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Nancy Reed nervously walked into a lesbian club in Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood, she had never been in one before and was very nervous, and she had heard many things about lesbian clubs, very little of what she heard was good.

As she entered the club, she looked around and saw there was hardly anyone there, booths along the side and back walls were very dark and the tables in a large open area were very lightly lit. At one end was a large hardwood floor with what looked like a DJ set up in the corner.

She walked over to the bar and sat down, she ordered a beer and just sat there nervously, the few people in the club knew she was new to the establishment. When the bar tender gave her beer, she asked, “When does the club pick up?”

The beautiful female bartender replied, “Sweetie, it doesn’t pick up until later tonight about nine o’clock.” The bartender put the drink down and walked away and started talking to a few women at the other end of the bar. Nancy didn’t notice the beautiful Asian woman sitting in a dark booth watching her.

Christina Wong was sitting in a dark booth on the opposite side of the club. She noticed Nancy walk in and sit at the bar. She could tell that she was new to the club. After a few minutes of watching Nancy, she picked up her drink and walked over to Nancy and sat down beside her.

She sat there until Nancy finished her beer and motioned for the bartender to give her another on her. When the bartender sat the drink in front Nancy, she said with a puzzled look, “I didn’t order another one.”

The bartender didn’t look at her when she replied, “I know, the lady her paid for it.”

Nancy looked at Christina and said, “Thank you, my name is Nancy. This is my first time here.”

Christina smiled, and said, “I know, I come here a lot, I never saw you in here before. My name is Christina. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Nancy was nervous, after a few minutes she said, “Thank you, the pleasure is mine. So tell me, how long have you been coming here Christina?”

Christina smiled and said, “I have been coming here for a couple of years, met a few of my ex girlfriends here, it’s always a good time on Friday nights.” Christina moved closer and put her hand on Nancy’s thigh and slowly started to rub it, and then continued, “So Nance, if I can call you that, how long have you been out?”

Nancy jumped a little when Christina put her hand on her thigh, but relaxed when it started feeling good, she finally replied, “I am not exactly out, I have only been with one woman before, that was four years ago. Something of a scandal you might say. I am only now trying to find someone special.”

Christina was very curious now, she moved closer and asked, “Tell me about it, then I will tell you about my first time.”

Nancy thought about it for a few minutes and then started to tell how about her first time, “Well it was fours ago, when I was eighteen, it was the end of June at school, right before graduation……………




Cathy Robinson walked briskly up the stair to the rooftop of her downtown apartment building. She was hoping that the new Hispanic girl that moved in down the hall was sunbathing again. As she slowly opened up the door to the roof, she saw her spreading her blanket down.

Cathy let the door close extra hard so it made a noise that made the girl jump. She turned toward Cathy and said, “Hi, my name is Jamie, Jamie Villarreal, I just moved here and live on the sixteenth floor.”

Cathy blushed and said, “Yeah I know, well, I know you live on the sixteenth floor, so do I, a few doors down from you, my name is Cathy Robinson.” Cathy extended her hand to shake Jamie’s. When her hand made contact with Jamie’s, she felt excited. She had been watching her in the hallway for the last couple of weeks since she moved in.

Cathy knew she was a lesbian, she never even looked at boys all her life, all her life she always was admiring the bodies of her female friends. Ever since Jamie moved in, she wanted her. Several times her gaze would last a bit longer than what is should and it seemed that Jamie knew she was checking out her body. Jamie always would smile and go in her apartment.

As Jamie laid her blanket down, she smiled at Cathy, she had known since she moved in that Cathy liked her and was playing hard to get. Today, she had a plan, she had just recently came to realize that she was a lesbian, and she was looking for someone to help her discover herself and she had her eyes set on Cathy.

As Jamie lay down on the blanket, Cathy could not take her eyes off of her, her beautiful body glistened in the sun. As Cathy was laying her blanket down, Jamie asked, “Hey Cathy, can put some lotion on my back, and I will do the same for you.

