The Advisor

The advisor
He is magnificent.

This is what I thought as I stared at the commanding presence who held the group’s attention. I wondered if I was the only one who longed to feel his hands caress every inch of my body, and decided by the looks of them, that I was.

I accepted the free consultation his firm offered, just for a chance to be near him again. The prospect of such an exclusive audience thrilled me, and I dressed thoughtfully for our meeting: a cute camisole I’d bought recently, black pants that make my ass look great, and a sweater to make me appear appropriately conservative.

The meeting exceeded my expectations. He and his associate were professional, but at the same time the tone was somehow informal. When he laughed his impossibly blue eyes sparkled, and I melted. I kept trying to remind myself that he’s in sales, and obviously very good at it, but I still thought there was a chance he wanted to fuck me.

When I arrived home I noticed I’d left my tax return in his office. This made me uncomfortable, so I went back to get it. It was late on a Friday afternoon, and he and his chipper receptionist were the only ones still there. She escorted me to his office where he greeted me with a handshake, then dismissed her for the weekend.

He walked to the door and locked it – curious – then returned to his desk but remained standing.

“How can I help you?” he asked. I wasn’t sure if I imagined the bulge in his pants, but enjoyed thinking about what I’d do with it.

“Actually, this is about what I can do for you,” I replied. As I spoke I held his gaze, but slowly dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants.

He seemed surprised at first but didn’t stop me, and it didn’t take long for him to fully embrace the idea. His half-erect cock sprang to attention in response to my touch, and to the anticipation of what would happen next.

I massaged his balls with my right hand, and he moaned his approval softly, with eyes closed. As much as I wanted to go slowly, I ached to feel his dick in my mouth. I let his impeccably tailored trousers fall to the floor to give me unfettered access to the goods. Grasping his dick firmly in my right hand, shifting his balls to my left to continue that gentle massage, I started casually licking his shaft, flicking my tongue along the underside, and finally circling the head. As polished and rehearsed as he was, he couldn’t help gradually, incrementally, beginning to lose control. The moans got louder, and then the talking started.

“Oh baby – that feels so good. It’s been too long.”

I knew from stalking his Facebook that his wife had obviously had plastic surgery – it’s not possible to be married 30 years and look 35 – so I didn’t find it surprising that she was frigid. Or at least wouldn’t blow him.

While my plan had been to administer one of my trademark cocksuckings, I was getting wetter and hotter by the minute. I decided I needed him inside me, stopped what I was doing and stood up to face him.

“I need you to fuck me right now,” I said. My voice came out as a hoarse whisper that I hoped he’d think was sexy.

He responded by kissing me hard, using his tongue to explore my mouth as his fingers traced the outline of my pussy outside my pants. When he started massaging my clit I moaned and pressed myself against his hand, letting him know how badly I needed him. Then he started to remove my pants, inhaling sharply as he got his first glimpse of my black lace thong. When he caressed my ass and pulled me to him for another kiss, my pussy began to throb in anticipation.

As if he read my mind, he turned me around, bent me over his massive desk, pushed my thong to the side and thrust into me in one stroke. We gasped together at the amazing feel of it, and he discovered, to his amazement, just how wet I was. His cock slid easily and exquisitely between my pussy lips, drilling me again and again. I reached down and started fingering my clit, longing to let go with him inside me. Meanwhile, his strokes got slower, which surprised me at first but then made sense. He was trying to prolong and maximize our pleasure.

As much as I wanted to cum, the need to see his face won out. I told him to stop, then sat on the desk and scooted my ass to the edge. I wrapped my legs around him as his cock found its way back inside me. As he pounded into me I gazed into his eyes. I saw his face as he got closer to climax – one of my favorite things about sex.

“God – you’re so hot,” he said. “You’re gonna make me come.”

“That’s it, baby. Come for me, honey!”

Then he let loose, shooting his powerful load into me. I took every last drop.

When he recovered, he surprised me by kneeling and spreading my legs. I was sure someone like him wouldn’t much care about my pleasure, but boy, was I wrong!

He started licking in a way that could be mistaken for tentative, but he was actually teasing me. He covered a lot of area, touching extremely lightly, and this drove me crazy. I was already super hot and needed to get off, preferably with his head between my legs…but he wasn’t in any hurry. He knew exactly what he was doing.

I wanted to ask what the fuck he was waiting for, but decided not to. Instead I focused intently on what was happening, and how it felt to be with this amazingly hot guy. This made me need to cum even more, and he finally decided to focus on my swollen clit, flicking it every which way to reach the goal.

I told him I was about to cum, and then screamed loudly as I did. He kept licking until I was spent, then gave me a self-satisfied look.

“As you can see, we are a full-service operation,” he said while stroking my thigh. “Can we have your business?”

I had been prepared to say, “You can have my money or my pussy, but not both,” but now everything was cloudy and confused. So instead I just smiled as I replied, “Everything is negotiable.”

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