A School for Sex

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The First Day

“Good evening ladies, I am this school’s director or principal if you like. I welcome you to what will be an adventurous and exciting week. This evening I would like to introduce you to the faculty whom you get to know intimately during your stay. Your tuition has been paid for by your husband or by your lover and it covers everything, from food to clothing. You will get your official uniforms at the end of my presentation; wear them with pride! Rule 1 at this school says that you must wear the uniform at all times unless prompted to take it off. The punishment for any infraction of this rule is five slaps on the behind that can be administered by any faculty member.
First let me say that at this school you will learn about the ways of love, or making love to be more precise. Enrollment is limited to seven students, though we get many more applications. Everyday you will learn something new about male sexuality, what we like and don’t like. Our student-faculty ratio in one to one, so you will all receive individual hands-on instruction. Our educational philosophy is learning-by-doing. No lectures! No reading! No mandatory tests! No textbooks! You will be graded by each of your teachers. You are allowed to take notes, if you have time, but every class will be videotaped and you can take them home at the end of the course. Each of you has your own bedroom, bathroom, and telephone—if you need one.
We have seven tenured faculty members who you will meet shortly, and each instructor has a teaching assistant (and sometimes two if the class requires extra participants.) Those young fellows you will meet at the appropriate time. Our faculty is chosen on the basis of stamina, looks, and interest in women, or I should probably say their interest in sex. Some of our professors are ready and eager to explore all kinds of sexual relationships.
Our school day begins with breakfast, usually about 10AM, and your first class is scheduled for 1PM. Class sessions can last for several hours, depending on how much you need to learn. And you can eat lunch anytime with your professor. It is delivered to your classroom upon request. There are no unreasonable time limits. Only one class each day and then supper and evening discussion groups. Bedtime is 10 PM—in your own room but that’s not really necessary. You can sleep with fellow students, with a faculty member, or even with our young teaching assistants if they are agreeable. Out of class time is not regulated!
Let me introduce our current full-time faculty. Before I do that, however, I must let you know that they will all be naked—that is a requirement for them. So, I would like to ask you to take off all your clothes, unless you are wearing a particularly alluring pair of panties—those you can keep on. There is a lesson right there, men love sexy panties. They love to see women take them off slowly and delicately. So keep them on and you might get a lovely response from one of the boys—if you love hard dicks.
Our first teacher is Lance. He entered totally naked and totally hard. The size of his dick led to gasps from the students. He had a beautiful face, blonde hair, and was lean and muscular. His specialty is licking pussy. He is especially fond of having his lick licked. And soon one of you will have the opportunity to learn from him all that he knows about oral sex.
Next let me introduce Josh,another quite beautiful lad with a solid dick and much knowledge of sexual positions and menage a trois. Girls loved him and so did the students he walked in front of, clean, white, and naked.
Here comes Don, a former boxer and nude dancer. He was in a show in Las Vegas where all the guys danced naked, the girls screamed, and every night one lucky girl got chosen to suck one of the dancer’s penises live on stage. Don was only there for a short time but got chosen by the lucky girl more than any other member of the troop. His main area of research interest was using adult toys, from strap-ons to French ticklers.
Our expert in licking other parts of the body (toes, breasts, asses) is now entering the room. A beautiful brown-skinned son of Mexico, he takes great pride in giving women whatever they want. He will instruct you in how to ask for things that many believe are perverse. He will teach you that they are not, just a splendid piece of fun.
For those dreaming of marvelous Africans, I present Cézanne. New Orleans born All of our white students have expressed nothing but praise for his classes. He is ready for anything and really prefers two girls at a time, especially if they like to suck dick.
If you like sexual costumes to arouse your lover with feast your eyes on our Professor of Sexual Dress, Paul. He came out in leather chaps that covered his front but left his ass beautifully exposed. One student started fondling and rubbing her pussy when Paul approached her. His erection almost brushed her lips but finally could resists no more. She grabbed him, pulled him down, and started licking his toes. The Director came over lifted her head and brought it up to Paul’s beautiful dick. “No reason to hold back,” he said, “suck him as long and as hard as you want. We can have great pleasure just watching. Suck him dry,” he said. “One of the assistant’s can fill in for him at the first class, if necessary.”
As the student blew him heartily, the other girls fastened their attention on the next and last instructor, Fred, who walked into the room playing with his balls and penis. “Fred is our oldest instructor,” the Director continued. Voted the most popular professor in the school seven times in a row. Handsome, tall, and fully hung, his specialty was mutual masturbation. “Don’t look surprised,” the Direct said, “pleasuring yourself is really great especially when you do it with a friend. Fred likes boys and girls. So, when he comes to your room expect some unusual excitement.”
“Now lets introduce ourselves to each other, beginning over there with the exquisitely naked young lady in the corner—oh, look, Paul looks about ready to explode into that lovely young sex-pot’s mouth—let’s watch and cheer them on.” Paul did explode with a huge white, silky stream of semen that spilled all over his lover’s shaking, sweating, gorgeous chest, covering her supple breasts and nipples with the staff of life. The watchers acknowledged this beautiful result of lovemaking with a round of applause and loud cheers. Paul smiled sweetly as he licked his jizz off of Carole’s pulsating body. When his tongue touched her nipples, she rolled off his body onto her back. Paul came to her immediately, started licking and fingering her pussy, and gave her a luxuriously splendid orgasm. After another round of applause, the girls started to introduce themselves.
(To be continued . . .)

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