Cathy jumped at the opportunity, she picked up the bottle of lotion and squirted some on her hand, and she put her hands together so they both had lotion on them. Cathy was shaking slightly when her hands touched Jamie’s back; they quickly steadied as she rubbed the lotion all over her back.

Cathy noticed that Jamie was really enjoying it, when she started rubbing the lotion on her thighs; she noticed that Jamie was getting wet. Cathy was startled when Jamie rolled over and asked, “I think it’s time to put some on my front.”

Cathy took a deep breath and started to rub the lotion on her stomach. She noticed that Jamie was really starting to get wet. Then Jamie leaned up slightly and untied her bikini top and threw it to the side, and said, “Finish the job, I want to put lotion on you.”

Cathy was extremely nervous now. As she rubbed lotion on Jamie’s breasts, she was looking at her face looking for her to say something, but Jamie was just smiling with her eyes closed, Cathy knew she was really enjoying this.

When Jamie opened her eyes, Cathy decided to go for broke; she bent down and kissed Jamie. Cathy was surprised when Jamie’s tongue parted her lips and found her tongue, the tongues danced together inside each other’s mouth for what seem like an eternity.

Finally Jamie broke the lip lock and said, “We better take this downstairs before someone comes and catches us.”

All Cathy could at this point was nod in agreement, they both rose, Jamie put her bikini top back on and they picked up their stuff. Jamie took Cathy’s free hand and said, “Follow me my sweet.” Jamie led Cathy down the stairs………..





Nancy was sitting outside the principal’s office. She was nervous; she couldn’t figure what she did wrong. The day was going so great for her, today was not only a Friday, but it was her eighteenth birthday and there was only three more weeks and she would be free of school for good, unless she decided to go to college. She sat there for what seemed to be an eternity. The silence was deafening, even Ms. Villarreal, the principal’s secretary didn’t make any noise.

Finally the phone on the desk rang, which startled Nancy. Miss Shields answered the phone, “Yes Ms. Shackleton,” then there was a brief silence and she continued, “Ok, I will right away.” Miss Shields hung up the phone and looked at Nancy and said, “You can go in now, and close the door the behind you please.”

Nancy rose slowly and started walking to the door to the principal’s office; she looked at Miss Shields and said, “Thank you Miss Shields.”

Miss Shields did look or say anything; she just kept working on some paperwork at her desk, occasionally looking at her computer.

Nancy slowly opened the door and stepped inside, closing the door behind her. As she walked to the principal’s desk, she saw her sitting at their looking down at some paperwork. Nancy sat down in the chair in front of her desk, she sat there looking at the tall blonde middle aged woman, her hair was pinned up and Nancy thought how the style looked so bad on her.

Finally the principal raised her head and looked at Nancy and said, “Nancy, do you know why you are here?”

Nancy nervously said, “No maim I don’t”

Ms. Shackleton leaned back in her chair and said, “I have been receiving many complaints brought against you in the past few days from the girls in your PE class. Is what they say true?”

Nancy suddenly froze, she realized now that she had been staring way too much at the other girls in the shower after PE every day, especially Danielle. She stuttered her reply, “I-I-I don’t know, what have they been saying?”

Ms. Shackleton responded, “I think you know what they have been saying about you. By the way you are acting I would say it’s true, that have been staring at the girls, especially Danielle, who filed a complaint demanding immediate action. You are lucky I have some pull with her and her mother, but I am forced to call your mother and tell her what you have been doing.”

Nancy panicked, she didn’t want her mother involved, she pleaded with the principal, “Please Ms. Shackleton, don’t call my mother, she is a very devout Christian, she would kill me and throw me out, I will do anything, just don’t call my mother and tell her.”

Ms. Shackleton just sat there looking at her, after a few minutes she said, “I have to give you some type of punishment.” Nancy saw her writing something on a piece of paper, after a few minutes she finished, folded it and gave it to Nancy and said, “That is my address, be there at nine in the morning tomorrow, if you one minute late, I will call your mother and tell her everything, also, I want you to wear what is written on that paper. You may go now.”

