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Ian and I had minimal contact at work since we both worked in different departments, in different buildings across the city. Yet it seemed when he had an urgent need I was the one to get the call. The only opinion of Ian I had was that he was arrogant, impatient, and had a deliciously deep voice and on occasion I wondered what the man looked like that went with that voice. Over the year I took his calls and sometimes I would hear a trace of flirtatiousness in that baritone voice but attributed that to my wild imagination. I knew that some men found my voice pleasing and would fall out of their business like demeanor at times while on the phone. Ian was just a split second curiosity that quickly vanished as soon as I hung up. Until in that second year he came to work in my department.

I heard his voice before I saw him and thought with mild curiosity “no it can’t be him; I finally get to place a face to the voice”. Remembering his arrogance over the phone, I decided it wasn’t worth pushing my arrogance aside to seek him out and turned back to my computer. Just another day at the office and I had tons of things better to do, quickly putting him out of my mind. Besides he probably wouldn’t appeal to me in the flesh.

A few days later while busily banging away at the keyboard I felt eyes on me. I swiveled around in my chair to see who was standing behind me and found a young guy grinning down at me. He couldn’t have been more than twenty five if that, his dark brown hair cut close, broad shoulders and a confident stance that comes with most twenty-some-things. What floored me about Ian were his remarkable almond shaped blue eyes, deeper than Caribbean seas with animal alertness. The blue of his eyes were deeper than the sky and sea as if Van Gogh himself had taken his starry night sky and blessed him with that perfect shade; needless to say a striking contract to his pale skin and dark hair. It felt like he was gazing into my deepest secret thoughts and my senses immediately became alert. “Hey Taylor, it’s me Ian. We finally meet” he said still gazing down at me with that goofy grin on his face. “Damn! He’s sexy” I thought to myself.

I have to interject here; you know how you meet someone and immediately feel the electricity in the air but fight it out of sheer stubbornness? Unwilling to admit to yourself that what is being felt is inevitable no matter how much you reason your way out of it? So then you change your demeanor to pretend indifference which projects as bitchiness. That’s exactly the case here.

It gets better….

The weeks passed and Ian found reasons to find his way into my presence like a puppy looking for affection, each time ingraining thoughts of him in my mind. He was driving me crazy, literally! I could hear his baritone, husky voice across the office when he laughed sending lightening bolts down my spin that warmed the pit of my stomach radiating in my thighs, nipples instantly erect and a hot, sweetness between my legs I wanted him to lick with relish. Ian radiated so much masculinity from his being it was becoming hard to resist. He had a swimmers body, tight ass I wanted to grab, and his gait screamed he knew how to fuck. Yet I still tried to fight it after all being almost fifteen years his senior I was not used to being the one hunted. I was experiencing Cougar anxiety to say the least. In arrogance and ego I had met my equal, that much was clear and it caused me to fantasize about him constantly. God! I couldn’t stop thinking about him but the nature of my work wouldn’t allow something I knew was mutual to be acted upon. So I told myself. I wondered why I couldn’t remember his smell when he walked by, he didn’t wear cologne but my senses were on fire something was definitely there. I wondered how his skin felt against mine, how his muscles rippled when he moved, and how he tasted. I was ready to jump out of my skin at the mention of his name when fate presented herself.

A group of us went out to happy hour after work; a monthly gathering to let off steam. A laid back place by the water where the beers are imported, the sunsets brilliant, the people are fun and not to mention a strapping regular I had taken on impulse after a night of shameless flirting previously. Of course by then Ian had joined our little circle and throughout the evening I could feel his intense stare on my face and my tits as I joked with friends. I flashed him a devilish smile as I dipped my finger in my drink and sucked it slowly. Being a tease was one of my favorite pastimes, I loved seeing how far I could push a guy before he reacted. I continued to torture him as the night went on, ignoring him when the mood hit me. I could see it was getting under his skin and pissing him off at the same time and decided to push him over the edge by completely ignoring him. When my indifference was more than he could take he quietly walk up behind me not saying a word but close enough to feel the warmth from his body. The electricity arcing between the fractions of an inch between our bodies could have lit the entire city. Control was becoming unbearable and my co-workers were getting suspicious. So I turned my attention towards the regular, Dex that had been my conquest before, knowing I could substitute him if need be. Probably deep down my female intuition knew it would drive Ian into a frenzy and give me the upper hand in this game of hunter and hunted. All night Ian found ways to brush up against me and was obvious when he stared at my tits. “The object was not to be obvious” I thought to myself. At least with Dex I could touch, grab, and flirt without worrying about my co-workers he was already a known play toy for me.

As the night wore on my flirting with Dex became risqué. Ian’s stares became hot and jealous and I loved it. Slowly friends started to leave to return to their lives suspecting nothing. Cindy grabbed my arm as she was walking out “Don’t eat him alive Taylor. Leave the boy his heart will ya” she said laughing pinching Dex’s ass. Ian was still hanging around throwing Chimay’s back like a man just in from the desert with some plan Jane trying to chat him up. Horny, completely wet and throbbing needing a big dick thrusting deep inside me and a night of wild uninhibited sex I chose Dex as easy prey. I leaned in close to the Dex’s ear, my lips bushing against his cheek and whispered what I wanted to do to him demanding that he met me outside in ten minutes. Ian watched this intimate exchange from across the bar as I secretly took pleasure in torturing him. Instead of making his move, Ian, furious, headed for the door. I caught a glimpse of his jealously staining his cheeks and I smiled. “You’re a bitch” I thought to myself. The game was up; I didn’t give a fuck! I planned to fuck Dex every which way from Sunday. After all a girl’s got needs. I left and went to my car in the parking lot across the street to wait for him. As I walked I wondered why Ian had hung around so long not making his move. My indifference was beyond obvious but I thought it would push him into action instead of stalking me.

I crossed the street making my way to the shadowed parking lot and my car beating up on myself for letting the opportunity to explore Ian’s body slip out of my hands. I grabbed my keys out of my purse. Looking up, who do I see leaning against my car, arms folded and looking completely pissed? Ian. He said nothing, just watched me as I walked towards the car which pissed my off more. As I reached to unlock the door, ignoring him as I did he grabbed my arm in an iron grip and pulled me tight against him. “Hey! Ian cut the shit I’ve got things to do!” His eyes were beyond intense the starry night now flecked with ice as he locked his eyes on mine. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest and feel him hard against my stomach as an electrical storm raged through my body. He grabbed me by my waist and forced me tighter against his body crushing my tits a
gainst his warm chest. He grabbed
a handful of my hair forcibly exposed my neck and leaned in kissing and biting. I moaned uncontrollably feeling the blood throbbing through my veins. He bit my ear lobe roughly, I felt the heat of his breath and his lips against my ear and with a raspy dry deepness he whispered “Your bullshit ends now you fucking tease”.

The moment of truth when I acknowledged that I could no longer fight. Nothing more needed to be said we were both running on pure lust. The tip of his tongue traced my jaw line, our lips meeting in primal passion, the sweetness of his tongue parting my lips gently exploring the warmth of my mouth and teasing my tongue. Ian’s hand glided from my waist to my tit massaging and squeezing the nipple through blouse and bra as we kissed and his other hand squeezed my ass. Ian grabbed my hair and yanked my head back hard burying his face in my neck. He planted wet kisses in the soft hollow of my neck and then bit down hard pulling my hair. I moaned loudly lovely his roughness.

to be continued…

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