shouldn’t do it but he can’t resist. If you’re a scrumptious piece of caramel chocolate he’s not going to leave you alone. Especially if you’re a hardcore know it a bitch who thinks she can get away with things… You’re not do lucky.
Let’s go back a while before this happened.

“go outside, it’s not that big of a deal, amie,” Ana said giving the Landry basket over to Anette and Mina to send outside .
“Ah but you’re not coming with us?” Anette said starting for the door.
“Simplement attendre…” Ana said freshly cutting the sweet orange carrots at a fast tempo. Even so, if Mina didn’t know any English she convinced timid Ana to go outside.
“Je l’espère! Il sera amusant !” Mina said eagerly swaying the basket back abd forth.
“So cute,” Ana chuckled. She had been here for two years and had never cause problems. A sweet young loveable girl. She was mixed descent but her skin town had showed up a sweet caramel coloured chocolate type of paste, but the girls thought it was cute. Their mother hadn’t been around since she was out shopping.
Off in the far country side of France where the gorgeous green grass had stretched through miles of beauty and scenery. Still it was a bit dangerous to be but not as big as the ravaging cities. With the soldier-like people and their technique it was scary to her.
But the country side was just right. No restrictions either.
“Si beau dehors…!” Mina falling into the sweet grass as soon as they finished the hamper work.
Just as they were playing around a small grey jeep showed up. This installed frightened girls. He parked outside the outskirts and made his way up to the little quiet cottage.
The girls ran inside immedatly as they could.
“What’s the matter?”! Ana said being bombarded by the two girls. No words would come out of their mouths, but instead signs from their hands. Then they saw him through the door with his black pitch military boots, his grey tidy uniform with many badges his hat and a crop in his right hand which had on gloves. His hair was sun blonde with eyes that could be seen with si much twinkle. Handsome yet devilish.
“Bounjour, Madamemoiselles. How are you enjoying this wonderful evening?” he said niftly bowing down . There was nothing to be frightened of, they thought as soon as he took both the two pale girl’s hands and kisse them. Confused, the young Mina took out her hand only to be ignored. He just stared at her with disgust, and questioned “who is she?” in his broken french.
“She’s our friend, Minalo, but Mina..” they replied back.
He stared at the young girl for a minimum of three minutes. She appeared about 16, and very hateful and rebellious.
“hmmm…” she said turning to her cold shoulder.
They all giggled. He just nodded.
“I just came by to check in this house, and since I’ve stumbled upon you guys.. ” he said peering back at Mina. “We need at least a female worker..”
She looked down a bit in anger.
“Yes, commander….!” ana said giggling with a flirting eye.
“Well… You’ll choose…..” the girls said giggling. Mina had just stayed quiet the whole time with no clue with what was happening, as her and the soldier eyed each other with hateful looks.
“What do you want little girl… Don’t you know it’s rude to stare, whore,” he said scoffing at her.
” **Shut up vous bâtard ! Vous pensez que vous êtes mieux que tout le monde parce que vous tuez des innocents ? Vous dit racaille !” she hollered to him in French, as she had gotten gasps from the girls.
“We apologise! It’s not like her to act this way!” the girls said holding her back.
“Well its settled. I’ll take her instead..” the young blonde said scooping up Mina, and hanging her over his shoulders.
“Wait, sir, what will you do with her?!” Ana freaked out. “We don’t do anything without all three of us!”
“Well get used to two,” he said making his way through the mahogany painted door and over to his jeep and made off.
“Au revoir, miss!” he said waving back. They tried to run along after the car but no luck. She was gone with in the last second.
Quietly she sat in the front, minding the nature ful view. Quetness filled the air between those two. He examined her. A little darker than brown, but light than black. Like a sierra colour. Until he spoke.
“Can you only speak French?” the young man asked.
The young quiet girl ignored him.
He turned to her and hollered.
“Slutbag, I’m talking to you!”
The girl looked at him with dark filed eyes.
He was ready thinking hateful nasty thoughts of her – bring tortured gagged and roughly dealt with. She was a tough one. Impure thoughts raced through his mind accidentally. He needed to tell her the rules to get it off his mind.
In French, he started off. “You need to be in the bed by eight, and be up no later than 8 am. Got it?”
The young girl nodded out of anger.
All your things belong to your side and stay there. Touching anyone else’s item is prohibited unless you receive permission.”
He then came to a stop at a rather medium sized cottage a little bigger than the one she had lived in. Maroon burgundy colour and around the house decorated with water lilacs that grew in various amounts. But one decoration that was not necessary- a swastika like flag that was in twos.
“Out.” he said in a stern voice. The young girl slowly got out and stepped onto the empty sidewalk. He came around the other side and followed him in. It held scenery that held out in various beautiful patterns.
Slowly they entered the house. Filled with things that they thought normal was hate to her. Something he knew would bother her. He chuckled a bit due to her reaction.
“Hhmmwha..” she said quietly under her breath. He looked back at her in a scary manner. She stepped back a bit.
Later on in the week, she was reminded of this warning
‘If you make even the slightest mistake, I’ll break you.’
This had made her even less careful than before. But he was enjoying every bit of it. Her rebelliousness made him amused. She was scared of life it seemed. She wanted real challenge .
And his friends didn’t seem to help one bit. They taunted her, and constantly pushed her buttons. She was something. she knew this was going to be harder than she thought
What she is saying in the ** part is:
Shut up you bastard! You think you’re better than everyone because you kill the innocent
Hope you liked!~

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