Nancy took the paper and left the room, closing the door on her way out. After school was over and she was walking home she read the note which said, “1539 S. Elmwood Ave. white cotton bra white cotton panties jean shorts white t-shirt.”  She didn’t understand why she wanted her to wear those specific clothes, but she knew she had to do; she couldn’t let her mother find out what she did.

Nancy didn’t sleep well that night, when morning came she got dressed wearing what the note told her to wear and went downstairs for a quick breakfast. When her mom came in the kitchen, she got up and said, “Mom, I am going out for the day, maybe go to the mall and catch an afternoon movie, bye.”

Nancy’s mom just said, “Bye, have fun, remember dinner is at 5.”

Nancy didn’t say anything, she knew her mom wouldn’t suspect anything, she always left early on Saturday’s and didn’t come home until dinner. She walked briskly, she knew the principal lived about five blocks from the school and she knew she couldn’t be late.

When she arrived at the principal’s house, she saw it was a very nice house. The driveway led to the backyard and saw a tall privacy fence around the house. She went to the door and rang the doorbell.

When the door opened, she jumped at surprised, Ms. Shackleton was standing there, her hair wasn’t pinned up, and it was down, her hair actually reached to her shoulders, all she could see that she had on was house slippers and a robe. Nancy quickly said, “Am I too early Ms. Shackleton?”

Ms. Shackleton said, “No, you are right on time, come in and close the door.” Nancy entered the house and closed the door. When the door shut, Ms. Shackleton continued, “Please, we are not at school, call me Patty. Are you wearing everything I told you to wear?”

Nancy was nervous, and said, “Yes-Yes I am.”

Patty smiled and said, “Good, I am going to make you feel what it’s like to be stared at like you were doing in PE. Now take that shirt and shorts off, leave the bra and panties on.”

Nancy did as she was told, then Patty said, “Ok, follow me.” Nancy followed Patty out the back door and over to her car. She saw a pail, sponge and the garden hose next to her car. Patty instructed Nancy to stand by the car. Nancy went next to the car and stood there.

Patty picked up the hose and said, “You are going to wash my car and I am going to sit here and watch you.” Nancy nodded in agreement as Patty turned the hose and sprayed Nancy, after she was wet on the front; Patty made a signal for her to turn around. When she was completely wet, Patty said, “You can begin now.”

Patty sat down and watched Nancy wash her car. Nancy’s wet black skin glistened in the sun. Every five to ten minutes, Patty would stop her and spray her again with water.

After the car was washed, she lead her inside to a large shower, she made Nancy shower while she stood there and watch. When Nancy was done, she instructed her to come to her and stand in front of her.

Nancy stood there and said, “I learned my lesson Patty, may I go now?”

Patty replied, “No, you may not.” Patty then removed her robe revealing her naked body to Nancy. Nancy moved her eyes up and down Patty’s body examining every inch of her body. Patty said, “Do you like what you see?”

Nancy nodded in agreement, she couldn’t speak, and she was caught completely by surprise. Patty took her hand and led her to her bedroom and laid her down gently. Patty said, “Now you are going to do to me, what I am going to do to you, after I am finished with you.” Nancy was excited, she nodded in agreement.

Patty started kissing Nancy’s neck, then she moved and kissed her on her lips, Nancy moved her tongue into Patty’s mouth and they danced for a few minutes. When Patty started sucking on Nancy’s breasts, Nancy moaned, she had never felt anything so good.

After both of her breasts were massaged by Patty’s tongue, she started moving downward, when she reached her navel, Patty’s tongue swirled around the hole, going in as far as she could.

Then she moved down to Nancy’s thigh, Nancy couldn’t be still, she was so horny now, she put her hands on Patty’s head and tried to guide up to her pussy, but Patty resisted, Patty could see how wet Nancy was by this time.

Finally Patty moved her tongue up the Nancy’s pussy, when she started massaging her clit with her tongue, she put three fingers and finger fucked her pussy. Nancy quickly came so hard it looked like she was having seizures.

When Patty licked up all of Nancy’s juices, she lay next to her and kissed her, sharing the sweet nectar she just tasted. When Nancy opened her eyes, Patty said with a smirk, “Now it’s my turn, I hope you were paying attention.”

