A dream comes true times two

Two weeks ago I was treated to the best and most unexpected piece of ass I ever had. I call it that because her ass was awesome. I so expected to enjoy it over and over again now that I had it at least once. I was completely surprised by how MJ almost immediately told me that it could never ever happen again. My ego was bruised because I thought it was a result of me not satisfying her. She swore it had nothing to do with that and she was surprised how easy it was for us to do it. She even said she was not as embarrassed as she thought she would be. Her reasons for stopping after once were the fact that I was married and she was a friend of my wife’s. I tried to convince her that since we did it once that we could do it again. her answer was that once was wrong and that doing it ever again would be even worse. I felt like I was being robbed of the sweetest candy I ever tasted after one bite.

My wife, MJ and I had plans for the Sunday before Labor Day to go to the beach. Though MJ thought it could feel funny, we still all went. MJ warned me about any funny stuff in advance of our trip. I respected her even though lying there on a beach with her was the toughest thing I ever had to live through. MJ talked a lot about not being with her hubby a lot and how it depressed her. That really confused me. When my wife headed off to the bathroom I asked MJ if she was crazy due to the fact that one week she was doing me and here she was feeling bad about her ex. She said she really was just having a tough time not being with her ex this one weekend. I tried my best to convince her that a good roll with me would help but that didn’t work.

Later that night, after spending my entire day drooling over MJ, she called and was still upset about her life. I offered to go there and take her out for ice cream and she accepted. I laughed when she said that it was for ice cream and nothing else. My wife didn’t want to go but felt it was perfectly okay for me to go. I left and since the roads were void of traffic, got there way ahead of time. MJ was still wearing sweats and looking rather frumpy. She was as surprised as I was that I got there so early. She went to her bedroom to fix her hair and get dressed. I sat in her living room and watched TV. After 15-20 minutes I was becoming impatient. I went to her bedroom and found her wearing silver panties and a blouse. She gave me a look that I will never forget. The message was quite clear too. I asked her if I should leave the room and she told me no because she was very turned on. I questioned her because she told me so many times that we would only do it once and once only. She realized it wasn’t possible to do it just once. MJ stood there, pretty as a picture and sexy as anything I ever saw. The only thing she said was that she wanted me to wear a condom this time and I agreed.

We took whatever clothes we had off and lied down. believe it or not, we actually kissed for the very first time that night and her kisses curled my toes. I saw her reaching for her night stand. She pulled out a pack of condoms and smiled at me as she tore open the package. Without even saying a word, I watched as MJ pulled the condom over my cock. It was so surreal as I watched. For a moment we just stared at my cock encased in this condom and I think it made us both realize for the very first time what we were about to do. MJ just played with my cock, seemingly fascinated by it yet very determined to make it as hard as she could get it. When she got it to full hardness, she climbed on top of me and started fucking me very hard. Whatever limited inhibitions MJ might have had the first time, were gone that night. She started talking dirty to me and then rolled down to where she was in a squat and fucking me in the oddest way I ever was fucked but it felt good. She asked me to do her doggy style and cum in her that way. When I asked why she told me it was because her hubby wouldn’t and she wanted me to do it. She promised me I would never forget it. She was right. She made me cum in seconds and so did she. She couldn’t handle the doggy style at all and neither could I. Even as I write this story I get hard thinking about MJ’s little ride with me.

We did wind up going out for ice cream but I won’t ever forget that little romp MJ and I had. Oh, yeah, we still see each other even though I am married and she fucks others. MJ, that prim and proper looking person is just the opposite. I really got lucky.

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