This went on all summer, then one day in late August, Nancy’s mom came into the kitchen and said, “I am so happy you are out of that school, that principal did some bad things, I am sure glad she didn’t do anything to you.”

Nancy looked puzzled; she hadn’t seen Patty in a couple of weeks. Her mom gave her the morning paper, the headline read, “PRINCIPAL RESIGNS OVER SEX SCANDAL WITH GIRLS.” She quickly turned to the article and read that Patty was arrested for having sex with many of the schools girls over the last five years. No charges were filed as all the girls were eighteen and of legal age.

Nancy quickly got and said as she bolted for the door, “Got to run, be back later.” She didn’t wait for her mom to say anything. She quickly ran to Patty’s house.

When she got there, she looked in the front window and saw an empty house. She went around to the back and found the gate was unlocked as well as the sliding porch door. She search each room and found them all empty, everything was gone. When she went into the last room, the bedroom, she opened all the closet doors, the only thing was there was a vibrator, she picked it up and saw it was her favorite one that Patty always used on her. She hid it in a bag she found in the backyard and walked home slowly, she already missed her first girlfriend.




After Cathy and Jamie were alone in Jamie’s apartment, they embraced each other. They kissed each other passionately, their tongues dance in each other’s mouth. After what seemed to be like hours, they parted, Jamie started to remove Cathy’s clothes slowly.

After Cathy was naked, she led her to the couch and laid her down; she spread her legs and rubbed her thighs. Cathy was going nuts by this time.

When Jamie saw how much Cathy was enjoying it, she reached down and picked up a long slender dildo. She rubbed it on Cathy’s pussy to get it ready for her.

Jamie gently inserted the dildo into Cathy’s pussy and Cathy let out a loud moan. Cathy started moving her hips in rhythm with Jamie’s thrusts of the object.

Jamie could see that Jamie was ready to cum, she removed the dildo that had her juices dripping from it, and inserted it Cathy’s ass. Jamie lowered her head and started massaging her clit with her tongue while inserting two fingers from her free hand in her pussy.

It didn’t take long before Cathy erupted in a massive explosion of juices. Jamie removed the dildo and lay on top of Cathy, kissing her deeply and sharing the juices she lapped up with her.

When Cathy opened her eyes and saw Jamie staring and smiling at her, she said, “I thought it was your first time too, where did you learn to do that?”

Jamie ran her hand through Cathy’s hair and said, “I never have been with a woman before. My mom thought she is a lesbian too. She never has told me, I think she is trying to keep it a secret because of her job at the high school, but one day I heard some strange noises coming from her bedroom, so I quietly peeked in. I saw my mom having sex with a girl who was very much younger than her. She looked liked she could have been my sister.”

Jamie stopped running her hand through Cathy’s hair and started to rub her breasts, she continued, “I watched most of what they did. After that, every time my mom thought I was asleep and she brought a girl or woman over, I would go and quietly watch them.  Mom never found out, or at least I don’t think she knows, I really miss watching her with other women.”

Cathy was just smiling, she was so happy. After looking into Jamie’s eyes for a while she said, “Now I want to make you happy my love.”

Jamie started running her hands through Cathy’s hair again and said, “Not right now my love, you need some rest.” Jamie looked at the clock and continued, “It’s getting late, let us get something to eat and get some rest, tomorrow is Saturday, we can sleep in and you can take care of me.”

They laid there and gently kissed each other for a while before having some Chinese food delivered. After dinner, they both went to the bed and quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms.




When Nancy was finished telling Christina her story, she looked at her and said, “Now it’s your turn, tell me what happened.”

Christina leaned forward and kissed Nancy, she whispered in her ear, “Not here, let’s go to my place, I will tell you there.”

Nancy smiled as they both got up, Nancy took out some money to pay her tab, but when Christina saw her she said, “No sweetie, I got it.” As Christina paid both tabs, Nancy smiled. They held hands as they walked out of the club.

After Christina made Nancy a big dinner, they were both tired and went to the bedroom. They lie down and fell asleep kissing each other and exploring each other’s body.

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